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Sheldon Lavin Expands OSI Group’s Horizons

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting, Sheldon Lavin started a finance consulting firm in Chicago. Although he was successful in growing the company, he did not expect to find a job in one of the leading food supplying firms in America. However, the path he took in the industry led him to OSI Group where he now serves as the CEO.

OSI Group

OSI Group is an international firm that supplies food in more than 17 countries including Asia, Canada, Europe and North America. The company has extensively grown into a global supplier of value-added products like sausages, poultry products, and beef patties among others. Today, this company enjoys its global presence and additional revenues of more than $6 billion. According to Forbes, OSI Group is one of the leading private companies in the world.

Where did Lavin Begin?

In 1975, Otto Kolschowsky and his sons started a small business that supplied meat to the residents of Chicago. With time, the residents flocked to the retail shop in search for more meat. That is when Mr. Kolschowsky though that it was wise to expand the business. Because Sheldon Lavin was available as an advisor, he was hired to oversee the financing of the company. Not only did he help the firm in getting a lender with lower interest rates but also fair payment terms. From the moment, Sheldon Lavin became a huge contributor to OSI’s development. At the same time, Otto and sons wanted to rebrand the company and give it a new name. Consequently, Lavin was elected to serve as the head cheerleader, a role he plays to date.

Series of Global Acquisitions

Under Sheldon Lavin’s reign OSI Group has expanded its horizons in many ways. For instance, in the summer of 2016, the company procured several manufacturing firms including Baho Food, a Germany-based food supplier. Another outlet the company acquired in his tenure is Tyson Food, a Chicago based food services provider. Besides his contribution to the development of the company, Lavin participates in many charitable activities including the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago and Ronald McDonald House of Charities.

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The Environmental Management Of OSI Food Solutions Honors Them With The Globe Of Honour

The United Kingdom division of OSI Food Solutions has received the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour Award for exceptionally managing environmental risks. The award presentation took place on November 25th of 2016 during a lovely luncheon. The event was held in London at Drapers Hall. The Globe of Honour was presented to eighteen organizations throughout the world demonstrating exceptional environmental management.

There are necessary qualifications for becoming a competitor for the Globe of Honour. The organization must have already established the British Safety Council’s five star rating for their audit scheme regarding environmental management between August of 2015 and July of 2016. The company must also effectively demonstrate their businesses excellent application of environmental management from the boardroom to the floor of the shop to an independent panel of experts.

As the current Chair for the British Safety Council, Lynda Armstrong gave her sincere congratulations on behalf of the staff and trustees of the organization. Her congratulations were for OSI Food Solutions UK Ltd for the 2016 win for the Globe of Honour. She spoke of this prestigious award and the company’s excellent management of environmental risks. She stated she took great pleasure in presenting the winners for the year with the Globe of Honour. She mentioned the integrated approach being adopted by more and more of the leading organizations. She stated this placed protecting the environment on the same footing as safety and health because their operations were much more sustainable.

As the British Safety Council’s Chief Executive, Mike Robinson presented Kelly Grimwood with the award. She is the Environmental Manager Europe for OSI Food Solutions. She talked about the main factor in the achievement of excellence being leadership. She said compliance could be legislated for but excellence has to be inspired. She stated every organization receiving the Globe of Honour Award was an outstanding example of the best possible practices. She was certain there were many inspirational stories to be shared regarding the achievement of this award. The OSI’s Scunthorpe production location began operating in the United Kingdom in 1989. They produce pork and beef products for the restaurant sector. OSI Food Solutions also received the Globe of Honour in 2013 and 2015.

OSI Food Solutions offers excellent full time employment and careers. The company is globally oriented and requires employees with both motivation and talent to work together to provide their customers with value. Numerous employee reviews have state the company feels like a family and treats their employees extremely well.

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OSI Group Builds Success Through Expansion and Incredible Customer Service:

Global food processing and distribution company OSI Group is well known for supplying products to some of the biggest food service companies in the world. OSI counts well-known entities such as McDonald’s and KFC among its longtime clients. The food giant started out as a local meat market in Oak Park, Illinois back in 1909. German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky founded OSI Group under the name Otto & Sons and eventually moved into the business of wholesale food distribution. His Otto & Sons company received a huge boost to its business when it acquired the very first contract for the Midwestern expansion of McDonald’s Restaurants in 1955. 1970 saw the arrival of future CEO Sheldon Lavin who has led a massive campaign of national and global expansion over the past 40 plus years. Since the 1970s there have been major changes with the company. For starters, the name was changed to OSI Group in 1975. Expansion across North America soon followed. Soon, OSI was operating in Europe, Asia, and South America. The company of today boasts a global footprint of 80 facilities spread out across 17 different countries. OSI has always and continues to maintain a mantra of growth, expansion and improvement and this has been made apparent with some recent developments within the company.

