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Anthony Petrello initiates the first Neurological research center in Texas

Many people who know Anthony Petrello most probably recognize him for his input in the business sector. He is the Chief Executive Office of the leading oil and gas drilling company in the whole world known as Nabors Industries. Anthony Petrello joined the firm in 1991 as the chief operating officer of the mining firm. Since joining the company, he has been at the forefront in shaping the destiny of this firm.

By the time he joined it, it was never the biggest mining firm in the world. His role in the firm has been pivotal for the achievements it has realized so far. Since taking over as the CEO, the firm has recorded tremendous growth. It has been able to expand its business operations to all corners of the world. Today Nabors Industries has mining operations in America, Far East, Middle East and Africa. Nabors Industries has established itself as the number one provider of drilling services as well as the provider of best drilling rigs in the market.

Although his work at Nabors has had him receive accolades from all over, probably what is his shining moment currently is his role as a philanthropist. His charitable initiatives have far-reaching implications in terms of improving lives of people, especially those children suffering from neurological diseases. His contribution towards the establishment of the Neurological Research Center at the Texas Children’s Hospital has been one of its kind. Anthony together with his wife contributed $5 million towards its establishment with a promise of adding $2 million into the same project.

The Texas Neurological Research Center will go a long way in ensuring that children who suffer from Neurological related diseases are able to get proper medical care that will see them live like other healthy human beings. The research center is expected to come up with top-notch methods of treatment. The research center has incorporated some of the world’s best surgeons and doctors to ensure that this dream is accomplished.

This Research center is very personal to the lives of Petrello and his wife. They underwent a very challenging situation when their daughter was diagnosed with neurological disorder right after she was born. Their daughter was suffering from a condition known s Cerebral Palsy. They went around looking for the best medical facilities in the United States but they could not get a solution for the problem their daughter was suffering from. It is at this point that Petrello realized that there was limited research in this field. He then decided to focus his efforts towards establishment of a research center that would take care of these little ones.

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Goettl Air Condition Expands to New and Exciting Territory

Goettl Air Conditioning has a long history of great customer service and fair pricing. The company was founded in 1932 by two brothers Adam and Gust Goettl who came up with the first evaporative cooling system and the first refrigerated air conditioner. That was very popular in the arid desert areas of Arizona. Over the years, Goettl had become the epitome of heating and air conditioning sales and service.

Several generations of families came to know Goettl as their trusted and reliable heating and air conditioning company. However during the nineties the company came upon hard times, largely because they had been purchased by a national management company who did not share quite the good servicing ethic that had been a staple for years.

In 2013 the company was purchased by Ken Goodrich who had made a career of revitalizing companies who were on the slide. He was able to retire a large debt that Goettl had incurred and he got the company back to its original form. Trustworthiness, reliability, top of the line service and excellent products became the order of the day under Goodrich.

Customers are thrilled with the Goettl Maintenance program where for just $12 per month they receive an annual checkup for both their heating and air conditioning units, discounts on parts and service, and an emergency service no matter what the season is. Goodrich has also put into place a 100 percent guarantee on all sales, service and parts. If the customer is not totally satisfied the job will be done until it is right by the customer. For more details visit

The BizJournal has written a nice article about the recent acquisition by Goettl of Walton’s Heating and Air in Southern California. Already in Phoenix, Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada, the new location in Southern California presents all kinds of opportunity for both companies.

Todd Longbrake, owner of Walton’s stated that the growth of the family-owned company had progressed just about as far as possible with just his efforts. Since the acquisition by Goettl, the company has grown ten times what it was before. Walton’s is very heavy in commercial HVAC while Goettl has been mainly focused on residential sales and service. Goodrich thinks so much of Longbrake that he made Longbrake Sales Manager and Field Supervisor.

The joining of the two companies has been a marriage made in heaven as the growth of both firms has been astounding. Customers tell the tale as satisfaction is at an all-time high for both units.

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