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Mike Baur is Determined To Help Young Entrepreneurs Conquer Their Business Ambitions through His Swiss Startup Company

Many individuals purposing to coin startups get engulfed by endless setbacks existing in the market due to natural forces that can be an impeding the advancement of startups. Many entrepreneurs can now confidently invest after many business experts have researched the market and refined and synthesised insightful information which rapidly facilitates the boom of starting businesses. These great business minds that immensely help startups include Mike Baur the founder Swiss Startup.


Background Information


Any entrepreneur who is burning to establish a business or to build a company that will massively grow to shutter the ceilings which are not attained yet will find Swiss Start Up Factory the only ideal destination. Mike Baur is a renowned business innovator who was a banker but shifted to startups accelerations. He has been pivotal to the success of numerous entrepreneurs who wholly incline their business prowess on the strategic advisories from Swiss that will see their startups get fully established. Mike Baur is entirely dedicated to ensure brilliant business ideas materialize and mushroom into big apples.To enhance adequate circulation of the business ideas, Mike Baur has set in place a 3-month program of splendid explanation of challenging activities, strategic planning, pitching of prudent business for funding as well as coming up with functional ideas that can be incubated and hatched into real companies.


Succeeding in Startups


Mike Baur states that moving from a startup idea to the phase of execution has numerous impediments that might either work for or against the growth of your business; therefore, it depends on the accuracy of the course of action you pick. He, however, sells the use of three relevant skills to succeed, to begin with, ground working must be expeditionary done in a manner to broaden the investor network. Secondly, the business must be flexible enough to respond to the advancement of technology promptly. He finalizes that investors must take risks because if they don’t, they will never soar.


Outlining Mike Baur’s General Contribution


Mike has 20 years of banking experience in Swiss; he took advantage to learn about investment accounts genuinely. The Business mogul faithfully served in two banks, UBS where he won praises for his exemplary work as well as Clariden Leu where he exhibited robust management expertise. In 2104 he dropped banking career to execute his passion of helping the young people exploit their business dreams. Baur holds a strong position in Brazil’s emerging market of startups.

Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital on the Proteostasis Therapeutics’ drug

Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital on the Proteostasis Therapeutics’ drug

Be introduced to 33-year-old Sahm Adrangi, the founder, and CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC which is a New York-based company. Kerrisdale Capital is an investment manager that is committed to long-term investments and shares its investment views with the more extensive investment community. He is a generalist who’s investments are value driven. Also, he has worked for Longacre Fund Management LLC, Chain Capital Partners, and Deutsche Bank’s leveraged finance investment banking. He attended the Yale University and received a bachelor of arts in economics.

Sahm Adrangi’s company, Kerrisdale Capital, issued a negative report on Proteostasis Therapeutics and announced a conference-call. Proteostasis Therapeutics is a clinical biopharmaceutical firm and their top drug, PTI-428, focuses on curing the genetic disorder cystic fibrosis. The firm claimed that the drug in some way increased the levels of the messenger RNA and protein consistent with the CFTR gene which malfunctions in people suffering from the disease thus resulting in fatal symptoms. Clinical data show that this drug is ineffectual.

The supposed success of the drug in its proof-of-concept trials emanates from the peculiar underperformance of the 4-person placebo group. Also, people taking the medication hardly improved. Sahm Adrangi and his company believe that the deception of the drug’s performance will fade away. Also, the drug wasn’t able to deliver convincing effectiveness results in a previous trial. Proteostasis had also planned to study on many matters, for example, the patient-reported health satisfaction, it is a mystery how the studies have never been discussed.

Sahm Adrangi’s company believes that Proteostasis has a tendency of doing away with disagreeable and unclear findings. A semi-independent team of researchers carried out an in vitro study on PTI-428, a study which produced alarmingly weak results. Proteostasis did not acknowledge this results. The drug does not work as projected and does to a limited degree anything of value in the world.

