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OSI Industries: Commitment to customers

OSI Industries is one of the largest food companies in the world. The Forbes ranks it at number 58 among the biggest private businesses in the United States with a net worth of $6.1 billion. The company has excelled so well in its operations because of the commitment its leaders have shown in leading the company in the right direction. CEO Sheldon Lavin leads the leadership. He has been part of the management since 1975. Ever since he has remained in the company, building it so that it can become a leading company in the foods industry.

Commitment to customers

OSI Industries is excelling more than other companies because of the commitment it has on the customers. The company has been trying as much as possible to bring in more customers by creating high-quality products. The focus of the company has been on winning more customers in coming years. The company has been putting in place customer-oriented measures to see that this mission is accomplished. Among the things that this company has done is ensuring that the tastes and preferences of the customers are respected at all times. You will find that anytime this company is looking for a new partnership, they always retain the current management since these are the people who understand the consumer better. It happened when the company acquired Baho Food. The management of Baho was retained because they have a better understanding of the market than OSI.

OSI Industries has been trying as much as possible to win more customers in Europe. One of the measures they have taken is to acquire strategic businesses in the region. One of them is the Dutch food company called Baho Food. This company has a solid network not only in the Netherlands but also in Germany. They can help OSI to solidify its influence in the region.

OSI Industries is keen on making sure that its operations reach every corner of the world. The management of OSI wants the company to maintain the high tempo growth rate that it has taken since the beginning of the millennium. For a company that has been around for over a century, the good things for the current leadership, as well as the subsequent is to ensure that they maintain the company’s operations. CEO Sheldon Lavin is trying to build the company in such a way that it lasts for many years to come.

The Growth of OSI Group and Mc Donald in the Meat Processing Business

OSI group has become a leading enterprise over the years, taking over the supply of meat in over 17 countries with an exemplary record of quality processed products. During the inception of the company, nobody would have thought of the expansion and growth of the business in a short time. OSI group started off as a butcher store in American mid-west. With the growing success of the company being attributed to the loyalty and hard work of its employees.

The company has risen to heights that were unimaginable due to the leadership that it has. The rise of McDonald to his current position has not come easy. With the rise and success of his career and OSI group going hand in hand. He has become a significant figure in the company, with the latest facilitation of the company’s expansion by playing a vital role in the acquisition of Baho foods.

Just like the OSI group, McDonald has a humble beginning as well. With a background that is not expected to have an influence on his current successes. He grew up as a farm boy in Iowa. However, his managing skills are dated back to his starting point in the food production chain and distribution which is speculated to have an immense contribution to his current leadership skills.

The leadership of the business has contributed immensely to the opening of more markets in over 17 countries. The enterprise is also home to over 20, 000 employees in 65 facilities. The tenacity, hard work, and dedication of its workers has put the enterprise on top of the map, in the meat processing business. This has led in the acquisition of various franchises as well as mergers that have helped the company to scale even higher on its market. Hence the growth of Mc Donald’s career.

However, the recent merger of the OSI group and the Turi group is not the last but a good example of the companies unstoppable growth rate that keeps growing on a daily bases, with the increase in its returns and profits. The growth of OSI and Mc Donald is an exemplary case of growth from humble beginnings.

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