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Adam Milstein’s work on anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein is a community leader as well as an exemplary philanthropist. His exquisite philanthropic efforts have been channeled through the Adam and Gila Milstein foundation. Adam Milstein is currently overseeing Hager Pacific Properties, financing, property management, and disposition. His benevolent efforts are aimed at strengthening the state of the homeland of the Jews: Israel and its affiliation with the United States of America. Through his foundation, he hopes to educate and train students and young professionals as well to identify with their roots as Jews.

Adam Milstein is also an Israel-American Council writer. He is an author at the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) with his latest article being published very recently. The most recent of his articles was entitled “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide.” According to Adam Milstein remorseless anti-Semitism that has been on the radical right is now also growing among the leftists. As it is, this has also been a bedrock for radical Muslim groups.

Despite their distinct traditions, the three groups mentioned are now exchanging ideas and reinforcing a new ruthless wave of bigotry and racism. Recent years have unveiled that North America has joined Europe to see through the alliance and strengthening ties between radical leftists and radical Muslim Groups. This has led to inhuman acts such as execution of gays and trampling of the minority by radical Muslims. This news should be appalled by the leftists but these newly formed ties have made the groups ignore their differences as there is a common view when it comes to hatred for western influence and vile anti-Semitism.

The radical left has put a blind eye to radical Islamists’ bigoted ideas and fails to distinguish between radicals and mainstream Muslims viewing both as a block tokenizing the as a group oppressed by the West. The leftists’ twisted view of history term Israel as a colonialist oppressor targeting Muslims and fault them for every issue in the Middle East and the world as a whole. The growth in the alliance is evidenced by a number of events sighted in the article an example being an occurrence at Tufts University by leftists’ students who published an article that attacked the university’s Hillel terming Israel as a white supremacist state. This article is just one of the articles written by Adam Milstein and further gives more evidence of the alliances and the hatred that’s spreading.

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