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Why Securus Technologies Is Making the Desired Changes in the Telecommunication Field

Finding a clear communication channel has been a major problem that has been affecting many people globally. Countries have also tried to invest in telecommunication industry with a bid to outstand the ever-changing digital migration that has been taking over the world. Thus has been one sure way that has made many people to develop interest in the development of more secure communication equipment. Securus Technologies is a company that has been in existence for long and has been providing the criminal justice with secure line of communication. This has seen increased public interest in the types of communication channel used as it is more secure compared to other forms. The company is headquartered in Texas and recently received accreditation from Better Business Bureau. This is to satisfy that it has met all the legal, social and operational standards that and scored exceptionally well to be awarded the certificate. Securus Technologies has invested in different fields that have ensured the company to succeed in the areas of public participation. For instance, they have built trust among members of the public by providing a good work record with good results.

The company also ensure that all the information going on the ground is trustworthy. As such, they have built public confidence as they deliver on whatever goals they intend to partake. The company operates transparently by knowing the location, owner and nature of any given business. This has helped the company a greater deal in finding the required information about any business. Securus Technologies has been investing in experienced and professional staff that have been providing faster and are responsive to any given situation. Though this, the company has ensured that any compliant or compliment made by customers is received and dealt with faster. The company also works extra hard to safeguard the privacy of information which makes it ideal for communication.


Bright Prospects for Partnership Between Capital Group Companies and Samsung Asset Management

In October 2015, a strategic partnership deal was struck between Capital Group Companies and Samsung Asset Management (SAM). Capital Group deals in asset and portfolio management for investors and is among the largest investment firms in the world. It manages assets worth 1.4 trillion dollars. On the other hand, Korean-based Samsung Asset Management is the leading asset manager in the Asian country with over 166 billion dollars in AUM.

Significant Aspects of the Deal

The partnership aims at co-developing asset allocation products and retirement solutions. This will subsequently build SAM’s investment capability while increasing Capital Group’s market diversification. The collaboration will focus on four key issues: investment management processes, product management, distribution channel support, and retirement solutions.

To comprehend Capital’s active management style, SAM’s associates and managers will take scheduled study trips to gather first-hand knowledge and experience on investment management tactics. On the other hand, Capital Group will utilize SAM’s multiple distribution pathways to channel its various products to the Asian market. This business relationship will include training that touches on asset management and how to understand client needs.

The two companies are confident that the mutually beneficial deal will grow their business interests. Sung-hoon Koo, CEO of Samsung Asset Management, acknowledged Capital Group’s in-depth mastery in retirement solutions for both individuals and institutions. Tim Armour was optimistic that the demand for savings, investment, and retirement products would increase in the coming years particularly in Korea.

Timothy Armour’s Thoughts on the Partnership deal

During the launch, Tim Armour concluded that Capital Group’s aim was to build investment alternatives worthy of satisfying the retirement, insurance, and savings needs of Koreans. He further mentioned that they would incorporate “The Capital System” (a philosophy that Capital Group employs while delivering its services to long-term investors) in their product development.

About Timothy Armour

Timothy D. Armour is the Chief Executive Officer and current Chairman of Capital Group. Tim assumed this position after the death of his predecessor and former chairman, Jim Rothenberg. He is also the Principal Executive Officer, Director, and Chairperson of Capital Research and Management Company. Additionally, he manages Equity Portfolios at Capital Group.

Tim became part of the Capital Group Companies team in 1983 as a participant in The Associates Program and later served as an Equity Investment Analyst. He now has over three decades of experience in the field. Tim attended Middlebury College where he acquired his degree in Economics.


WEN By Chaz Features Nature’s Finest Ingredients–No Damaging Chemicals

Hair coloring is a big deal, especially for women here in the United States. According to the research, back in 1950, only about 7 percent of women colored their hair, but by 2015, it was up to about 75%.

Those are huge numbers, and then there is highlighting and bleaching, too. We, as women, enjoy switching it up, and hair coloring happens to be one of the beauty game changers, despite the damage it contributes to our crowning glory.