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Bob Reina: A Man To Admire

When reading this article about Bob Reina,, it is hard not to be impressed by how well-spoken and intelligent he is. It is clear that he knows exactly what he is doing, how he wants to do it, and how to carry out that mission. Bob Reina is not the type of guy that just shrugs his shoulders or doesn’t know what to do. He has a clear vision and that is why they won two awards in 2016 including the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, which is one of many things Bob Reina is proud of during his tenure at Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion was created and founded by Bob Reina back in 2007, and ten years later, they are still looking for the next big thing. That is the wonderful thing about Bob Reina: he is never content. He is never going to rest on his laurels or think his work is done. He knows his work is just getting started and the best is yet to come. He knows how effective video can be in getting across messages and getting the word out there to people. He knows that businesses, both big and small, rely on Talk Fusion.

That is something that Bob Reina takes to heart, and it is something he puts all of his soul into each and every day. Even though it is written text, it is hard not to tell the passion from reading the interview. That comes across in each and every word. Nothing about it sounds put on or fake, though. It all sounds real and it all sounds from the heart. That is because that is exactly how Bob Reina is as a person and as a CEO to his employees. He knows they have great video chats, video emails, video newsletters, and video conferences.

He is all about helping people spread the word and get it out there to the public. He knows that is how they are going to have the most success and that is how they are going to succeed and stay successful.


The Success of Dick DeVos

One of the most influential families within the United States is the DeVos family, a family that is not only known for their many generous contributions to deserving organizations and foundations across the country, but also a family that has put a lot of time and effort in creating an education initiative to improve the system of education within the United States. The DeVos family is a rich and powerful family that gained their wealthy through hard work. The leader of the family is Richard DeVos, an individual who built the family company from the bottom up and an individual who still continues to be a part of the company even after six decades of hard work.


The company of the DeVos family is known as Amway Corporation, an international business that has a net worth of billions of dollars. Amway Corporation specifically specializes in the sales of household products to many countries outside of the United States. Though Richard DeVos has built and maintained the company, his son has continued to play a major role in growing the company for the future. this individual is Dick DeVos, a hard work man as well as an individual with a business savvy mind and a passion for economics.


Even as a young boy, Dick DeVos knew that he wanted to become a businessman and to follow in the footsteps of his father. Dick DeVos has always associated business with fond memories of growing up where he and his father would spend much time together in the office that was located in the basement of his family home. Dick DeVos even has fond memories of playing with his brother in the office as well as helping out where he could help out. Even before high school, Dick and his brother filed papers or ran errands for employees of the company.


While growing up, Dick DeVos grew an appreciation for business and decided to become a businessman even before high school. By his high school graduation, Dick DeVos was ready to join the business and was ready to help his family business grow in order to also grow the family legacy. In present day, the passion that Dick DeVos has for business has not gone away. With over four decades of business experience, Dick DeVos continues to be a part of the family company and even served as the CEO of the company for a while.



IAP Worldwide Won the U.S Army Distributed Common Ground System Contract

IAP Worldwide Services was excited to announce that it won the US Army Distributed Common Ground System Contract. The announcement, however, did not come as a surprise since the company has been winning lucrative deals and has worked with the US Army before. Some of the services the company is expected to offer include logistics, integrated services, fielding and training support for the System-Army Distributed Common Ground. The company is supposed to start work immediately under the Third Rapid Response contract.

Fulfilling their Mission

IAP Worldwide Services is one company that does not fear challenges, and they’re willing to tackle challenges that are presented to them by clients regardless of how hard the task is. Their primary mission is to ensure that they accomplish the missions of their customers. They have the experience having been on the market, so they know the requirements of their clients. Their response is quick so as to ensure they achieve their goal and save lives.

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A Brief Overview of the US Army Contract

The contract is designed to make sure that there is processing of information, investigation, data posting, monitoring operational weather, surrounding and giving relevant information the US Army. Included is also data processing systems, networking, offering training, accrediting hardware and hardware systems engineering. The agreement is worth $53 million.

