Capitol Anesthesiology Association Is A Community-Minded Practice

One of America’s largest independent practices that specializes in anesthesiology, is Capitol Anesthesiology Association, that is located in Austin, Texas.

The skilled physicians and CRNAs from Capitol Anesthesiology regularly administer general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, and local/monitored anesthesia. All of their physicians are either board certified or preparing for certification from the American Board of Anesthesiology.

With a team approach to providing the finest anesthesia care, the physicians and CRNAs from Capitol Anesthesiology provide services to eight hospitals and 15 ambulatory surgery centers throughout the Austin area.

Many of the physicians and CRNAs from Capitol Anesthesiology Association consistently donate their time and efforts to various community organizations. Programs that provide assistance for children’s cleft lip and palate repairs, handicapped scuba diving, and senior care are just some of the causes that these staff members support.

Whether they are providing pediatric anesthesia, obstetric anesthesia, or cardiovascular/thoracic anesthesia, the qualified providers from Capitol Anesthesiology are always committed to providing the best anesthesiology services available today.

Life Line Screenings-Your Reliable Preventative Care Providers

At Life line Screening, you have the option of three different and effective preventative health screenings. You can get ultrasound or sonography, which is a technique that uses sound waves to accurately image structures within the body. Life Line Screening uses an advanced Doppler color flow ultrasound technology to obtain accurate and reliable images. Ultrasound technology is ideal for abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, carotid disease screening, ankle-brachial index screening, and bone mineral density screening.

Life Line Screening also offers electrocardiograph screening that is useful in detecting atrial fibrillation, or irregular heartbeat, which is quite a common heart condition. Since atrial fibrillation greatly increases the risk of heart disease, Life Line Screening also conducts and EKG. Their EWKG screening is non-invasive, quick, and does not require the removal of articles of clothing.

The other screening option is Finger-stick blood screenings. Life Line Screenings offers this service at select locations and it is effective in identifying the important risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. Finger-stick blood screenings are done by simply pricking the pad of the finger and obtaining a few drops of blood. Life line Screenings uses instruments that are FDA-approved, lab-accurate, and commonly used to perform the blood screenings.

The technicians at Life line Screenings are committed to providing quality care in safe environments. The mission of Life Line Screenings is to help people to become aware of health problems that would otherwise be unrecognized and encourages clients to obtain follow-up care with their personal physicians. Life Line Screenings are the leader for preventative screenings in the United States and began their services in 1993.

Life Line Screening has laboratories that are CLIA-certified and they strictly follow the regulations and guidelines set by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. Their technicians are registered or certified to be registered with ARDMS.

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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer – Taking Forward The Legacy Of Sirotsky Family In The Media Business

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer,, popularly known as Duda Melzer, was recently appointed as the CEO and chairman of the RBS Group. Since his appointment, he has made many extensive changes to its top management and implemented guidelines that would help the company in penetrating the media market further and expand to new territories across all its operations vertical. Duda Melzer’s appointment as the Executive President was broadcasted live to the company’s over 6,000 employees around the world. According to Acaert, the event which took place in Porto Alegre was attended by company executives and their family.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer served as the Vice President of RBS Group, before being appointed as the Chairman. When Nelson Sirotsky stepped down from the company, he was the obvious choice for the position. Nelson was happy with the decision and expressed his belief and confidence in his nephew. During the event, Nelson said that Duda Melzer was the best person for the position and would work hard to achieve the goals of the company. Duda Melzer in his acceptance speech said that he would take the legacy of his grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Robinho, forward.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is committed to introducing better technology into the company to increase operational efficiency, but would not take for granted the human element and invest in better training facilities for employees. He has been with the company for over ten years and is proud of the impact that the company has to its customers. Duda Melzer has done his graduation from the Pontifical Catholic University, and Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. According to, before starting out at RBS Group, he has worked extensively in North America at different companies, including Family Communications Network, BoxTop Media, and Delphi Corporation.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also the founder and chairman of e.Bricks Digital, a digital arm of RBS Group, which is focused on investing in the digital technology and operates in the United States and Brazil. He takes his inspiration in business strategies and vision from leading industry specialists, such as Ram Charan, Jim Collins and John Davis.

