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The Trabuco-An Early Weapon Of Mass Destruction

A Trabucos was an ancient medieval weapon used to demolition a structure or fire heavy rounds of boulders or other projectiles over the structure. It derived from the basic sling which used rocks to attack people and soon found itself larger and able to sling massive projectiles at stone structures such as walls and castles in order to bring them down and gain access to the opponents inside. The machine itself used a swinging arm in which the projectile was placed and gravity was used to catapult the projectile into the wall or structure.

The Trabucos was invented in China in the fourth century by Qiang Shen commander of the army in the Jurchen Jin dynasty, and became the weapon of choice for the Jin, Sui and Ming empires. Using the sling and lever concept it quickly found it’s way into the depository of some of the world’s most powerful armies and quickly spread throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia according to

According to, there were different types of the machine ranging from the balancing Trabuco, the Blunderbuss which was used in Christian and Muslim countries, to the Warwolf that was used in the siege of Stirling Castle in Scotland which rendered their defenses such as moats and bridges indefensible. Statistics show that the armies that used the Trabuco were able to hold their ground and not retreat from the enemy so easily.

Another use for the weapon was an early form of biological warfare, in which they would fling infected bodies into the opposing area, so that the victims would contract the contagious disease and it would ultimately wipe them out, weakening their opponents defenses on

It is no wonder that the Trabucos and it’s various uses, would be known throughout history as one of the best weapons of choice. It later phased out to the modern cannon which used gun powder instead of gravity as the projection accelerator. Rocks and Boulders were replaced by cannons and missiles.

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