Some Company Reviews of NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a program that airs bimonthly on AMC and the ION Network in the US. Unlike other news sources like BBC World News or CNN, the channel focuses on news related to entertainment, technology, consumer, travel, and health, rather than current domestic or international events. Produced by Bridge Communications, the channel is present in all 20 of the top US markets and has won various awards including the Telly Awards, the Videographer Awards, and the MarCom Awards.

The show has two hosts and includes reviews of various products like the latest iPhone, bicycle locks, and the cloud services for businesses. The hosts and other members of the show provide their review of various technological products, among other information.

Many businesses have been helped after being featured on the show. Avanca, a Dutch mobile technology accessories company, was raising money via Indiegogo, and used NewsWatch to help promote themselves. After having their company highlighted during a segment, both on TV and online, their crowdfunding campaign received a tremendous boost. Rather than just reaching the initial $10,000 goal, they greatly exceeded it, raising over $450,000 in 30 days.

Another company that has seen great success after a NewsWatch review is Contour Designs. The company sells ergonomic workstation products for businesses and following a segment on the show, sales spiked for their product the Ultimate Workstation. They enjoyed the quality of the video, according to their Marketing Product Manager Bret Hudson, and were able to reach the large audience that NewsWatch has access to.

American cell phone company, Saygus, had similar results when they were featured on NewsWatch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Sales spiked after that exposure, and just like Avanca’s experience, the Indiegogo campaign they had been using to raise $1 million, ended up raising $1.3 million.