OSI Upgrades Facilities Domestically and Internationally:

OSI recently took steps to dramatically increase production of processed food in two of its key markets. On the American homefront, a new facility has opened under the OSI banner in Chicago. OSI has purchased the former Tyson food plant and is now operating it under their banner. OSI now has two Chicago area facilities right in its corporate backyard of Aurora, Illinois. The expectation with this acquisition is that production in the Chicago market will double. OSI also made a huge investment in their facility in Toledo, Spain, the result of which has seen a doubling in the production of processed chicken. This is a major upgrade to OSI’s European profile and is certain to help OSI continue in its ongoing mission to provide the very best in customer service.

OSI Acquires Two Major European Food Outfits:

Flagship Europe and Baho Food have joined the OSI Group banner. The expanded line of products that OSI will be able to offer in its European market as a result of these acquisitions is sure to attract plenty of new clients as well as offering exciting new options to OSI Group’s existing base of loyal customers.



OSI Group To Take Over Old Tyson Plant

Having access to food is a basic human need in order to survive and thrive. Today, much of the world’s protein and meat comes from just a few different food production companies. One of the leading food productions companies in the world today is the OSI Group. While they have been a strong provider of food for years, the company recently went through a major purchase when they decided to acquire a major plant in Chicago.

The OSI Group, which is based out of Aurora, IL, has been a major food production company in the world for several years. While they have major production plants all over the world, the company still looks for ways to expand locally as well. The company was able to expand on this strategy when it decided to purchase the Tyson Foods Plan in 2016. The company was able to purchase the plant for $7.4 million, which was considered a bargain due to the fact that Tyson was going to be closing the plant in the near future.

The food plant, which is located in the South Side area of Chicago and had 200,000 square feet of space, was used by Tyson Foods for decades. The company also had employed more than 450 people at the plant at its highest point. When Tyson Foods announced that it would be closing the plant, they also stated that the majority of the employees would be losing their jobs once it closed down. This was devastating for a lot of people, but the purchase by the OSI Group could prove to save a lot of jobs. Once the purchase was announced the total employment at the plant was around 275 people, many of which will end up being offered jobs to work with the OSI Group full time.

In the past, Tyson Foods used the plant to create a variety of speciality foods and meals for clients in the hospitality industry. The company decided to close the plant due to obsolescence citing that the current plant could not keep up with customer needs. While Tyson did not see much use in it anymore, the OSI Group is going to expand operations in the plant. They will likely be spending a lot of money on investments to make the plant useful and to meet the needs of OSI Group customers, which can differ from Tyson Foods’ customer’s base needs.



OSI Group Is Rapidly Growing In Order To Continue Being The Top Food Service Provider In The World

In today’s world as a food service provider, it is necessary to offer your customers the best products and service possible. OSI Group has consistently been doing this for many years and offers concept-to-table options to its customers all around the world. The company has been singled out as one of the top 100 food companies in the United States, and its $6.1 billion value means that it has the financial resources and infrastructure to stay a top contender for years to come. Some of its best offerings have to do with the innovative ways the company does business and how it pays close attention to the needs of the people who come to depend upon the food products it offers.

To continue to be able to offer its customers all of the best in the food industry OSI Group is currently expanding rapidly in all parts of the world. Recently, it has purchased Baho Food, which is a private Dutch company that processes meat products and other food offerings. Baho Food has a spread of subsidiary companies, including, Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, and Vital Convenience and has plants in the Netherlands and Germany. The company offers its European customers, which exist in 18 countries there, snack foods, convenience foods, and deli meats, and has been serving its customers for over six decades. OSI has decided to retain a lot of the staff of the company and the managing director of Baho Foods, John Balvers, commented that he was excited to stay on and work with OSI. He also expressed that the combined resources of the companies would enable him to serve the customer base of the company as well as OSI’s already existing larger customer base.

In line with this expansion, OSI Group has also acquired Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group, which is a company that offers its customers sous vide products, pies, sauces, mayonnaise, marinades, dressings, and frozen poultry. Along with Flagship Europe, OSI Group, by default, gains Calder Foods due to the fact that Flagship Europe acquired the company earlier on. The Chief Executive of Flagship Europe was on-hand during the acquisition and expressed his happiness to be a part of OSI Group. He also mentioned that he believed that the joint venture would help his company to have the resources it needs to be a strong contender in its marketplace.

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