The IAP Worldwide Services team of professional has appreciated the contract and the continued support they have always received from the defense force. Brandon Pugsley, who is the director of the IAP Worldwide Information Technology Unit and Intelligence Program, ensured customers that IAP Worldwide would continue providing quality services to their clients so as to make sure they achieve their goal having happy customers.

The IAP Worldwide Services selection by the US army to enter the contract shows that the defense is appreciative of the company services. It indicates that the firm is competent and it will continue offering solutions in the field of aviation, support services ensuring there is the proper provision of national security.

The company has been in the lead in providing a variety of services to a range of clients. Having been in the industry for over 60 years, they are well equipped and experienced to continue offering support services to different originations. The company is above many businesses because of their readiness to deal with any challenge that is presented. Since the company was started, many have appreciated the great support.

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Stephen Left Legacy of Success and Giving

Stephen Murray, longtime CEO of CCMP capital, was a successful philanthropist and CEO. He wasn’t just the CEO of CCMP, he had been there since the beginning. The financial group was a group of people that left J.P. Morgan & Chase Co. The company on mostly focuses on buyouts and investments and are focused on growing equity. He led the firm until his resigned from it in February of 2015. He resigned due to health complications and died one month later.

CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is ranked as one of the top 20 private equity funds in the world. This is strong growth considering the fund has been in existence for just under 10 years. CCMP was originally a part of the bank JP Morgan & Chase until the partners spun out and created their own fund in order to quell any conflict of interest that the fund may have with clients of the bank.

CCMP has actually been around since the early 1980s. It originally called Chemical Venture Partners. It kept this name until it was acquired by Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996. After that, the fund’s name was changed to Chase Capital Partners. The period where it was owned by Chase was when the fund saw the most growth under Murray’s leadership.

The spin out of the fund was really started by Chase’s acquisition of Bank One. Bank One already had their own private equity investment division. It made this fund redundant on and created some conflict of interest so it the partners were forced to spin in out and have it go out on its own. Murray led the fund all through this period until his resignation last year.

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One top of being a great business leader, Murray is also very educated and well-known philanthropist. He received his undergrad degree from Boston College with a major in Economics. He the matriculated at Columbia where received his Master’s in Business Administration. Both of these were assets in his professional career.


His most prominent charity role was to serve as one of the chairmen on the council of the Make a Wish Foundation region of Metro New York City. He also served on the board of trustees of his alma mater, Boston College. He has helped raise money for various food banks and museums in New York City and Connecticut. Murray’s death was a huge loss to the New York City financial and philanthropic communities.

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AHBE Sues Insurance Company over Breach of Contract

AHBE filed a lawsuit against a New Hampshire Insurance Firm believed to be AIG over Ferry settlement. Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment owned by Bruce Levenson is the former ownership group of the Hawks NBA franchise.
On September 13, AHBE filed the lawsuit against the insurance company at the Superior Court in Fulton County. AHBE claims the insurance contract covered losses related to employment practices such as wrongful termination and workplace torts among others. The court documents reveal that AHBE notified AIG on 2 April 2015 that claims had been asserted by Ferry.

AHBE and Ferry reached a buyout agreement on 22 June 2015 ending the six-year relationship worth $18 million. According to Forbes, this undisclosed buyout led to the approval of the sale to the current owner of the Hawks Ressler two days later. A spokesperson of the current Hawk’s ownership went on record to distance themselves from the ongoing court cases claiming the disagreeing parties have no affiliation with the Atlanta Hawks.

The lawsuit filed by AHBE states that AIG failed to acknowledge that a claim was made by AHBE while also failing to recognize that the policy had been triggered. The lawsuit further said that AIG refused to defend the claims or accept coverage during discussions between the former Hawk’s group and Ferry’s counsel; a breach of the insurance policy for failure to cover the losses in the settlement.

About Bruce

Mr. Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is a former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, a professional basketball franchise where he also served as the governor on the NBA board of governors.

Mr. Levenson is a co-founder of United Communications Group, which is an information company that deals with many industries including data, energy, mortgage banking, etc. He is also a founding board member for TechTarget, an IT media company.