Graeme Holm And Infinity Group Australia

New South Wales’ South Coast is the birthplace and childhood home of Graeme Holm, a financial service industry entrepreneur best known for the foundation and operation of Infinity Group Australia. The land down under – Australia – is home to more consumer debt per capita than any other country on the globe. While nobody loves to see their peers be bogged down with mountains of debt, Mr. Graeme Holm enjoys helping the people of Australia burn through their debts and finally list their net worth in the black on their personal statements of net position.

What is Infinity Group Australia?

Infinity Group Australia is a provider of general financial services; its three main services are both reducing debt by negotiating with creditors and creating debt repayment plans to keep clients on track with their goals; creating new wealth through investments; and working with people of all income levels and ages to potentiate the money they have access to during retirement.

The company was created by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm in 2013. Walker and Holm first met after Graeme was introduced to Rebecca, a personal trainer, by friends who knew Graeme Holm had been asking around for a professional exercise instructor. Soon after meeting, the pair became involved romantically. During their first few months of dating, they learned that each had a passion for working in financial services.

In October 2013, Infinity Group Australia was founded. The rest is history.

Here’s everything one needs to know about Graeme Holm

Having played association football – it’s synonymous with soccer – throughout his younger years, Graeme Holm is an intensely competitive person. Rebecca Walker and co-workers throughout Infinity Group Australia agree that Holm is more competitive in financial services than he ever was as a young lad.

Australia is home to four major financial institutions. Graeme Holm had worked for one of those four major banks for nine years. During that time, he saw countless clients ask for excessive loans that they couldn’t reasonably pay back.

Holm was never in any significant debt himself, though seeing so many people pile up their proverbial plates with more debt than they could possibly chew was enough motivation for Graeme Holm to start a business of his own. Rather than being incentivized to push as many loans with as much as consumers would agree to, Holm decided to take a pay cut and work as a financial advisor for the good of Aussies.

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