China Driving My Interest: Damac Owner Hussain Sajwani

The China economy is said to be spearheading the interest of Damac owner Hussain Sajwani who is the globe’s tenth wealthiest Arab and who is seeking to enlarge the presence of his company in Asia and more specifically in China. That’s as a result of the country offering many investment opportunities which are more facilitated by the rising middle class. The betterment of bilateral relations between UAE and China is also another motivating factor.

According to Hussain Sajwani, even though experience is good, education is the basis that assists them to understand, advance their professions, and that permits team members to get the right experiences for progressed development. Thus, it is hard to value one without the other. Education prepares the mind and readies it to new ways of thinking in addition to enriching the experiences that are needed to carry the company forward.

Regarding the culture of an organization, the workplace at Damac offers the special chance for anyone to flourish. The company has no limits that can bar employees from presenting and implementing their strategies, ideas, and recommendations. Hence, the company welcomes anyone with ambition, desire, and goals to prove their high performance by shining brightly and quickly.

The biggest decision Damac owner has ever made is to make the company public as the process necessitates a lot of internal changes and is the organization is obligated to comply with several financial regulations. It’s the process that gives books of the company to the public for scrutiny and review. Sajwani enjoys most when he sees a project begin its journey from scratch and materialize into a community or home.

Hussain Sajwani acknowledges the impact of social networking on organization’s performance. Social media networks have become very useful in marketing and communication, and Damac has not been left behind in using various online platforms. That has established the audience and helped in the building of image and brand. More so, it has ensured two-way communications between the company and customers.

According to Sajwani, creative thinking within Damac is driven at department level where every department has the distinct approach of driving creativity and solving problems among its teams. While some may use brainstorming sessions outside the office, others may choose to share creative ideas among their teams.

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