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The Brown Agency: The Best Talent Agency in Texas

The Brown Agency is a modeling talent agency that was founded in Austin in the Spring of 2010. With their collection of models, they quickly became of the most sought-after talent agencies in the country. Their aim is to set higher standards in the market and reach heights that no other talent agency from Austin has reached. Austin models are working for international brands like Loreal, Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota and thousands of other reputable companies. Their fashion models have graced the runways of Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week. The Brown Agency delivers the most elegant, dependable and professional talent to companies all over the country.


The Brown Agency started off as Wilhelmina Austin in 2010. It rose to become one of the best agencies in Texas for modeling talent. There was another agency in Austin which provided stiff competition to Wilhemina Austin called Heyman Talent-South. They were known as the leading talent agencies for actors. Then in 2015, Wilhemina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South and The Brown Agency came into being. The Brown Agency is thus a combination of the capabilities and strengths of both the agencies. With the merger of the two agencies, The Brown Agency is now the only talent agency in Austin. The merger has also resulted in them having a very broad and impressive roster of talents as both the agencies used to have unique talents and their own specializations. For more details visit Ideamensch.



Justin Brown, who was heading Wilhelmina Brown before the merger, is now at the helm of The Brown Agency. Brown studied business management in college and worked for many agencies before becoming a development and placement manager. He used to train models and help get them modeling jobs. Now at The Brown Agency, he has a staff of seven working under him with more than 450 models under his watch. They have an office above Zen Japanese Fast Food on Guadalupe Street in Austin.



Justin himself modeled and worked at several modeling agencies to put himself through college. His experience and passion were instrumental in taking Wilhelmina Austin to the heights it reached in the past seven years. Now re-launching as The Brown Agency, his staff and models will look to his experience for helping them navigate through the current market. Justin has an incredible knack for business and the name of the agency is already making the rounds on social media. Throughout the years he has built a strong repertoire of talents comprising of both kids and adults for all kinds of modeling and acting work like television advertisements and posters for different brands. His agency does the work of training the talents as well so that his clients are always satisfied with their work.





Fabletics Helps Customers Realize What They Have

The process Fabletics uses to help their customers shop for clothes is something many people had never even heard of before. Customers are required to take a quiz so the company can learn a lot about them. After they have taken the quiz, Fabletics chooses outfits that are just right for them. The company employs personal stylists. The stylists can help people understand what they need and can help customers realize which clothes will work best for them. Fabletics feels they have something for everyone so they are confident they can help everyone find the perfect outfit for working out or relaxing.


For Fabletics to do this, they have to make sure they are offering the best opportunities to their customers. They know customers will need to make all the right choices so they want to give them only the best choices. The reverse showroom they provide is a way for Fabletics to only give their customers a few ideas on what they can do with their clothing. The company tries to make sure their customers only have a few ideas of what they can purchase so they will be able to make things right no matter what they are doing.


When customers choose the clothes that Fabletics has picked out for them, they can be sure they are getting something that is high-quality. Not only is Fabletics dedicated to being convenient but they are also dedicated to quality for their customers. No matter what size the clothes are, Fabletics has worked hard to make sure they are the best materials. They try to only use the best because they know it is important for them while they are using the clothes for workouts and even just for lounging. Fabletics has come up with many ideas to make things better for their customers.


Even when Fabletics was just getting started, they did what they could to give customers the best chance possible. They also wanted to make sure their customers had everything they were looking for on the site. Kate Hudson, who is a Fabletics brand ambassador, helps to make the company all-inclusive. She tries to show people who are all shapes and sizes that they can enjoy the things Fabletics has to offer. It is part of what has made the company the best it can be. Not many other athleisurewear companies offer clothing for all different types of sizes.


Whitney Wolfe’s Dating App

Women can now take full charge of the dating scene thanks to the latest dating app, Bumble. For a long time, women are not treated equally to their male counter parts when it comes to dating. The society expects that a man leads woman follows Men must be the ones on the wheel always. In the process, many have experienced very aggressive, chauvinistic and vulgar men. Most men that turn aggressive can’t take rejection kindly Being. Names like a slut, or a whore are the least of what some women endure in these sites.

However, Bumble threatens to change the dating arena forever. Whitney wolf was sat down by Andrey Andreev, the Russian entrepreneur behind Badoo and he pointed out to her the gap in the dating scene. She had just fallen out with Tinder another dating app. Wolfe wanted to come up with a social app where young people interact and get empowered. Andrey loved the empowerment part and advised Wolfe to incorporate that when coming up with Rumble.

Rumble was born out of the fall out with Tinder and out of Wolfe’s personal experiences in dating. She could not understand why a lady would never be the one to make the first move even in the bar. Rumble seeks to change  perspective. However, Wolfe acknowledges that her app can never be a success without men.

Rumble commands a following of 18 million people. It is a replica of Tinder especially the fun part where one feels like they are playing a game. However, the woman starts the conversation. They take down a connect if the lady does not respond within 24 hours. The app ensures that no one has pseudo accounts and their profiles must match with their face book profiles. Accounts of anyone that turns aggressive are taken down permanently The app records harassment rate of 0.005% Whitney wolf believes that women empowerment should be all round and should begin right from class. She is disturbed by the fact that men crowd the tech industry. She challenges women to take up the roles that men take.

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Fabletics: Bringing the Showroom to your Living Room

It can’t be denied that the ship-to-consumer membership model has become huge for nearly all categories of our life: food, beauty, decor, clothing, fitness…the list goes on. When it comes to apparel, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics stands out as one of the most successful brands of athletic apparel that has become a household name in the ship-to-consumer craze.


A recent Forbes article detailed not only the savvy of this brand in the realm of online shopping, or the membership model, but how its success that snowballed due to the “reverse showroom technique.” Many brands build a fleet of stores that they see as the showroom for their products. Ideally, customers flock to these showrooms and if the quality and price of the product is feasible for that audience, they make a purchase. However, we all know that isn’t the case in today’s multi-platform sales space. Today’s consumer often visits the store, or showcase, to determine the quality, check price points and feel a product in their hands. Then, that same consumer turns around and buys a product from an online retailer, such as Amazon, as a less expensive rate. In fact, one in three consumers now does a price check while they are in the physical store from their phone. Markets say even the difference of a few cents is enough to encourage shoppers to buy on line for the thrill of knowing they scored a save.


Fabletics ingenious reverse showroom model ensures brings the showroom to the digital space. Instead of seeing online shopping as an afterthought, a “must have” for today’s digital consumer, it builds the showroom experience within its platform. Fabletics has an incredible Lifestyle Quiz that each new member or potential member takes. The Quiz’s algorithm takes unique preferences of each user and combines them to build a profile of gear and style best suited for each person. Two digital showrooms are rarely the same, and each month the outfits suggested are curated for the individual consumer. In this way, consumers feel they are part of the showroom, as it exists in any computer or mobile device.


Fabletics does have a handful of locations and due to the selective nature of a physical store these stores have become stables of shopping for a broad radius of people in each location and beyond, as well as a destination for tourists visiting those cities that are already familiar with the Fabletics brand.


As a Fabletics member, I recommend the products to girlfriends, and strangers at the gym, all the time. I tent to baulk at the extravagant prices of names like LuluLemon, that seem to be expensive just for the sake of being expensive, as the quality is lagging. Each piece I’ve bought from Fabletics was made from thick material and after 6 months of use I’ve only had one piece that didn’t stand the test of time – and that was due to an a clutzy wine spill on a white top at a post-cycle class mixer – so that is on me. Overall, I love the brand and the freshness Kate Hudson breathes into it and would recommend giving it a try.