The Environmental Management Of OSI Food Solutions Honors Them With The Globe Of Honour

The United Kingdom division of OSI Food Solutions has received the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour Award for exceptionally managing environmental risks. The award presentation took place on November 25th of 2016 during a lovely luncheon. The event was held in London at Drapers Hall. The Globe of Honour was presented to eighteen organizations throughout the world demonstrating exceptional environmental management.

There are necessary qualifications for becoming a competitor for the Globe of Honour. The organization must have already established the British Safety Council’s five star rating for their audit scheme regarding environmental management between August of 2015 and July of 2016. The company must also effectively demonstrate their businesses excellent application of environmental management from the boardroom to the floor of the shop to an independent panel of experts.

As the current Chair for the British Safety Council, Lynda Armstrong gave her sincere congratulations on behalf of the staff and trustees of the organization. Her congratulations were for OSI Food Solutions UK Ltd for the 2016 win for the Globe of Honour. She spoke of this prestigious award and the company’s excellent management of environmental risks. She stated she took great pleasure in presenting the winners for the year with the Globe of Honour. She mentioned the integrated approach being adopted by more and more of the leading organizations. She stated this placed protecting the environment on the same footing as safety and health because their operations were much more sustainable.

As the British Safety Council’s Chief Executive, Mike Robinson presented Kelly Grimwood with the award. She is the Environmental Manager Europe for OSI Food Solutions. She talked about the main factor in the achievement of excellence being leadership. She said compliance could be legislated for but excellence has to be inspired. She stated every organization receiving the Globe of Honour Award was an outstanding example of the best possible practices. She was certain there were many inspirational stories to be shared regarding the achievement of this award. The OSI’s Scunthorpe production location began operating in the United Kingdom in 1989. They produce pork and beef products for the restaurant sector. OSI Food Solutions also received the Globe of Honour in 2013 and 2015.

OSI Food Solutions offers excellent full time employment and careers. The company is globally oriented and requires employees with both motivation and talent to work together to provide their customers with value. Numerous employee reviews have state the company feels like a family and treats their employees extremely well.

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