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Malcolm CasSelle

CryptoCurrency With Malcolm CasSelle

The undisputed champion of all cryptocurrency merchants is none other than the company known as OPSkins. The leader of that company is Malcolm CasSelle, a gentleman who should need no introduction to those who follow the world of bitcoin and all that entails. Now, Malcolm CasSelle and his company are starting an offshoot company that will act a person-to-person marketplace. The company will be known as Wax.

Wax will specialize in gaming assets that can be purchased with a new technology Malcolm CasSelle has developed. This new technology solves two of the major problems such bitcoin-driven gaming initiatives encounter, those being the issue of fraud and also fragmentation. To deal with this complex issue, Malcolm CasSelle has developed a widget that will allow gamers to purchase or sell all of the virtual goods they need to without actually leaving the gaming screen.

Malcolm CasSelle is no stranger to innovative technology solutions. He began his career all the way back in 1995 when he worked for the company known as NetNoir, where served as Chief Technology Officer. This company was known in the computer world as the first media company which was exclusively focused on the culture of Afrocentrism. It also just happened to be the very first company which was allowed in the then-innovative program known as the AOL Greenhouse Program.

After leaving this company, he served a healthy chunk of time at the Hong Kong-based company known as Capital Union Investments. He served approximately 7 years there. In this role, he managed investments into companies that were considered late-stage web-based businesses. During this same time period, he also had a hand in working with the Groupon-affiliated company known as Ten-Cent, which was an instant-messaging focused company.

With all of this vast experience and undeniable success, it is widely assumed he will carry on the same tradition with his newfound cryptocurrency P2P platform.

Ways that Freedom Checks by Matt Badiali can help you Attain Financial Growth

Matt Badiali introduced freedom Checks after successfully trading in energy stocks in 2008. This form of investment requires the investor to have an initial deposit which generates capital gains periodically. However, freedom checks are restricted to just energy and real estate sectors and are a closely guarded secret. In the listed sectors, the law allows for the creation of master limited partnerships which help generate the intended capital flows. These are private partnerships that are traded publicly. They thus enjoy the benefits of both a partnership and a publicly traded company. They offer tax benefits to the investors as compared to other ventures. It is a requirement that the MLPs must issue more than 90% of the earnings to the investors.

Additionally, the investors are saved from heavy tax burdens. The capital gains are not taxed with taxation only acquiring after the sale of the shares. The tax benefits ensure that most of the earnings go to the investors. Badiali notes that the energy sectors in the USA are staged for better performance in the coming years. The reduction in the level of energy imports and the increase in the demand of energy products imply that the corporations will have a better control of the American country. While the growth of energy companies is also, it is consistent and offers huge prospects to investors.

Past Investments by Matt Badiali

In the past, Matt Badiali has registered significant levels of financial which can be linked to his unique trading strategies using the freedom checks. He is credited for introducing the freedom checks which offers huge prospects to the investors. Matt Badiali made his financial breakthrough in 2008 when he bought many energy stocks and later resold them in 2010. The dealing saw him register more than 4, 400% financial success. It is this success that prompted him to engage in ventures in companies like Jinshan Goldmines, Northern Dynasty Minerals, and Silver Wheaton. In the listed corporations, he has also registered positive financial trends. Matt Badiali holds the view that other investors can attain similar success by adopting his trading concept. He serves as a global financial strategist and has helped many people make viable investment decisions.


Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto: Providing Stellar Leadership at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is one of the most established firms across the globe known for providing excellent healthcare solutions. The company has got its headquarters situated in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Apart from providing managed healthcare facilities, other services here include specialized Medicare programs, networks, and advantageous Medicare plans.


Among other things, InnovaCare Health is in business to ensure that patients are offered quality care. This has been made possible through the firm’s commitment to building and continuously keeping a keen eye on the models they employ. InnovaCare Health has always ensured that they apply some of the most effective and practical models aimed at providing practical solutions.


Excellent leadership present at InnovaCare is a reason as to why the company has realized continued growth over the years. There is an impressive record of leaders who have worked with the company and propelled it to even greater success. Rick Shinto is the first one. Shinto is an educated fellow with a couple of degrees from several universities. He has a BSc from California University in addition to being an author of a couple of healthcare and clinical medicine journals. For more details visit



Rick Shinto has got more than two decades of operational healthcare and clinical experience. He’s currently the Head of InnovaCare Health though he worked as the CEO of Aveta Inc. although the company was sold in 2012. Other places where he has worked include NAMM California, Chief Medical Officer at Cal Optima Health, and the Medical Management for Medical Partners as a Vice President.




