How You Can Use Online Reputation Management To Create A Positive Image

The smart businessman will not wait until a reputation crisis strikes before he sets out to build and repair his reputation on the web. There is a saying in online reputation management. The longer you wait in building up your online reputation and the longer you delay in responding to a crisis, then the longer and more expensive it will be to end up fixing it. So take a proactive approach to online reputation management and keep the following things in mind.

Don’t just think that online reputation management is just about ensuring you have a positive image. You can use both the positive and negative feedback you get from clients to optimize your business processes and practices. What we mean here is that you use customer input to improve your business products and services. The best way as suggests is to have a good reputation is to have satisfied clients who will leave positive reviews on their own accord. This goes without saying.

Today customers want a rapid response to their inquiries and problems. If you cannot address a customer’s need right away, then at least provide them with a confirmation or automated response of some sort that says their message will be responded to as soon as possible. Ignoring or not responding to customer complaints or issues is a recipe for potential online reputation disaster. If you have a social media presence, then you should find ways to respond through that channel. Remember customers do not like to be ignored by any company.

Good reputation management practices involve monitoring the web for reviews and content posted about yourself, your employees and your firm. If you know what is being posted about your company, then you can better address any issues or concerns. Look for content on review sites like Yelp or an industry specific one such as for hotels or restaurants if you are in those industries. Do a Google search on your brand and see what comes up. If you are not happy with the result then take action to change the results.

Search engine optimization is another key component to online reputation management. Any new content as well as existing content should be optimized to ensure it ranks high and is visible to people on the web. You can also use legal measures to take down false and slanderous content, but beware that this can sometimes be lengthy and costly.