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Securus Technologies, Advancing with New Partners in Technology

Securus Technologies has recently made several acquisitions. Most recently, they’ve acquired GovPayNet. This company processes payments for many different types of governmental agencies. Court fees, probation payments, tickets, restitution fees and much more are included in this contract. The company was started over 20 years ago and is used all around the country. Somewhat similar to GovPayNet is JPay, which Securus Technologies also recently acquired. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and provides many different services to correctional facilities and other agencies as well. Specializing in telecommunications, the company keeps correctional facilities running smoothly.


These companies being consolidated helps streamline the process for many different purposes. Inmates benefit from getting to pay less to communicate with friends and family members. The facilities also benefit from the increased technology available. Systems such as wireless containment and monitoring services have been ramped up to keep the correctional facilities safer. It also helps to curtail unethical activity from institution employees, as they know they are being monitored as well.


Another topic more recently brought to light is the monitoring of inmate and employee communications. The enhancements made during recent years have led facilities to solve more issues, investigations, and have helped to obtain more evidence, when necessary. The telecommunications aspect is incredibly important in any facility, as many inner crimes, and even links to outside crimes could’ve benefited from this technology.


The companies have also been able to enhance other services due to the streamlined process. Now inmates are able to call, and even video chats with much more affordable pricing. Educational courses are available on tablets that inmates can purchase. This leads to reduced rates of recidivism according to Securus Technologies. As the world is constantly evolving, as is technology, it’ll be very interesting to see what Securus Technologies, and their partners will be able to help with next.

Securus Technology-Uniting Convicts with their Families

Being separated from family members can be hard a thing with in life. It is, therefore, a sad moment when one of our family members is convicted of a crime. Despite them having done illegal things, we still want them close to us. As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water.

Life has made the life for inmates’ family easier. Jail life now appears like, the inmate went for a long business trip. This is because they can keep in touch with the outside world regularly.

Securus technology is the company behind this improvement. The creative staff has put their minds together and provided communication gadgets. These devices enable the convicts to make audio or video calls according to their preference.

The family of the inmates (users) has appreciated this improvement. The families have said that the communication has, in some cases, improved the relationship between the families. They further explain that sometimes they couldn’t understand why the convict would do such an awful thing, which they knew would end up separating them from their family. However, it is during this visits that the convicts explain themselves. The relatives get to understand their actions and support them while they complete their sentences.

Other family members say that through the chance that the Securus technology has given them, they have been able to reconcile. Some users say that, before the inmates were jailed, they were not able to track them down. This is because it is to the family issues that the inmate ended up in crime life. Through the communication, the inmates and their families get a chance to talk again.

Securus technology, though its communication gadgets, has helped in recreating the bonds of the inmates and their families. Through this love the convicts experience in their desperate moments, they can easily heal and become better people.


Securus Technologies Ensures Inmates May Reach Out To Family

Securus Technologies is one of the finest phone calling firms in the world, and they are focused on inmate calls that go in and out prisons. The company has built a large following that is based purely on talking to someone who is in jail, and this article explains how the company helps people meet their family’s needs. The calls are quite secure, and they are originated through a company that allows for video calls in certain locations.


#1: Securus Video Calling Technology


The Securus video calls that are used by inmates and their families are quite simple to create, and they are used in jails where the video cameras have been installed. Someone who loves to talk to their family may call them at any time, and there are many people who may start these calls at any time. They may use the app or a computer, and they will notice how simple it is to start a call when they wish to reach out.


#2: Secure Calls


Securus is known for the secure calling network they have created. They built something that anyone may use without reservation, and they also create technology that helps law enforcement. Their voice recognition software does quite a lot of work for those who work in the industry, and the company is protecting the information that is shared among families.


#3: Customer Service


Customer service through the company helps customers save time, and they will resolve all issues when there is a problem. The problems that occur are handled quickly, and the customer may have their call originated in the customer care center.


Securus is helping many different people place calls to their families in prison. Prisons require a secure calling network to reach inmates, and the video calling network helps improve visitation.



Why Securus Technologies Is Making the Desired Changes in the Telecommunication Field

Finding a clear communication channel has been a major problem that has been affecting many people globally. Countries have also tried to invest in telecommunication industry with a bid to outstand the ever-changing digital migration that has been taking over the world. Thus has been one sure way that has made many people to develop interest in the development of more secure communication equipment. Securus Technologies is a company that has been in existence for long and has been providing the criminal justice with secure line of communication. This has seen increased public interest in the types of communication channel used as it is more secure compared to other forms. The company is headquartered in Texas and recently received accreditation from Better Business Bureau. This is to satisfy that it has met all the legal, social and operational standards that and scored exceptionally well to be awarded the certificate. Securus Technologies has invested in different fields that have ensured the company to succeed in the areas of public participation. For instance, they have built trust among members of the public by providing a good work record with good results.

The company also ensure that all the information going on the ground is trustworthy. As such, they have built public confidence as they deliver on whatever goals they intend to partake. The company operates transparently by knowing the location, owner and nature of any given business. This has helped the company a greater deal in finding the required information about any business. Securus Technologies has been investing in experienced and professional staff that have been providing faster and are responsive to any given situation. Though this, the company has ensured that any compliant or compliment made by customers is received and dealt with faster. The company also works extra hard to safeguard the privacy of information which makes it ideal for communication.