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Amazon Is Not a Monopoly Financial Analyst Ted Bauman Says

Every tech company has a point in time when it scores its high figures in sales revenue. For Apple, the year 2018 was one of the best regarding sales revenue because this was the day they launched the first iPhone.

Today, the iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the market with over 70% of the world’s population having access to one iPhone. But this single product has not made Apple a monopoly, but its wide range of products has changed the iPhone into an Apple ecosystem.

This is the same thing happening with Amazon. Believe it or not, Amazon does not only get its sales revenue from its online retail but also its Amazon Web Services. It gets nearly $5 billion in revenue from AWS.

Jeff Bezos’ vision is to create a monopoly, which it isn’t as of yet so that Amazon can control various aspects of the market. This is something that Steve Jobs accomplished with Apple. But critics such as Ted Bauman state that Amazon is still a long way to becoming a monopoly.

Ted Bauman, the editor of The Bauman Letter, argues that Amazon is the modern equivalent of the Sears catalogue. This means that Amazon is merely acting as a provider for most things that people want especially with the aim for immediate gratification.

According to statistics by Ted Bauman, Amazon has over 90 million people currently holding the Prime Membership. Most of these people purchase products because of their thirst for immediate satisfaction.

Ted Bauman goes on to argue that Amazon is making less income than the Kroger supermarket chain. Ted states that although most people purchase products online, they prefer to buy day to day items offline.

Also, Ted Bauman states that Amazon has not had a tremendous impact on conventional merchants in the United States. And this is as a result of many traditional stores retaining popularity among shoppers.

Meet Ted

Ted is the editor of a magazine that has over 100,000 subscribers per month. Also, Ted also writes for several services such as Smart Money, Alpha Stock Alert and ETF-trading platform.

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Jason Hope Reaches Out To Science

With a firm foundation in Arizona, Jason Hope zeroes in on education when it comes to his altruistic outreach as well as cures for diseases, discoveries in science and many more. As someone who calls Arizona home, Jason Hope believes in the education-centric programs that never stop teaching and the companies striving to find cures and keep diseases from spreading or starting in the first place.

Jason Hope is known philanthropist. Some of the organizations he has worked alongside include but are certainly not limited to: the Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, the Tony Hawk Foundation and the Andre Agassi Foundation. He also worked alongside the International Foundation for Education and Self Help and the Arizona Science Center; a place where he counts himself a valued part of a group known as the Director’s Circle.

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Recently, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation which was started in 2009 to raise awareness for and make sure there was a way for many people to receive biotechnological treatment that helps to restore issues caused by metabolism. His pledge is going towards the further growth of modern medicine and the process in which specific diseases such as Diabetes and Alzheimer’s are dealt with. The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry at large can be positively changed through the hard and persistent work of SENS Foundation and the work of Dr. Aubrey de Grey.

Jason Hope’s generous donation will help to forward the work needed to proceed finding cures for these myriad diseases that specifically affect aging. This can lead to eventual breakthroughs in science the likes of which many hoped for but did not anticipate. The $500,000 will greatly benefit those who suffer while aging and hopefully, many more researchers will search for solutions for those who are truly in need.

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Shiraz Boghani Of Splendid Hospitality Group Bags The Prestigious Hotelier Of The Year Accolade

Shiraz Boghani is a man who has changed the hospitality department in the recent times. Many people recognize the UK based entrepreneur because of his group of hotels that has been performing so well. Mr. Boghani started this career path after trying his luck in the finance world. Although he was highly experienced in finance matters, Shiraz Boghani abandoned his career because he felt that customers in the hotel industry were not being offered the services they desired. This was one of the best things that happened in his life because a few years later, Boghani is one of the most successful personalities in the department.

Mr. Boghani wins a prestigious award

Boghani is not a stranger to success. For some time now, he has been working as the chairman of a leading company called Splendid Hospitality Group. As the chairman of the large organization, Shiraz has been issued with numerous responsibilities. For instance, it is his duty to ensure that the company is making profits and making the right decisions, regardless of the changes that take place in the market. His leadership has made the company successful and the envy of many investors from all over the world. His team has also been performing well because of his guidance.

This year, Shiraz Boghani got one of the coveted awards in the hotel industry. Boghani has been recognized as the Hotelier of the Year by the Asian Business Awards. The recognition has made the finance executive very proud, but he says that his team has played a leading role in achievements. Mr. Shiraz Boghani has completed many projects in the recent times, and they have all brought a smile in the faces of the customers.

