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Movie Maker Michael Zomber

People go to the movies to escape the world and see new worlds of all kinds. Movies allow people to relax and enjoy themselves as they see people and places on the screen in front of them. Movie makers around the world want to help people learn about new worlds and walk away from any given movie feeling happy and pleased at what they’ve seen on the screen in front of them. The best movie makers, like Michael Zomber, are people who help bring a certain period to life on the screen and please audiences at the process of doing so.

Japan On Film

Zomber has been a filmmaker for many years. During this time, he has helped create many kinds of films for people to enjoy watching. His film subjects include both works of fiction as well as works of non-fiction and documentary subjects. At all times, he hopes to help show off the power of film and the worlds he introduces to viewers. One such world is that of ancient Japan. Along with his wife, he has spent many years studying is that of Japan. His particular area of specialization is that of ancient Japan. Ancient Japan is a place he knows very well, having spent many years of his life studying the famous culture of Samurai warrior closely and very intensely since he was a young man.

The Soul Of The Samurai

Perhaps Zomber’s most successful film is one that is close to his heart. In The Soul of the Samurai, Zomber works hard to bring the world of the Samurai warrior culture to all those who enter into the theater and want to experience it firsthand. His viewers are right with him in the movie as he takes them on a journey of discovery as they find out what make this particular culture especially wonderful and memorable. His aim to bring the viewer directly into the world of ancient Japan and show them what it was like to live in Japan during this time in world history. Movie goers everywhere have been happy with his efforts.  Follow Michael on Facebook, or read his life story on CrunchBase.

Fabletics Announces New Swimwear Line

In a recent article for Elite Daily, Fabletics announced that its new swimwear line is set to launch on April 12. The new swimwear line features options in women’s sizes from XXS to XXL and caters to a variety of different body shapes. Along with a variety of shapes and sizes, the swimwear also features a range of different colors, fabrics, prints and patterns, which are sure to attract customers from all different style preferences. Kate Hudson, one of the co-founders of the brand, said that she is in love with the new swimwear designs because they are so cutting edge and versatile –

What makes the Fabletics swimwear collection stand out from others on the market is that they are made from top quality materials but are not priced at exorbitant prices. Hudson is a strong promoter of the Fabletics line and is excited to debut the new swimwear collection to Fabletics customers.

Thie Youtube channel suggests that Fabletics was founded in 2013 as an online fitness fashion retailer. Since then, it has become a leader in the fitness fashion industry and consistently receives rave reviews from customers. There are new outfits available each month, which are specifically catered to Fabletics’ VIP members’ style preferences.

Fabletics VIP members pay a low price of just $49.95 a month to receive specially curated, cutting edge workout outfits. Upon registering for Fabletics, women take a style quiz, which also includes their unique size and shape preferences for fitness fashion. For their very first purchase, new Fabletics VIP members can snag a complete outfit for only $25, which includes free shipping and hassle free returns and exchanges.

Fabletics allows its members to cancel their memberships at any time by calling the customer service phone line or apply credits from each monthly membership fee towards the next month’s purchase.

Fabletics customers love that there are new outfits available each month and that the designs and prints are always on point with current fitness fashion trends. In fact, Kate Hudson is often spotted wearing many of the Fabletics designs in her everyday life as well as in advertisements for the brand.


Passed In Venezuela Defying President Maduro

The Amnesty bill was finally passed by Venezuela’s National Assembly on Tuesday after a heated debate. This law would free the opposition activists that were jailed by the government and would also work to drop all legal proceedings against various others.

According to President Maduro who is all set to oppose this bill with the help of the republic’s Supreme Court, this bill is touted to benefit terrorists, murderers, and criminals.

Maduro has had a shaky reign in Venezuela after taking over from Hugo Chavez, the socialist President who died battling cancer in 2013. He was formerly a Luque family bus driver and was picked by the former President himself to carry on his legacy.

The socialist government of Venezuela was crippled with corruption and then later, when the world oil prices slumped, Venezuela’s sheer dependence was exposed. Recently, the oil prices rose by a whopping 6000% and the rising inflation also raised the prices for necessities like food and beverages, transport, and healthcare for citizens of Venezuela.

If the law does indeed get implemented, it is said to benefit at least 70 government adversaries and various other activists who were imprisoned 17 years ago during the socialist revolution that was launched by Hugo Chavez. Leopoldo Lopez is one of the people who would benefit from the bill – he is accused of spurring demonstrations that killed 40 people and was arrested in 2014.

Maduro critics say that various student protesters would be freed by the bill who were randomly charged and plotted against.