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Amazon Is Not a Monopoly Financial Analyst Ted Bauman Says

Every tech company has a point in time when it scores its high figures in sales revenue. For Apple, the year 2018 was one of the best regarding sales revenue because this was the day they launched the first iPhone.

Today, the iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the market with over 70% of the world’s population having access to one iPhone. But this single product has not made Apple a monopoly, but its wide range of products has changed the iPhone into an Apple ecosystem.

This is the same thing happening with Amazon. Believe it or not, Amazon does not only get its sales revenue from its online retail but also its Amazon Web Services. It gets nearly $5 billion in revenue from AWS.

Jeff Bezos’ vision is to create a monopoly, which it isn’t as of yet so that Amazon can control various aspects of the market. This is something that Steve Jobs accomplished with Apple. But critics such as Ted Bauman state that Amazon is still a long way to becoming a monopoly.

Ted Bauman, the editor of The Bauman Letter, argues that Amazon is the modern equivalent of the Sears catalogue. This means that Amazon is merely acting as a provider for most things that people want especially with the aim for immediate gratification.

According to statistics by Ted Bauman, Amazon has over 90 million people currently holding the Prime Membership. Most of these people purchase products because of their thirst for immediate satisfaction.

Ted Bauman goes on to argue that Amazon is making less income than the Kroger supermarket chain. Ted states that although most people purchase products online, they prefer to buy day to day items offline.

Also, Ted Bauman states that Amazon has not had a tremendous impact on conventional merchants in the United States. And this is as a result of many traditional stores retaining popularity among shoppers.

Meet Ted

Ted is the editor of a magazine that has over 100,000 subscribers per month. Also, Ted also writes for several services such as Smart Money, Alpha Stock Alert and ETF-trading platform.

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Ryan Seacrest: Costume Comedy

Ryan Seacrest is already the man of many faces. He’s been known as a radio personality, a host, and a producer. You may have seen him do some work as a host of American Idol since 2002, and again in it’s reboot in early 2018! You also may have heard him on the radio on your way to work on weekday mornings called On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest is also known for his work with the public. He founded Ryan Seacrest Distinction in 2014, which is a menswear brand intended to provide men with a more modern, coordinated look. His other mission is his Ryan Seacrest Foundation which works with pediatric hospitals to provide healing and inspiration to the children and families through music and entertainment.

Perhaps you remember the show Regis and Kelly. It has evolved over time and shifted into “Live with Kelly and Ryan” only recently in 2017 and has been gaining viewers ever since. The pair are always putting in work to provide entertainment for viewers, one of the more recent bits being “Live’s Best Halloween Show Ever: the ReBOOOOt”.

Ryan and Kelly gave fans a show with a lineup of throwback costumes in the spirit of Halloween. I Dream of Jeannie, Friends, All My Children, The Brady Bunch, Saved By the Bell, Laverne and Shirley, CHiPs, I Love Lucy and Charlie’s Angels were all themes demonstrated by the co-hosts.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, the man of many faces, was seen with makeup and glitter in his Shirley costume, noting that getting the makeup off was a tricky part. “I still have glitter somewhere”, Seacrest stated. Imagine Ryan Seacrest dressed in pink spanx. Hard as it may be, that’s exactly what he did in order to pull off his Genie costume with Kelly. He was seen in many other unique costumes, in case you need ideas for future Halloween costumes.

The two joked about bringing some of these old shows to the present, such as a mashup between All of Children and Hope and Faith. Only time will tell if they succeed in this mission. Check out American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest.

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Juan OG Perez; The Hidden Man Behind Roc-A-Fella’s Success

Following the release of their unexpected joint album, ‘Everything Is Love’, Jay Z and his wife, Beyoncé have solidified their position as one of the world’s most powerful couples in the music industry. However, unknown to many people, the two attribute their great success to the powerful friendships that they have established and developed over the years. Key among these friendships is their relationship with Juan OG Perez and his wife Desiree Perez.

Juan OG Perez and his wife have been the secret pillar holding up the successful Roc nation. The two have been monumental in the individual and combined success of Jay z and his wife as artists and entrepreneurs. In fact, the rapper and Juan OG Perez go way back. They were introduced to each other in 1996 through Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke. Juan helped the rapper to manage his studios in the late 90s and early ‘00s. It is therefore understandable how the two have developed a deep bond of friendship over the years.