Shiraz Boghani Role in Sussex Healthcare

Shiraz has also invested well in the healthcare department. More than twenty years ago, the hotelier partnered with a dental surgeon, and together, they founded one organization called Sussex Healthcare. The firm has been offering special care to the elderly individuals living in the United Kingdom. Shiraz has been serving as the co-chairman of Sussex and his wisdom has enabled the healthcare company to transform the lives of the patients who depend on the services of the firm.

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The Unbelievable Impact of Great Leadership on Fortress Investment Group

Many investment management companies in the US and internationally have found it very rough and difficult to survive the economic crises that have been occurring over the years. A lot of them have even ended up collapsing due to the financial hardships that are associated with these crises. However, Fortress Investment Group is one of the few organizations in this category that has defied all the odds and survived all these constraints and even emerged the industry leader. Despite the harsh market movements that have been experienced in the investment industry, Fortress Group has maintained its pace in the market and always managed to yield positive investment returns for its clients. This has made the clients of other companies of its kind consider transferring all their wealth to Fortress Investment Group where they can find productive and viable management services.

However, it’s not by luck or coincidence that the company shows such an outstanding performance that is not only impressive to the clients but also consistent. It has been through the efforts of both the leadership and the employees of the company. Both at each level have been ensuring that they give the best that they can afford to the organization to ensure maximum production. Talking of the leadership of Fortress Investment Group, it has been one of the most appreciated organizational leadership in the industry. Led by a combination of three principals, Fortress Group has set a great example for the other industry players by demonstrating to them how effective leadership impacts on the company’s performance.

One of the ways that these leaders have impacted on the performance of Fortress Investment Group is by ensuring that their junior staff is always motivated. This has helped the workers of the organization to align their objectives with those of the company and to always work towards achieving them. For instance, to keep the employees motivated, fair and unbiased promotion opportunities are availed to them. Every employee of Fortress Investment Group is aware that anytime they can be raised the ranks, depending on their performance and production capacity. This makes them focus on improving and sharpening their skills and consequently the production of the company increases.

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Peter Briger and Assisting Youngsters

Peter Briger is a professional who is part of the illustrious team at Fortress Investment Group. He’s on the company’s noteworthy Board of Directors at the moment. He’s a financial services powerhouse who resides and works in San Francisco in California at the moment. Briger is more than just an executive who is at the helm of a big company. He’s an individual who has been devoted to paving the way for fellow professionals for many productive and successful years at this point. He’s been working hard in the asset management world for over 20 years now. Peter Briger is a man who is happy to give his knowledge to the rest of the planet. His proficiency with regard to real estate and credit fund matters is astounding.

That’s the reason he works on both of those categories day in and day out at work. He’s a diligent manager who has been overseeing processes at Fortress Investment Group for a long period of time. He’s been managing all sorts of responsibilities and divisions since all the way back in 2002. Peter Briger thinks about a lot more than just work on a daily basis. He thinks about vital topics that keep the planet ticking. Some of the subjects that he has particularly strong interest in are poverty elimination, the educational system and kids in general.

Briger wants all of the children in the United States and all throughout the planet to be able to access educations that are thorough and comprehensive. He wants to make poverty something that goes away for good, too. Peter Briger is enthusiastic about his aim with the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children. This is a not-for-profit group that puts its attention on helping kids who are located all around the big planet. Learn More.


The Dominance of Fortress Investment Group in the Investment Sector.

Fortress Investment Group has remained dominant in the investment sector over the years. Since its establishment in 1998, the investment management company has continually shown outstanding performance that no one ever anticipated during its formation. Founded by its three founders Wes Edens (currently a principal), Randal Nardone (currently a principal), and Rob Kauffman (retired in 2012); Fortress was headquartered in New York. As a private equity firm, the main intention of creating Fortress was to bring into existence a special type of investment strategy that would help raise funds from private equity and reinvest it in cutting edge vehicles.Lucky enough, Fortress Investment Group kicked off as a success attributed to a combination of deep skills and experience possessed by its founders, who had worked in other reputable financial and investment organizations for long periods. Such firms include BlackRock Financial Management, UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Lehman Brothers.

