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How Whitney Wolfe Helps People Who Have To Face Traditionalists

Whitney Wolfe is one of the innovators as an entrepreneur. She has shown people that there is a different way to do things. This is one thing that can help the entrepreneur. One unfortunate occurrence that is a lot more common than people may think is that an entrepreneur might find himself faced with busy bodies or people that just want him to stick with tradition and keep playing the game. One of the reasons that the entrepreneur is pursuing the goals that he has chosen is that he has seen that the “traditional way” has gotten him nowhere fast, and it will continue to get him nowhere. Therefore, the entrepreneur may even have to fight against those busy bodies in order to get his ideas out there.

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One thing that Whitney Wolfe was asked about when it came to her business is whether she would’ve been better off with developers. One thing that Whitney pointed out is that with developers, her team may not have had the creative luxury they have with Bumble as feminist dating app. Developers might’ve gotten in the way. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has wanted from the beginning was for the creative team to be able to freely express their original intentions through the app.

One thing that can be said for Whitney Wolfe is that she has a strong vision, and she is willing to fight for her vision. This is one thing that the entrepreneur needs, especially when they have a strong belief in themselves. While people may come up under the pretense of wanting what is best for him, for all the entrepreneur knows, they may be threatened at the idea of him building something that is going to be a success. Fortunately, being an entrepreneur like Whitney Wolfe brings a lot of freedom when it comes to workplaces.

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Whitney Wolfe’s Dating App

Women can now take full charge of the dating scene thanks to the latest dating app, Bumble. For a long time, women are not treated equally to their male counter parts when it comes to dating. The society expects that a man leads woman follows Men must be the ones on the wheel always. In the process, many have experienced very aggressive, chauvinistic and vulgar men. Most men that turn aggressive can’t take rejection kindly Being. Names like a slut, or a whore are the least of what some women endure in these sites.

However, Bumble threatens to change the dating arena forever. Whitney wolf was sat down by Andrey Andreev, the Russian entrepreneur behind Badoo and he pointed out to her the gap in the dating scene. She had just fallen out with Tinder another dating app. Wolfe wanted to come up with a social app where young people interact and get empowered. Andrey loved the empowerment part and advised Wolfe to incorporate that when coming up with Rumble.

Rumble was born out of the fall out with Tinder and out of Wolfe’s personal experiences in dating. She could not understand why a lady would never be the one to make the first move even in the bar. Rumble seeks to change  perspective. However, Wolfe acknowledges that her app can never be a success without men.

Rumble commands a following of 18 million people. It is a replica of Tinder especially the fun part where one feels like they are playing a game. However, the woman starts the conversation. They take down a connect if the lady does not respond within 24 hours. The app ensures that no one has pseudo accounts and their profiles must match with their face book profiles. Accounts of anyone that turns aggressive are taken down permanently The app records harassment rate of 0.005% Whitney wolf believes that women empowerment should be all round and should begin right from class. She is disturbed by the fact that men crowd the tech industry. She challenges women to take up the roles that men take.

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