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Some Company Reviews of NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a program that airs bimonthly on AMC and the ION Network in the US. Unlike other news sources like BBC World News or CNN, the channel focuses on news related to entertainment, technology, consumer, travel, and health, rather than current domestic or international events. Produced by Bridge Communications, the channel is present in all 20 of the top US markets and has won various awards including the Telly Awards, the Videographer Awards, and the MarCom Awards.

The show has two hosts and includes reviews of various products like the latest iPhone, bicycle locks, and the cloud services for businesses. The hosts and other members of the show provide their review of various technological products, among other information.

Many businesses have been helped after being featured on the show. Avanca, a Dutch mobile technology accessories company, was raising money via Indiegogo, and used NewsWatch to help promote themselves. After having their company highlighted during a segment, both on TV and online, their crowdfunding campaign received a tremendous boost. Rather than just reaching the initial $10,000 goal, they greatly exceeded it, raising over $450,000 in 30 days.

Another company that has seen great success after a NewsWatch review is Contour Designs. The company sells ergonomic workstation products for businesses and following a segment on the show, sales spiked for their product the Ultimate Workstation. They enjoyed the quality of the video, according to their Marketing Product Manager Bret Hudson, and were able to reach the large audience that NewsWatch has access to.

American cell phone company, Saygus, had similar results when they were featured on NewsWatch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Sales spiked after that exposure, and just like Avanca’s experience, the Indiegogo campaign they had been using to raise $1 million, ended up raising $1.3 million.

Is Upwork For You?

Upwork is an online marketplace that allows freelancers in areas such as writing, website creation, and graphic design, to connect with potential customers while building their resumes. This network offers a unique avenue for those who are new to their fields, as valuable experience can be accrued, without the rigors of cold pitching or unwanted solicitation. While the amount earned initially may seem to be compromised, understanding the inner workings of the program will allow you to take full advantage of the marketplace.

There are several important steps that need to be taken, that will allow the user to maximize their potential with Upwork, including creating a robust profile, connecting with legitimate employers, and setting your price in order to begin the journey. Properly setting up one’s profile is imperative, as it essentially acts as an online resume. When filling out this section, it is important to honestly and accurately detail your skill set, as failure to deliver on a particular job could result in the status of your account being affected. In order to find employers, you will utilize Upwork’s digital currency, Connects. When using a free account, you are given 60 connects each month, making it necessary to choose your customers wisely. If you decide to submit a proposal to a client, ensure that you include your fee, any answers to the client’s listed questions, and an introductory letter that details your background and services. A thorough profile will increase the chances of attracting clients, which allows you to garner work without using your Connects. When searching for adequate jobs, learning the history of the company regarding their practices can go a long way. Once an order is filled and completed, each party will give the other a score based on the five-star system.

Upwork’s fee will change based on how much money you earn over time. “On the first $500 earned from an individual client, you incur a 20% service charge,” but this figure will decrease to 5% once the $10,000 mark is reached. You have the option to get paid hourly, or to bring home a fixed rate, but Upwork’s fees are the same.


ClassDojo Provides Modern Learning Opportunities for Students

Things could be looking up for Ad Tech entrepreneurs. Compared to 2016, 2018 ushers a successful era for technology entrepreneurs. Ad tech advertising is the new thing in town hence most entrepreneurs are leaning towards making money from the business. Even so, there are challenges linked to it as it. Reports indicate that edtech investments are likely to hit below the set $1.5 billion budget. Budget from the federal education will face a cut off in 2018. This does not mean that entrepreneurs should withhold their capital. In fact, this is a better chance for them to be optimistic. Caution is, however, a requirement.

Background Look

In 2017, edtech entrepreneurs reaped massive revenues in certain industries. A good example is the coding tool called littleBits. This business won the star of the year award at the National Principal’s Conference. Nearpod, an adaptive startup utilized in learning bagged an award as well. TechCrunch supported Nearpod’s business to the point of it making $21 million.

Investing In Ad Tech

Ad tech Investment demands exploration, especially when looking for safe dockets to put your money in. Last year, most entrepreneurs developed interest in Classcraft. This is a gamification platform. Classcraft closed the year at $2.8 million. From the stories, these businesses share a common platform that offers learning opportunities for kids. Although it sounds simple to comprehend, educators have set higher standards.

Solution to Learning Problems

Teachers need actual solutions to problems. These programs only provide learning opportunities for students. To comprehend the real challenges teachers face, Sam Chaudhary of ClassDojo has initiated a program to address the issues. He listens to teachers and provides instant solutions throughout the learning process.


ClassDojo is a communications program that promotes learning through technology. The software promotes interaction between teachers, parents, and students. ClassDojo allows teachers to track the behavior of students by uploading photos and videos. It is a gamification platform that teaches developmental skills via real-time feedback. What is more, ClassDojo is easy to comprehend as it has been translated into about 35 languages. About 180 countries utilize this learning tool. For students and teachers, ClassDojo provides modern learning opportunities.

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