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GM Insurance Case Drags On For Bruce Levenson

Former Atlanta Hawks owner and member of the NBA Board of Governors Bruce Levenson has recently been forced to begin court proceedings on behalf of his former Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment consortium over an unpaid insurance claim. The success of the Hawks during Levenson’s ownership from 2004 to 2015 resulted in general manager Danny Ferry being rewarded with a six year $18 million contract signed in 2012; Ferry and the Hawks agreed to the mutual termination of the contract two days prior to the June 2015 sale of the Hawks by Levenson’s group.

Bruce Levenson is well known for the amazing rise of the Hawks franchise he took from last place in 2004 to the number one seed for the NBA playoffs in his final season of ownership; however, Levenson also worked hard to turn the Hawks into an important part of the charitable work completed by the NBA during his time in charge. Despite his career as the founder and head of United Communications Group the Maryland born business person found time to work with the Hoop Dreams and I Have A Dream charitable groups.

The founder of the GasBuddy app and TechTarget business has also played a key role in many causes relating to his Jewish faith, including his campaigning to fund the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. In a bid to bring peace to Israel and the Middle East Bruce Levenson joined with a number of prominent Jewish business people to call on Israel to work towards handing back land in a bid for future peace.

Despite details of the case brought by Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson’s lawyers remaining largely private, lawyers for the former Hawks ownership have revealed they believe they have shown claims have been made that are covered by the terms of the policy the owners held with AIG.