Malcolm CasSelle

CryptoCurrency With Malcolm CasSelle

The undisputed champion of all cryptocurrency merchants is none other than the company known as OPSkins. The leader of that company is Malcolm CasSelle, a gentleman who should need no introduction to those who follow the world of bitcoin and all that entails. Now, Malcolm CasSelle and his company are starting an offshoot company that will act a person-to-person marketplace. The company will be known as Wax.

Wax will specialize in gaming assets that can be purchased with a new technology Malcolm CasSelle has developed. This new technology solves two of the major problems such bitcoin-driven gaming initiatives encounter, those being the issue of fraud and also fragmentation. To deal with this complex issue, Malcolm CasSelle has developed a widget that will allow gamers to purchase or sell all of the virtual goods they need to without actually leaving the gaming screen.

Malcolm CasSelle is no stranger to innovative technology solutions. He began his career all the way back in 1995 when he worked for the company known as NetNoir, where served as Chief Technology Officer. This company was known in the computer world as the first media company which was exclusively focused on the culture of Afrocentrism. It also just happened to be the very first company which was allowed in the then-innovative program known as the AOL Greenhouse Program.

After leaving this company, he served a healthy chunk of time at the Hong Kong-based company known as Capital Union Investments. He served approximately 7 years there. In this role, he managed investments into companies that were considered late-stage web-based businesses. During this same time period, he also had a hand in working with the Groupon-affiliated company known as Ten-Cent, which was an instant-messaging focused company.

With all of this vast experience and undeniable success, it is widely assumed he will carry on the same tradition with his newfound cryptocurrency P2P platform.