International Relations Made Easy By Kamil Idris

Most people seem to be generally unable – or at least unwilling – to mesh socially with everyone they come into contact with. Coworkers routinely fail to gel, siblings fight in perpetuity, and people of other relationships similarly just can’t seem to get relations right.


Professor Kamil Idris understands why people often don’t relate to each other as well as they possibly could. Fortunately for the understanding of the greater public, such relations – or a lack of appropriate or positive relations themselves – can pretty easily be related to international relations.


First, let’s learn who Mr. Kamil Idris is


Idris was born in Sudan in the year of 1954 to a pair of parents living in absolute – not just relative – poverty. He knew that working towards one or more degrees would unarguably be his safest bet of experiencing general success in life. As such, he eventually nabbed tons of certifications to decorate his figurative and literal office walls: two bachelor’s degrees – one in law, the other in arts – one master’s of international affairs, and a doctoral degree with a valid thesis in international law.


Kamil Idris was the leader of WIPO – the World Intellectual Property Organization – for roughly a decade some 15 years ago.

Professor Kamil Idris knows just how silly the United States’ tariffs against China are, too


Many people have criticized Donald Trump for slapping countless billions of dollars’ worth of tariffs on China, including the likes of Professor Kamil Idris. Donald Trump hated the fact that Chinese individual, businesses, and parties were able to solicit every single bit of intellectual property rights American businesses owned when they asked to have their products manufactured by their Chinese counterparts.


While taking intellectual property with no repercussion certainly isn’t acceptable, Kamil Idris believes that people living around the world are better off when countries don’t fight or clash with one another; rather, he claims that a globalized world is conducive to general positivity in the world.