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The Innovative Hair Cutting Tools From Donald Scott NYC

Most people would not think of a straight razor as a precision cutting tool, but it is actually better for cutting hair than a scissors. This is why razors have been the tool of choice for cutting the coarse hair of beards and legs. The fine edge of a razor allows it to cut hair in a more exact manner to keep the ends from splitting. This is extremely useful when cutting hair in different lengths to shape or add body to a style. Today’s professional hair stylists use innovative tools such as those from Donald Scott NYC, made with straight razors for precision cutting.


When it comes to using top of the line hair styling tools, the line from Donald Scott NYC includes several types of cutting tools made with straight razors. The carving comb wide version has a wide comb on one end and a double sided cutting tool on the other. This provides the stylist with better control when cutting hair that is thick or curly. The Donald Scott NYC chop stik pro is perfectly balanced so it can easily glide through hair to section it. This perfectly weighted tool is ideal for creating layered looks on dense hair.

Carving Comb from WPRNY on Vimeo.