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NGP VAN Continues To Develop Its Work As A Leading Campaign Software Developer

The growing trend for social media and different apps to be used in the work of campaigning parties during elections has recently been headed by NGP VAN, a company which came to the Democratic Party to aid the election victories of President Barrack Obama in 2008 and 2012. Since the development of various mobile apps, NGP VAN has been looking at ways of creating simple to install software used on Smartphones and mobile devices which provide a range of options to track real-time information for campaign officials.

The changing face of campaigns has seen the grassroots part of campaigns take on greater importance than ever before as the mistrust of special interest groups and mega-donors has begun to turn off many voters. In the past, both major parties campaigned for positions of political office using outdated technologies such as TV and radio ads which have been used since the early and mid-20th-century. In the 1930s, President Roosevelt would give cozy fireside chats to radio listeners and the importance of the TV has been known since its early days in the 1950s.


During the 2008 and 2012 Presidential campaigns, the development of software and mobile apps was headed by President Obama’s team who focused on small-dollar donations from millions of grassroots donors from across the U.S. Knowing the success which has been created from the use of databases by political parties to coordinate their campaign efforts which were based on data entry taking a large amount of time and effort on behalf of campaign volunteers.


NGP VAN has changed the face of the campaigning season as the company has been working to link mobile tools used by volunteers on the ground with those at a central headquarters of any left-leaning candidate. Making sure the level of data entry involved in any campaign is lowered in the first step in creating a political campaign with a high level of interaction between volunteers and campaign headquarters to better target specific voters for their vote and fundraising opportunities.