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Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg wants passion from those he employs, pride from the product he makes confident that they could build a transformational business, Adam Goldberg and his partner Don Ressler, co-founders of JustFab have set out to reshape fashion ecommerce. Two guys launching a one of a kind fashion company by being able to develop industry leading brands, growing a business and spotting trends, means that both have developed a passion for fashion.

According to Adam Goldenberg, this year is goi to be a big one for the JustFab company. JustFab has been gaining more and more traction since it started in 2010. In addition to raising money ($55 million) in 2014, JustFab’s program has reached a worldwide audience, and is consistently spreading its offerings to include new launches in sportswear. How does Goldenberg credit his success? He says because of the business being primarily metrics driven, he has been able to learn the business quickly and adapt to the changing climate. By catching things that aren’t working right away, Adam Goldenberg says necessary fixes to their business can be made immediately. There is the belief that full transparency works well for their company, and the whole team can benefit strongly from sharing of actual numbers, whether good or bad.

So how have JustFab’s customers help grow the business? Well, according to Adam Goldenberg, customer feedback has played a major part of their success. From price gauging to comparison pricing on different items, customer feedback has given Goldenberg and his team a chance to understand better what customers are willing to pay for and what they are not.

For employees, Adam Goldenberg says he looks for passionate people who are passionate about what they do as well as having a passion for the JustFab brand.

Keeping JustFab relevant is another strong suit of Goldenberg’s. He says that some brands focus too much on time to sell their products as opposed to what they are actually selling. If customers don’t like the product says Goldenberg, then all the time put into having a great website, catchy commercials or social media advertisements could be wasted. He says the JustFab company is proud of their products and that is why members keep coming back for more.

Goldenberg became an entrepreneur at a very young age, starting with Gamer’s Alliance, a network of gaming sites. He started this business at age 15. Afterwards, Goldenberg worked as a COO at Intermix Media. He partnered with Ressler for Intelligent Beauty in 2006 before beginning JustFab in 2010. Source:

Athleisure Apparel: Making A Statement

Athleisure is a growing trend that started in recent years? What is athleisure, you may ask? Well it’s simply athletic leisure wear, more commonly used for athletic wear on Youtube. But somehow in recent years, it’s become far more of a fashion statement. In a recent article, it focuses on the fact that this growing trend isn’t going anywhere, and will continue to grow more popular.

In this article featured on Forbes, it most discusses the fact that athleisure apparel is so incredibly versatile. It’s not just for athletic activities. Dress it up or dress it down, mix it with casual wear, or wear it for comfort. You can wear it to so many different events because it’s become a lifestyle for lots of people. In 2014, records show that two billion dollars was spent by consumers on athleisure apparel and footwear. Only to grow by one percent in 2015, it was clear that the trend isn’t going anywhere. To read more from this article, visit:

You might have seen or heard of a trendy athleisure brand called Fabletics. Kate Hudson is their spokeswoman and co-creator and promotes the brand on many websites, advertisements and even commercials. The idea of Fabletics is to offer athleisure apparel in a variety of styles and patterns but at a reasonable price. Compared to that of their competitors like Nike and LuLuLemon, Fabletics offers so much more for so much less! You can subscribe to receive their athleisure clothing every month- they will deliver it right to your door! Fabletics also has great plans to open up many retail stores within the US so finding these great styles will be even easier.
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Don’t forget that all of the styles featured on Fabletics will not be available at your local stores- everything is made exclusively for their line. Each unique piece is creative, bold, figure flattering and reasonably priced. What’s not to love?! You must check out Fabletics, especially if you’re an athleisure addict!

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Fabletics Announces New Swimwear Line

In a recent article for Elite Daily, Fabletics announced that its new swimwear line is set to launch on April 12. The new swimwear line features options in women’s sizes from XXS to XXL and caters to a variety of different body shapes. Along with a variety of shapes and sizes, the swimwear also features a range of different colors, fabrics, prints and patterns, which are sure to attract customers from all different style preferences. Kate Hudson, one of the co-founders of the brand, said that she is in love with the new swimwear designs because they are so cutting edge and versatile –

What makes the Fabletics swimwear collection stand out from others on the market is that they are made from top quality materials but are not priced at exorbitant prices. Hudson is a strong promoter of the Fabletics line and is excited to debut the new swimwear collection to Fabletics customers.

Thie Youtube channel suggests that Fabletics was founded in 2013 as an online fitness fashion retailer. Since then, it has become a leader in the fitness fashion industry and consistently receives rave reviews from customers. There are new outfits available each month, which are specifically catered to Fabletics’ VIP members’ style preferences.

Fabletics VIP members pay a low price of just $49.95 a month to receive specially curated, cutting edge workout outfits. Upon registering for Fabletics, women take a style quiz, which also includes their unique size and shape preferences for fitness fashion. For their very first purchase, new Fabletics VIP members can snag a complete outfit for only $25, which includes free shipping and hassle free returns and exchanges.

Fabletics allows its members to cancel their memberships at any time by calling the customer service phone line or apply credits from each monthly membership fee towards the next month’s purchase.

Fabletics customers love that there are new outfits available each month and that the designs and prints are always on point with current fitness fashion trends. In fact, Kate Hudson is often spotted wearing many of the Fabletics designs in her everyday life as well as in advertisements for the brand.