Visual Search By the Slyce Pays Off

Fourth Quarter 2015 financial results and activities for Slyce Inc. have been published by Yahoo Finance. Slyce is the lead company in alternative online Search methods that has put effective Visual Search technologies on e-commerce retailers “Must Have” list. Along with the profits earned, the report gives many interesting highlights of the fast-paced action happening at Slyce.

During the last fiscal quarter last year, Slyce announced a major partnership with SHOES.COM, the e-commerce shoe merchant. SHOES.COM owns and When people are out and about with Slyce’s app running on their smartphones they can snap a picture of any shoes they see as interesting and use that picture as input to Slyce’s intelligent Visual Search. The result is a list of exact or at least quite similar shoes offered by SHOES.COM, and get this: the ability to immediately buy the selected shoes with a few taps on the screen. The picture can be of real shoes, pictures printed in a random catalog or sales flyer, magazine pictures, or from an online web page.

Slyce had already done the same major technology upgrade for Neiman Marcus for a few items. The high-end retailer was so enthusiastic about the increased revenues Slyce brought them that they add most of their other product lines to their NM mobile app, called ‘Snap. Find. Shop.’ Another refinement of the NM app is the addition of using 3D images as input. Customers can buy home furnishings, apparel for the whole family, jewellery, shoes, handbags, and pet accessories; finding these things simply by supplying some type of image.

Of course, all this wizard of Ozzery has required great effort by Slyce’s research division and the purchase of innovative technology companies that also supplied key pieces. Several million dollars have been put into the company by savvy investors. This money is slated to build up Slyce’s repertoire to include every possible type of alternative Search methods. All of them veer into the future, not longer tethered solely on difficult to describe textual inputs. Slyce introduced a new third-party Software Development Kit, a 2D Content Management System (CMS), 3D model recognition, and a new digital mobile coupon system called Coupon Author.