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Victoria Doramus Continues To Help Animals By Supporting The Best Friends Animal Society

Victoria Doramus is well aware of the fact that the world can be a rough place for people and for animals. She, herself, has experienced some of the rougher aspects of life as a recovering addict who now sees the value in helping others. While she has done plenty for people, she is now turning her attention towards some of the animals that need help, and this inspired her to support the Best Friends Animal Society. The organizations works to put a stop to the killing of animals in animal shelters by working within communities and by building partnerships all over the United States.

Best Friends has been around since the 1980s and started up during a time when dogs and cats were being killed all of the time at shelters because they could not find a home. In fact, 17 million animals were being put to death on a yearly basis back in the 80s. When some friends banded together to get some animals out of the shelters and to a place where they could heal up, they discovered that they were able to find loving homes for them. This was where Best Friends Animal Society began, and it continues to help animals today with the support of people like Victoria Doramus.

Luckily, there are people like her in the world because organizations like Best Friends Animal Society need all of the help they can get. It is the organization’s wishes that animals will not have to be killed some day, and they have already done so much towards accomplishing this goal. In today’s world, animals are lost without having someone to love them because they are living in our world. Recovery expert Victoria Doramus hopes that she will be able to get the word out to as many people as possible in order to save as many animals as she can.

Todd Lubar – A Man Who Spots Opportunities Not Visible To Others

A resident of Bethesda, Maryland, Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures LLC, as well as the senior VP of Legendary Investments. One can easily tell that Todd Lubar is friendly, full of life, and a focused individual – based on his status updates on his social media profiles. On his Twitter, he talks about almost everything including about his daily challenges as a normal human being, such as when he has a sore throat and so on. It is also not difficult to realize how he loves to keep people motivated to achieve their goals through his encouraging tweets.

Some of the featured skills and endorsements on his LinkedIn profile include marketing, marketing strategy, and advertising.

Todd Lubar went to Sidwell Friends School, Washington, between 1977 and 1987, and later on The Peddle School, Hightstown, New Jersey. He graduated with Bachelor of Arts (Speech Communication) in 1995. Immediately after graduating from college, Lubar took up his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he stayed until 1999.

In 2002, Lubar founded Legendary Properties, LLC – a residential development firm. Through his continued involvement in the Mortgage Banking Sector, , he opened Charter Funding, a subsidiary of one of the biggest privately-held mortgage firms in the United States. It is this affiliation that gave him the ability to expand his business due to the significant access to a wide array of programs and products.

After observing the market for twelve years, Todd Lubar identified a niche of clients whose needs were not meant satisfactorily. This opportunity led him to open Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate of Legendary Properties Limited Liability Company, and it is a commercial lender for both companies and individuals. He saw the opportunity to utilize the liquidity of legendary properties, and his personal funds to serve the needs of borrowers who would otherwise have been overlooked by the conventional lenders. He performed more than 7000 transactions which improved his capabilities in analyzing inherent risks in almost every loan scenario, and in turn, allowing him to make appropriate decisions primarily based on the market conditions.

Somewhere between 2007 and 2008, the mortgage industry began to experience a couple of changes. Todd Lubar decided to test the waters in other lines of businesses such as commercial demolition and recycling of automotive scrap metals. He values continuous self-development and is constantly in search of ways through which he can influence the people he interacts with positively.

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The Wen by Chaz Challenge

Emily McClure has dealt with having thin hair and has tried various products in the past to add volume to her hair, but at the point of her experiment, she had never tried the famous Wen by Chaz conditioner. If you have not heard about Wen, it is perhaps the most famous conditioning product in terms of overall popularity, based on the fact that a ton of women have found great results from using the Amazon sold product daily. Emily decided that she would try the conditioner out herself, to truly tell if Wen by Chaz lived up to all of the hype, as originally posted by Bustle.