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EOS Keeps Your Lips Sensational for Others

Of course, you want your lips to be soft and luxurious all the time, and the best way to do that is with all natural, organic EOS lip balm flavors. Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, is a fantastic find in the war against dry, cracked lips, especially in the winter months. EOS will keep your sensitive lips naturally soft and supple.

EOS lip balms are filled with a healthy combination of vitamin E, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil. These high-quality ingredients are used to create lip balms that are packed with antioxidants to keep your lips extremely soft all day long. Protection is also a key factor, and EOS protects your lips from the elements naturally.

These sensational lip balms are hypoallergenic and petrolatum free, and they have been dermatologist tested to maintain soft, smooth, beautiful lips. They come in a variety of scrumptious, naturally-flavored balms packaged in adorable, matching-colored oval cases that you can carry everywhere.

Delicious Flavors Make EOS Fun

The 15 flavors made by EOS include Honeysuckle Honeydew, Blueberry Acai, Vanilla Bean, Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer fruit, Medicated Tangerine, Sweet Mint, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Vanilla Mint, Sheer Pink, Coconut Milk, Blackberry Nectar, Lemon Twist with SPF 15 and Grapefruit with SPF 30.Visit to view the product list.

EOS organic lip balm is only the beginning of the Evolution of Smooth, Also included in the line is a naturally sensational shaving cream and a hand and body lotion. You want all areas to be sensual and smooth at all times, and EOS is the best way to do that.

If you prefer lip balm in the traditional stick, EOS has this available too, and for your convenience, the lip balms are sold in multi-packs, too. EOS lip balm products are sold in Walgreens, Well and Target stores across the United States.


Fabletics: Bringing the Showroom to your Living Room

It can’t be denied that the ship-to-consumer membership model has become huge for nearly all categories of our life: food, beauty, decor, clothing, fitness…the list goes on. When it comes to apparel, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics stands out as one of the most successful brands of athletic apparel that has become a household name in the ship-to-consumer craze.


A recent Forbes article detailed not only the savvy of this brand in the realm of online shopping, or the membership model, but how its success that snowballed due to the “reverse showroom technique.” Many brands build a fleet of stores that they see as the showroom for their products. Ideally, customers flock to these showrooms and if the quality and price of the product is feasible for that audience, they make a purchase. However, we all know that isn’t the case in today’s multi-platform sales space. Today’s consumer often visits the store, or showcase, to determine the quality, check price points and feel a product in their hands. Then, that same consumer turns around and buys a product from an online retailer, such as Amazon, as a less expensive rate. In fact, one in three consumers now does a price check while they are in the physical store from their phone. Markets say even the difference of a few cents is enough to encourage shoppers to buy on line for the thrill of knowing they scored a save.


Fabletics ingenious reverse showroom model ensures brings the showroom to the digital space. Instead of seeing online shopping as an afterthought, a “must have” for today’s digital consumer, it builds the showroom experience within its platform. Fabletics has an incredible Lifestyle Quiz that each new member or potential member takes. The Quiz’s algorithm takes unique preferences of each user and combines them to build a profile of gear and style best suited for each person. Two digital showrooms are rarely the same, and each month the outfits suggested are curated for the individual consumer. In this way, consumers feel they are part of the showroom, as it exists in any computer or mobile device.


Fabletics does have a handful of locations and due to the selective nature of a physical store these stores have become stables of shopping for a broad radius of people in each location and beyond, as well as a destination for tourists visiting those cities that are already familiar with the Fabletics brand.


As a Fabletics member, I recommend the products to girlfriends, and strangers at the gym, all the time. I tent to baulk at the extravagant prices of names like LuluLemon, that seem to be expensive just for the sake of being expensive, as the quality is lagging. Each piece I’ve bought from Fabletics was made from thick material and after 6 months of use I’ve only had one piece that didn’t stand the test of time – and that was due to an a clutzy wine spill on a white top at a post-cycle class mixer – so that is on me. Overall, I love the brand and the freshness Kate Hudson breathes into it and would recommend giving it a try.


The digital and charitable contributions of Eric Pulier

 The digital and charitable contributions of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a well-known writer, philanthropists, and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from New Jersey, he began learning the art of coding computers at the very young age of four! The skills he learned from this paid off. Eric Pulier went on to found his first company by the time he was in high school! It was a database company, the beginning of several successful endeavors. A graduate of Harvard, he even managed to squeeze in some classes at MIT!