Eventually, they branched out into business together and launched their 40/40 club in 2003. The connection that started out as friendship developed into a life-long business partnership. Therefore, when the two launched their Roc Nation Sports in 2013, it was not a very big surprise. In fact, the two share a deep love for watching sports together. Perhaps this business venture was born while the two enjoyed a Yankee’s game.

Desiree Perez has also been a close friend to the Carters for very many years. In fact, she is also deeply involved in the business side of their lives. She is the current COO of Roc Nation. Due to her position with the company, she has negotiated large deals and contracts as Jay Z’s right hand woman.

In his song, Friends, Jay Z shows his gratitude to this couple that has stood by him over the years.

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Fortress Investment Group bolstering Times Square

Fortress Investment Group is bolstering its presence on Times Square in New York City.

According to a Sept. 11 article published in Livenewspaper, FIG purchased the historic Palace Theater with several partners back in February. Located just across the street from the currently under-construction Marriott Edition, the hotel that houses the Palace was sold before those renovations began.

Fortress Investment Group teamed up with Maefield Development to purchase 20 Times Square, buying out their partners including New Valley, Ian Schrager, Steve Witkoff and Winthrop Realty Trust for $1.53 billion, according to the article. The deal gave FIG full ownership of the property.

FIG is an investment management firm that oversees alternative assets in private equity, liquid hedge funds and credit funds. Highly diversified, it acts on behalf of more than 1,500 institutional and private clients.

The building was originally purchased by investors for $430 million in 2012. Following the purchase, it was announced that a luxury hotel would be immediately built, but construction did not begin until 2015 due to a number of problems that slowed the effort.

The Edition itself is 39 stories tall and has 450 rooms, plus additional retail space. Maefield was seeking additional capital for construction when the most recent deal closed.

The partners are planning to seek $1.3 billion to cover construction costs on their numerous Times Square holdings. They hope to rehabilitate the Palace Theater, expand the hotel and build a massive outdoor sign screen.

Fortress Investment Group was purchased by Japan’s SoftBank Group in 2017 for $3.3 billion and remains headquartered in New York City. Founded in 1997, FIG is the first publicly traded private equity frim in the United States.

Fortress Investment Group currently manages more than $70 billion in assets. and was named the 2014 Hedge Fund Manager of the Year, in addition to receiving several other awards.


Shiraz Boghani Of Splendid Hospitality Group Bags The Prestigious Hotelier Of The Year Accolade

Shiraz Boghani is a man who has changed the hospitality department in the recent times. Many people recognize the UK based entrepreneur because of his group of hotels that has been performing so well. Mr. Boghani started this career path after trying his luck in the finance world. Although he was highly experienced in finance matters, Shiraz Boghani abandoned his career because he felt that customers in the hotel industry were not being offered the services they desired. This was one of the best things that happened in his life because a few years later, Boghani is one of the most successful personalities in the department.

Mr. Boghani wins a prestigious award

Boghani is not a stranger to success. For some time now, he has been working as the chairman of a leading company called Splendid Hospitality Group. As the chairman of the large organization, Shiraz has been issued with numerous responsibilities. For instance, it is his duty to ensure that the company is making profits and making the right decisions, regardless of the changes that take place in the market. His leadership has made the company successful and the envy of many investors from all over the world. His team has also been performing well because of his guidance.

This year, Shiraz Boghani got one of the coveted awards in the hotel industry. Boghani has been recognized as the Hotelier of the Year by the Asian Business Awards. The recognition has made the finance executive very proud, but he says that his team has played a leading role in achievements. Mr. Shiraz Boghani has completed many projects in the recent times, and they have all brought a smile in the faces of the customers.

Shiraz Boghani Role in Sussex Healthcare

Shiraz has also invested well in the healthcare department. More than twenty years ago, the hotelier partnered with a dental surgeon, and together, they founded one organization called Sussex Healthcare. The firm has been offering special care to the elderly individuals living in the United Kingdom. Shiraz has been serving as the co-chairman of Sussex and his wisdom has enabled the healthcare company to transform the lives of the patients who depend on the services of the firm.

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