Betsy DeVos Wants American Children To Have The Education They Deserve

Many people know the Betsy DeVos who is now the Secretary of Education for the United States. They also know her as an entrepreneur and billionaire who has helped the business community of Grand Rapids, Michigan for a long time. What many people don’t know about Mrs. DeVos is that she has been working for many years to improve the offerings of the educational system of the U.S. She has watched as many low income citizens get the shaft when it comes to sending their kids to a school they believe in. The problem is that public funds, in most cases, only cover the costs of public schooling for American children.


Betsy DeVos is very aware that there are many other options that are being ignored. She, herself, received her education from a private Christian high school when she was younger, and she also attended Calvin College, which is a private Christian college. It is her belief, and the belief of many others, that Americans should have the freedom to send their children to the schools they want them to attend. As it is now, most private and charter schools are way to expensive for the average American family. While the wealthy have plenty of options, the poor seem to have few, to almost none.


Betsy DeVos was taken aback when her husband, Dick DeVos, and herself became more involved with Potter’s House Christian School some years back. There, they met plenty of families who loved to be able to send their kids to the school. The children were excelling, but DeVos became distraught when she found out that many of the families were barely making ends meet to be able to afford to send their kids there. This is where her mission started, and she began by donating money to pay for the tuition of certain children who came from economically challenged families.


Betsy DeVos has continued to fight for the rights of every American and has now worked hard to see educational choice legislation passed in many states. In recent years, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida have joined the states that are supporting educational freedom to a higher degree, and DeVos hopes more will join in. While the educational choice movement continues to be, mistakenly, painted as a movement that will benefit the rich, those who are in the know understand that it is quite the opposite. Thanks to Betsy DeVos, more and more American families can relax as their kids receive the education they deserve.


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