After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles and started several companies that served the health care as well as government institutions. The first one was called People Doing Things (PDT) which helped various businesses and departments find solutions for everyday problems, using technology. The company was successful enough for Pulier to try his hand at other start-ups, namely MediaPlatform(Facebook), Desktone and US Interactive. It’s not only in business and technology Mr. Pulier made his mark. He has made his mark in philanthropy also. Perhaps his biggest contribution in philanthropy would be his involvement for children with special needs through an organization called Starbright World. Through this organization, he helped create a social media platform for kids with physical disabilities.

You could go on forever talking about Mr.Puliers various accomplishments and generosity through philanthropy. In fact, it was for these reasons and more that he got invited to be part of the Clinton Global Initiative. At this organization, he worked on cloud computing solutions for poor communities and helped bring them to the digital era. As a writer, he started out at his college magazine, The Harvard Crimson. He has gone on to write for several major publications, such as Bloomberg news. Mr.Puliers book on service oriented architecture is considered to be one of the best on the subject matter.


Norman Pattiz’s Extensive Experience In The Broadcasting Industry

Norman Pattiz is the executive chairman of PodcastOne. Recently, the PodcastOne founder was celebrated by Forbes magazine’s Global Change Makers issue of May 2016. The issue recognized his greatest celebrity infused hits, an important part of his moneymaking media. Pattiz has more than 40 years of experience in radio licensing and management. Additionally, he is the founder of Westwood One. Under his leadership, the firm became the leading provider of entertainment, traffic, sports, and news programming to America’s broadcasting industry. It owned, managed, and distributed NCAA Basketball, NBC radio networks, NFL Football, CNN radio, the Super Bowl, the Mutual Broadcasting System, and syndicated talk shows.

Norman founded and inaugurated Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. Pattiz created this firm with the objective of producing and distributing programming of the highest quality. In addition, Pattiz launched PodcastOne in 2012 after recognizing the unexploited opportunities in the audio industry. It quickly became a major producer and distributor of on demand audio programming. Presently, the firm’s popular line up of personalities includes Steve Austin, Heather Dubrow, Chris Jericho, Shaquille O’Neal, Dan Patrick, and Larry King. The other notable individuals are Dr. Drew, Penn Jillette, and WNYC’s Radiolab.

In 2000, President Clinton appointed him to the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) of the United States of America. When President Bush took power in 2002, he reappointed Norman to serve in the board. BBG is mandated with the duty of managing the country’s nonmilitary broadcasting services, which include Radio Liberty, The Voice of America, Middle East broadcasting, and Radio Free Europe. Pattiz was responsible for the inauguration of the country’s Arabic language television and radio services in the Middle East. He was also mandated to start the Farsi language radio broadcasting in Iran. It reached a weekly audience of over 40 million listeners.

Additionally, Pattiz is the chairman of Lawrence Livermore National Security Laboratories. He is also a regent of the University of California. Pattiz serves in the Council of Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Relations. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. The Library of American Broadcasting honored him with the Giants off Broadcasting Award.

About Norman Pattiz

Over the years, Norman Pattiz has engaged in various undertakings in the broadcasting industry. Under his leadership, WestwoodOne became a leading provider of programming to the Broadcast Industry. Recently, Pattiz and PodcastOne announced the launch a new show to the Jericho Network Program. The program, Beyond the Darkness, provides entertaining conversations with well-known researchers in the world. Renowned radio personalities, Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader, shall host the show.



VTA Publications Founder Jim Hunt Talks About Today’s Market And Its Future

Jim Hunt always takes a calm and measured approach to the developments in global markets whether the news has been good or bad. Whether a bull or a bear market is coming, he believes in making investments and sticking with them, so long as they are smart investments to He weighed in on the global market events that took place after the presidential election of 2016. He said that while the US stock market showed some downturn and volatility, it’s remained relatively stable as compared to previous election cycles. He also believes the coming years will be a good time to invest in industrial and financial stocks due to policies from the Trump administration expected to favor those sectors.

