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Bridgestone Leaves Venezuela

Bridgestone is a tire maker that has had a history for 60 years in Venezuela. Due to the recent downfall with the economy in the state, the company has decided to leave. According to, the tire company is selling out to Grupo Corimon. This is a local industrialist in Venezuela. There are hopes that the new company can offer jobs to those who live in the state, but with the controls on the currency and the issues that the state has with energy, there isn’t a lot of hope that new businesses can survive for long periods of time. When companies that have been in a state or country for decades are leaving because of the economy, then it should say something to the government leaders that things might not be going in the right direction. Officials like Jose Manuel should take a step back and offer incentives for businesses instead of controlling so much that they pull out of the state, further harming the economy.