Penelope Kokkinides




Penelope is another person known for excellent leadership that she has brought to InnovaCare Health. Her education and subsequent roles are some of the aspects that have transformed her to become one of the most desirable leaders. For more details visit Crunchbase.




She has a public health master’s degree from the Columbia University School of Public Health and another one in social work attained from NYU. She also holds classical languages and biological bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University.




Penelope joined InnovaCare Health way back in 2015. Currently, she acts as the firm’s Chief Administrative Officer. Before joining InnovaCare Health, she was the COO of Aveta In.c and vice president on matters relating to clinical operations.




Penelope has extensive years of experience in the field of managed healthcare. She had previously worked for AmeriChoice, Touchstone Health, and Centerlight HealthCare holding several positions of leadership. In fact, much of InnovaCare Health success is traceable to excellent leadership executed by Penelope Kokkinides.


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Sheldon Lavin’s Dedication to building a world-class food processor at OSI Industries

With years of experience, Sheldon Lavin is one of the most prominent executives in the American food industry. For several years, Sheldon has been overseeing the day-to-day operations of OSI Group while also doubling as its Chairman. OSI Group is a multinational holding company of meat processors headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, U.S. Otto Kolschowsky started the company as a family butcher shop in 1909 in Oak Park, Illinois. The company was initially known as Otto & Sons.

The company’s presence started to grow as it secured deals from renowned food retailers such as the McDonalds. It was in 1975 that the name was changed to OSI Group. The company has continued to grow and expand its operations not only in the U.S but also across the world. Currently, the firm serves clients in over 17 countries across the globe. Pizza Hut, Subway, and Starbucks are some of the companies (clients) OSI deals with.

Sheldon Lavin, who joined the firm in the 1970s back when it was still known as Otto & Sons, has played a key role in facilitating growth. He did this by incorporating a wide variety of strategies that helped OSI Group expand into North America, Europe, and Taiwan between the 1970s and 80s. As proof of his impeccable work and commitment to grow OSI Group, the firm has bagged numerous sustainability and environmental awards under his leadership. For instance, in 2007, OSI Group won the International Safety Award. This was awarded to them by the British Safety Council.

Recently, under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, OSI Food Solutions Spain (a branch under OSI Group) successfully expanded its operations in Spain. With a new high capacity production line, OSI Foods Solutions Spain is now able to process 24000 tons of chicken which is double what it could handle previously. Since the workload increased, so did the demand for labor. It, in turn, led to the creation of new jobs in the firm.

To grow, even more, OSI Group recently announced that David McDonald, the current president would take over the position of C.O.O of the firm. It is a big deal for David McDonald considering that he joined the firm as an intern to Sheldon Lavin.

Through his hard work, David has been able to rise in ranks in the company. It is evident that David McDonald, at his current position, will bring in new ideas to help take the OSI Group to the next level.

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Multi-Millionaire Vinod Gupta Takes Steps To Close India’s Educational Gender Gap

Founder and General Partner of Everest Capital Partners, Inc., Vinod Gupta is a businessman who went from a small-town Indian boy to a successful multi-millionaire. After earning his Master’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, he started his own business centered around database technology. 38 years and multiple name changes later, he finally sold InfoGroup for $680 million. Read more about Vinod Gupta on Forbes’ 2018 “World’s Billionaires” list includes Vinod and Anil Rai Gupta.


Gupta cites his extensive education as the source of his success in the business realm. Because of this, he sees it as his own personal duty to use his wealth in order to provide educational opportunities to those who may be underprivileged. Though he does not find happiness in his fortune alone, Gupta has said that he finds satisfaction and motivation through using his own wealth for the benefit of others. Learn more about Vinod and his company Here.


Notably, Gupta donated $1 million to help develop a women’s polytechnic school in his hometown. Through this school, many women were able to receive a postgraduate degree within 24 months. He has also donated money to aid in developing a school for girls in his hometown. India has a long history of gender inequality, so women are not often given the same educational opportunities as men. With the establishment of two schools for women, Vinod Gupta has helped to close the educational gender gap that has persisted throughout India’s history.


Gupta has made many charitable contributions to existing universities as well. He has used some of his fortune to establish the first business school and law school under the Indian Institute of Technology. He also set up scholarship funds at the University of Nebraska and at George Washington University. Over the last two decades, Gupta has used over $50 million from his own wealth in facilitating educational advancements.