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Healthy Lips Are An Integral Feature Of Beauty

What aspects of beauty to poets opine over endlessly in classic literature? Is it the wrist? How about the lower neck? Probably neither of those receive the rapturous praise that comes to areas of the face like the eyes or the lips. There’s something especially about the lips which can be both sensuous and coy, sexy and innocent. Women have sought to emphasize this attractive aspect of their body for millennia. There have been many different ways that lips are painted such that their sensuality increases. But some of those ways aren’t always the most healthy. As an example, modern cosmetics are guilty of using parabens and petrolatum. These chemicals are known to be harmful to humans even in small doses. Yet cut-rate cosmetics agencies still use them. It’s very ironic, too; there are a ubiquity of natural, organic methods that help make lips beautiful, but are healthy.
EOS is the initialization of Evolution of Smooth (, a cosmetics agency who specializes in organic lip balm solutions. EOS uses natural ingredients that are known to be healthy to your lips. The three primary compounds used in their lip balms are Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. These are combined with other proprietary compounds to give you the most beautiful, natural lips. EOS products are commonly found on local Walmart stores.

EOS lip balm features three primary lines of product. There’s the Visibly Soft lip balm which gives lips a kissable, comforting appearance, Shimmer Smooth, which makes them appear slightly moist though their smoothness is retained, and Active Protection, which has been formulated to keep even the driest lips sensuous and smooth in the roughest climates. Check out your nearest Walmart to see the availability of these products.

Keeping your lips beautiful is an active task. Left to themselves, they’ll likely develop organic compounds of the non-sensual variety which you have to wipe away from the corners of your mouth every now and again. Instead, have healthy lips; with EOS. Follow EOS on twitter to get updates.