ClassDojo Provides Modern Learning Opportunities for Students

Things could be looking up for Ad Tech entrepreneurs. Compared to 2016, 2018 ushers a successful era for technology entrepreneurs. Ad tech advertising is the new thing in town hence most entrepreneurs are leaning towards making money from the business. Even so, there are challenges linked to it as it. Reports indicate that edtech investments are likely to hit below the set $1.5 billion budget. Budget from the federal education will face a cut off in 2018. This does not mean that entrepreneurs should withhold their capital. In fact, this is a better chance for them to be optimistic. Caution is, however, a requirement.

Background Look

In 2017, edtech entrepreneurs reaped massive revenues in certain industries. A good example is the coding tool called littleBits. This business won the star of the year award at the National Principal’s Conference. Nearpod, an adaptive startup utilized in learning bagged an award as well. TechCrunch supported Nearpod’s business to the point of it making $21 million.

Investing In Ad Tech

Ad tech Investment demands exploration, especially when looking for safe dockets to put your money in. Last year, most entrepreneurs developed interest in Classcraft. This is a gamification platform. Classcraft closed the year at $2.8 million. From the stories, these businesses share a common platform that offers learning opportunities for kids. Although it sounds simple to comprehend, educators have set higher standards.

Solution to Learning Problems

Teachers need actual solutions to problems. These programs only provide learning opportunities for students. To comprehend the real challenges teachers face, Sam Chaudhary of ClassDojo has initiated a program to address the issues. He listens to teachers and provides instant solutions throughout the learning process.


ClassDojo is a communications program that promotes learning through technology. The software promotes interaction between teachers, parents, and students. ClassDojo allows teachers to track the behavior of students by uploading photos and videos. It is a gamification platform that teaches developmental skills via real-time feedback. What is more, ClassDojo is easy to comprehend as it has been translated into about 35 languages. About 180 countries utilize this learning tool. For students and teachers, ClassDojo provides modern learning opportunities.

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