She set out to use the conditioner each and every day for a time period of a week and test the results for herself. The first thing she noticed about Wen was the fact that her hair felt much thicker when she was conditioning her hair, but that the most noticeable thing was the fact that none of her hair fell out in the shower. She stated that for the majority of the time she takes a shower, a decent amount of her hair comes out as a result of shampooing and conditioning her hair. Not only did her hair feel fuller in the shower, but she felt a lot of extra volume throughout the days she used the product and even got compliments from other people about the way her hair looked. One of the things that may have affected her results is the fact that she said her hair would look great and it would feel good if she had got up early and taken a shower, but that on days she got up late it did not go as well. Overall, she concluded that Wen by Chaz did live up to the hype and that she would continue to use it on special days when she wants more volume.

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US Money Reserve; Not so lucky penny

I’ve always been told that every penny counts – now according to Philip Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve president, that may not hold true. Production costs are almost double the worth of the small copper coin and the U.S. Mint loses millions of dollars by keeping it in circulation.
In an interview with CNBC Squawk Box, Diehl affirms that no one uses the penny anymore and eliminating the coin would save $105 million dollars annually. The mint is only responsible for pressing the imprint and supplying to the Federal Reserve. All other processes in coin making are outsourced. In support of the continued coin process are privately owned zinc production companies. With up to 8 billion pennies produced every year, one would assume the companies supplying the blank discs depend heavily on the U.S. Mint for their revenue. Quick research will inform you that coin production is an almost insignificant percentage of their business.

The make up of the coin is almost 98% zinc with a copper plating. Coin make-ups have varied over the years to ensure that the coin was profitable or as close as could be. “The penny is beyond hope”. There is no solution to satisfy the masses who would like to keep the penny versus those who would rather the federal government save the cash. carried out an experiment carried out in New York showed that when a stray penny falls on the ground, hardly anyone would stop to pick it up. In a national poll, 2% of Americans admitted to throwing pennies in the garbage. Their usefulness exists only in wishing wells or scratch cards.

The argument that phasing out the penny would distort prices or even press inflation is rejected by Diehl. Only 25% of transactions today are processed using cash, the other with electronic means; credit cards, PayPal, NFC systems, and others. If businesses are presented with the option to round prices, Diehl assumes that prices would go down rather than up due to competitive pressure. Financially speaking, the penny doesn’t make cents.


Visual Search By the Slyce Pays Off

Fourth Quarter 2015 financial results and activities for Slyce Inc. have been published by Yahoo Finance. Slyce is the lead company in alternative online Search methods that has put effective Visual Search technologies on e-commerce retailers “Must Have” list. Along with the profits earned, the report gives many interesting highlights of the fast-paced action happening at Slyce.

During the last fiscal quarter last year, Slyce announced a major partnership with SHOES.COM, the e-commerce shoe merchant. SHOES.COM owns and When people are out and about with Slyce’s app running on their smartphones they can snap a picture of any shoes they see as interesting and use that picture as input to Slyce’s intelligent Visual Search. The result is a list of exact or at least quite similar shoes offered by SHOES.COM, and get this: the ability to immediately buy the selected shoes with a few taps on the screen. The picture can be of real shoes, pictures printed in a random catalog or sales flyer, magazine pictures, or from an online web page.

Slyce had already done the same major technology upgrade for Neiman Marcus for a few items. The high-end retailer was so enthusiastic about the increased revenues Slyce brought them that they add most of their other product lines to their NM mobile app, called ‘Snap. Find. Shop.’ Another refinement of the NM app is the addition of using 3D images as input. Customers can buy home furnishings, apparel for the whole family, jewellery, shoes, handbags, and pet accessories; finding these things simply by supplying some type of image.

Of course, all this wizard of Ozzery has required great effort by Slyce’s research division and the purchase of innovative technology companies that also supplied key pieces. Several million dollars have been put into the company by savvy investors. This money is slated to build up Slyce’s repertoire to include every possible type of alternative Search methods. All of them veer into the future, not longer tethered solely on difficult to describe textual inputs. Slyce introduced a new third-party Software Development Kit, a 2D Content Management System (CMS), 3D model recognition, and a new digital mobile coupon system called Coupon Author.