In 2006, Fortress started implementing its deep proficiency in managing Mergers and acquisitions, a core competence that has seen the firm’s managed assets grow sharply. It started by acquiring the largest ski resort operator in North America, headquartered in Canada, Intrawest. Later between that time and 2007, Fortress Investment Group purchased other firms like Penn National Gaming (which operated casinos and horse racing venues), Florida East Coast Industries (a company that owned Florida East Coast Railway), and also RailAmerica.Later in 2010, the group again purchased AIG’s American General Financial Services, an organization that later changed to Springleaf Financial Services. Other firms that were involved in either partnerships or acquisitions with Fortress Investment group were Logan Circle Partners, Mount Kellett, D.B. Zwirn & Co., and Graticule Asset Management Asia. The most interesting thing about all these acquisitions was that the acquired properties’ value always increased after the management was transferred to Fortress. For instance, after the acquisition of Springleaf Financial Services, its value skyrocketed to $3.5 billion, a gain of more than 27 times its original value.

About Fortress Investment Group

No doubt Fortress is the champion of investment management. Being a global investment leader, the firm has established other headquarters outside New York to increase its market reach. Also due to its effective management, the company’s employees are very grateful for working there. This has been demonstrated by the high and positive review that Fortress gets from its personnel on its website. All this can be attributed to the fair treatment and growth opportunities that the firm offers to its employees. Learn More.


Jason Hope: The Future of the Airline Industry

Jason hope is a local Arizona entrepreneur who has made quite an impact in a number of different industries. In the past several years he has turned his attention away from typical business endeavors although he still owns his own company and more towards entrepreneurial ones instead. He has a great interest in both biotechnology and the new era of information technology. In particular, Jason hope has invested quite a bit of money in various pursuits related to the blossoming Internet of things that connects millions of devices to each other around the world. Today millions of devices are connected to the Internet, and this is the potential to change a lot of industries in the near future. Jason hope is trying to take advantage of this new and emerging technology.

Beacon technology which utilizes Bluetooth in order to allow communications between objects and people have allowed sensors to be embedded in small stickers that can be placed on nearly anything. The airline industry, in particular, has the potential to be broadly impacted by this new technology. In fact, there are already several airlines which have significant portions of their budget devoted towards the implementation of the Internet of things. Even more, airlines have plans to begin devoting more resources to these technologies in the near future. Jason hope believes that it will quickly come to a point where the Internet of things will be vital to the airline industry.

He believes that there are a few areas where the Internet of things what impact the most. One of the top areas that could potentially be impacted by the Internet of things is that of safety. Already there are a number of air planes that are increasingly connected. Nearly every part of some planes is connected to a wireless network which will allow the real-time analysis of data to be collected. This can allow maintenance to be automatically performed and can give engineers an idea of which parts are functioning properly.

Jason hope also believes that customer service could be significantly improved with the use of the Internet of things. A few areas inside of customer service that could potentially be impacted include check-in and personalized travel. The Internet of things could allow passengers to speed up there check-in process significantly. It could even improve things such as baggage handling by allowing customers to keep track of where their bandages at any given time.

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Adam Milstein’s work on anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein is a community leader as well as an exemplary philanthropist. His exquisite philanthropic efforts have been channeled through the Adam and Gila Milstein foundation. Adam Milstein is currently overseeing Hager Pacific Properties, financing, property management, and disposition. His benevolent efforts are aimed at strengthening the state of the homeland of the Jews: Israel and its affiliation with the United States of America. Through his foundation, he hopes to educate and train students and young professionals as well to identify with their roots as Jews.

Adam Milstein is also an Israel-American Council writer. He is an author at the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) with his latest article being published very recently. The most recent of his articles was entitled “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide.” According to Adam Milstein remorseless anti-Semitism that has been on the radical right is now also growing among the leftists. As it is, this has also been a bedrock for radical Muslim groups.

Despite their distinct traditions, the three groups mentioned are now exchanging ideas and reinforcing a new ruthless wave of bigotry and racism. Recent years have unveiled that North America has joined Europe to see through the alliance and strengthening ties between radical leftists and radical Muslim Groups. This has led to inhuman acts such as execution of gays and trampling of the minority by radical Muslims. This news should be appalled by the leftists but these newly formed ties have made the groups ignore their differences as there is a common view when it comes to hatred for western influence and vile anti-Semitism.

The radical left has put a blind eye to radical Islamists’ bigoted ideas and fails to distinguish between radicals and mainstream Muslims viewing both as a block tokenizing the as a group oppressed by the West. The leftists’ twisted view of history term Israel as a colonialist oppressor targeting Muslims and fault them for every issue in the Middle East and the world as a whole. The growth in the alliance is evidenced by a number of events sighted in the article an example being an occurrence at Tufts University by leftists’ students who published an article that attacked the university’s Hillel terming Israel as a white supremacist state. This article is just one of the articles written by Adam Milstein and further gives more evidence of the alliances and the hatred that’s spreading.

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