Jim Hunt is the Founder and CEO of VTA Publications. Hunt’s experience in investing began back when he worked at a big bank in the UK, but he later felt it was time to go out on his own and show less knowledgeable investors how they could get around the bank to invest and trade stocks. So he started VTA Publications to share information on investing and starting a business, and even included insights on planning retirement, learning how to read and use stock charts, and about other little-known investment options. VTA Publications also has recorded seminars from various business experts about investing and business strategies.

Jim Hunt also has offered viewers an in-depth look at his investments and trades via YouTube videos. The videos also include two projects he started at VTA Publications called “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is about a secret to investing and trading just before a bear market hits that will turn a profit if you make the right two phone calls. “Making Mum a Millionaire” was designed to show investors just how simple trading stocks can be, and how picking the right stock and making 10 trades could make you a tax-free millionaire. You can find out more about Jim Hunt and his work, or order distance learning materials in both print and electronic media format by going on


Todd Lubar – A Man Who Spots Opportunities Not Visible To Others

A resident of Bethesda, Maryland, Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures LLC, as well as the senior VP of Legendary Investments. One can easily tell that Todd Lubar is friendly, full of life, and a focused individual – based on his status updates on his social media profiles. On his Twitter, he talks about almost everything including about his daily challenges as a normal human being, such as when he has a sore throat and so on. It is also not difficult to realize how he loves to keep people motivated to achieve their goals through his encouraging tweets.

Some of the featured skills and endorsements on his LinkedIn profile include marketing, marketing strategy, and advertising.

Todd Lubar went to Sidwell Friends School, Washington, between 1977 and 1987, and later on The Peddle School, Hightstown, New Jersey. He graduated with Bachelor of Arts (Speech Communication) in 1995. Immediately after graduating from college, Lubar took up his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he stayed until 1999.

In 2002, Lubar founded Legendary Properties, LLC – a residential development firm. Through his continued involvement in the Mortgage Banking Sector, , he opened Charter Funding, a subsidiary of one of the biggest privately-held mortgage firms in the United States. It is this affiliation that gave him the ability to expand his business due to the significant access to a wide array of programs and products.

After observing the market for twelve years, Todd Lubar identified a niche of clients whose needs were not meant satisfactorily. This opportunity led him to open Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate of Legendary Properties Limited Liability Company, and it is a commercial lender for both companies and individuals. He saw the opportunity to utilize the liquidity of legendary properties, and his personal funds to serve the needs of borrowers who would otherwise have been overlooked by the conventional lenders. He performed more than 7000 transactions which improved his capabilities in analyzing inherent risks in almost every loan scenario, and in turn, allowing him to make appropriate decisions primarily based on the market conditions.

Somewhere between 2007 and 2008, the mortgage industry began to experience a couple of changes. Todd Lubar decided to test the waters in other lines of businesses such as commercial demolition and recycling of automotive scrap metals. He values continuous self-development and is constantly in search of ways through which he can influence the people he interacts with positively.

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The Thoughts Of Jason Hope About Investing

Many people think and dream about success in business, but strangely enough, not enough people are willing to do what it takes to get to the levels of success that the said one percent of the business moguls enjoys. One entrepreneur who has succeeded in investing in the world of technology, Jason Hope, shares his journey to the top in the interview below.

Source of the inspiration to start his business
Jason states that he got his undergraduate degree in finance and also his MBA from the University of Arizona. He states that after such an educational background, one is expected to start something that is related to business. He states that he got interested in mobile phone related technology because it reaches a lot of the people. He knew from the get go that technologies connected to the hand held device would be the greatest catalyst of change. From this mindset, Jason Hope started selling premium message services.

Sources of money
He states that he gets all his money from his investments. The first thing that he did was create his first mobile telecommunications company known as Jawa. This is the parent company that has been the basis of all his investments which include digital services such as SEO provision, computer and business information systems and other interactive software. He says that since the future is based on technological advances he set up the company because it was the best way to keep an open mind and await the technologies that lay ahead.

Time it took to start making profit
When asked how long it took him before he started making profit, he stated that he was fortunate enough to start making profit almost immediately after he started. He then built his portfolio by investing in a variety of other companies and individuals.

How he handled self-doubt
It is common for investors to doubt that the ideas they are starting to work on will work. Jason states that he used the same doubt to fuel his need for success. Instead of letting the doubt cripple him, he used it to keep him on his toes and the results were wonderful.