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Sheldon Lavin Expands OSI Group’s Horizons

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting, Sheldon Lavin started a finance consulting firm in Chicago. Although he was successful in growing the company, he did not expect to find a job in one of the leading food supplying firms in America. However, the path he took in the industry led him to OSI Group where he now serves as the CEO.

OSI Group

OSI Group is an international firm that supplies food in more than 17 countries including Asia, Canada, Europe and North America. The company has extensively grown into a global supplier of value-added products like sausages, poultry products, and beef patties among others. Today, this company enjoys its global presence and additional revenues of more than $6 billion. According to Forbes, OSI Group is one of the leading private companies in the world.

Where did Lavin Begin?

In 1975, Otto Kolschowsky and his sons started a small business that supplied meat to the residents of Chicago. With time, the residents flocked to the retail shop in search for more meat. That is when Mr. Kolschowsky though that it was wise to expand the business. Because Sheldon Lavin was available as an advisor, he was hired to oversee the financing of the company. Not only did he help the firm in getting a lender with lower interest rates but also fair payment terms. From the moment, Sheldon Lavin became a huge contributor to OSI’s development. At the same time, Otto and sons wanted to rebrand the company and give it a new name. Consequently, Lavin was elected to serve as the head cheerleader, a role he plays to date.

Series of Global Acquisitions

Under Sheldon Lavin’s reign OSI Group has expanded its horizons in many ways. For instance, in the summer of 2016, the company procured several manufacturing firms including Baho Food, a Germany-based food supplier. Another outlet the company acquired in his tenure is Tyson Food, a Chicago based food services provider. Besides his contribution to the development of the company, Lavin participates in many charitable activities including the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago and Ronald McDonald House of Charities.

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