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Bustle Blogger Tries WEN’s Unique Cleansing Conditioner To Boost Limp Locks

When it comes to our hair, we abuse it enough with dyeing, perming, straightening, blow-drying or flat-ironing, etc. Then we add a big lather shampoo and figure we’re on the right track for hair care, but actually, we are damaging our mane even further.
Chaz Dean is the well-respected west coast stylist who invented the WEN no-lather shampoo system. His amazing cleansing conditioners do not contain the nasty sulfates that create those damaging lathers. Instead, the WEN hair system is all about a natural formula that uses a number of botanicals to offer strength and shine back to hair. Best of all, the WEN system is ideal for every hair type known to woman and man. He sells his products on Guthy Renker.

Emily McClure, a beauty blogger for Bustle, was frustrated with her sad, frizzy fine hair, so she decided to give the sephora sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner variety of WEN Hair a whirl for seven days and see if magic could happen.

Emily has shoulder length hair but opted to use the bare minimum (10 pumps) for a woman with short hair. She felt that 16-24 pumps of product was “actual insanity.” That is a key rule she broke during her 7-day test, but she still found that washing with WEN every time, gave a tremendous boost to her limp locks. After she blow-dried and styled her mane, Emily looked beautiful, as her posted selfies clearly show.

Emily was pleased that her girlfriends noticed the high shine and softness her hair was radiating.

If Emily tried to avoid the daily morning WEN hair wash, then her hair fell flat and greasy and could not hold much of a style. She also admits she’s very busy and a bit lazy to stick to a hair care routine.

Emily concluded that WEN is amazing if you’re disciplined about your hair, and she isn’t disciplined enough.

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