That’s why conditioning is enormously important to those of us who like to dye and touch up our roots. Most of us are not willing to let our natural roots fly, so the best thing we can do is pamper our locks constantly.

If you believe the current drugstore or even high-end conditioners you’re using are building healthy strands, you might want to re-consider that thought.

Most conditioners available are full of chemicals that only eventually weaken the hair, dry it out and dull it with a rough texture. Two of the popular chemicals blended into your shampoos and conditioners feature sulfates, SLS and SLES.

Wen is the amazing and healthy alternative. There are zero sulfates in the brand’s unique cleansing conditioners. These incredible 5-in-1 bottles act as a shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner and stay-in conditioner. They smell beautiful in scents like Lavender, Pomegranate and others. Plus, the ingredients are natural, featuring cherry bark, chamomile, calendula, etc. These are luxurious formulas that put the bounce, shine and oomph back into hair.

Chaz Dean is the CEO and founder of WEN, and he developed the brand from having a wealth of experience. He leads an holistic lifestyle and wanted to create a no lather shampoo system to nourish hair, away from toxic chemical additives.

A-list tresses begin at WEN. Wen products are available online at the website, and



Likable President of TDL Global Ventures has an Inspiring Business Past:

Anyone that has a flair in the financial field or is interested in becoming a loan originator; or even a house-rehabber finds much inspiration in the business life of financially adroit: Todd Lubar. Todd is currently President of TDL Global Ventures.


He, at one time was known as one of the country’s best Mortgage Originators: Quite a title–particularly knowing that the Mortgage industry is quite competitive. It seems to be Lubar style: that wherever he goes–he knows how to “shake the money tree.” Knowing Lubar is knowing his profile.


Todd stated that early on: he knew he wished to head in the direction of mortgage loan and real estate. He did so: and was highly successful at it.


Lubar possesses an encouraging attitude–he wishes to put his best foot forward–which for Lubar–is the one he has available. He believes in brightening the day of everyone he meets. This kind of handsome spirit is highly motivational.


The professional profile of Todd follows:


Besides his current involvement as President of TDL Global Ventures–LLC, Todd holds the post of Sr. Vice-President of Legendary Investments.


Todd came on board at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995 and worked at the organization until 1999. He began working for Legacy Financial in 1999. The latter corporation is based in Arlington, Texas. Todd expanded the Maryland operations significantly: to the tune of 100 million dollars a year in loan volume.


Todd began rehabbing houses in 2002. The name of the rehabbing organization was Legendary Properties–LLC. Technically, Legendary Properties is a residential development company. Todd, during his tenure as a successful rehabber was able to turn over two hundred properties. The properties ranged from that of single-family units to multi-family properties, comprised of twenty units.


He worked for Charter Funding beginning in 2005 until 2007. The mortgage industry went through a transformation, so to speak, in 2007. He made the decision to focus on purchase money mortgage origination, during this point-in-time. He provided loan origination services, during the time-period, by way of Priority Financial Services.


The purchase money mortgage is relative to a mortgage that is issued to the borrower by the individual selling his residence, as part of the purchasing transaction. The preceding is precisely equivalent to seller or owner financing. This type of transaction occurs when the purchaser is unable to properly qualify for a mortgage by means of provincial banks and lenders. Since, the mortgage industry was in such a topsy-turvy mode: Todd smartly recognized that traditional lenders, everywhere, were challenged in providing the public with mortgage loans. The purchase money loan arrangement, during this point and time, undoubtedly, made the most sense.


Regardless, Lubar’ heart remains with the mortgage banking industry. As stated, he ranked in the top 25 originators in the country for many years running.


Todd currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland. He is proud of his two exceptional children. Todd likes spending quality family time with his children. He, as well, enjoys travel. He mentions that his on-going goal is to become a better person each and every day. He knows when he does so: he provides quality to the lives of other persons, too.


The Innovative Hair Cutting Tools From Donald Scott NYC

Most people would not think of a straight razor as a precision cutting tool, but it is actually better for cutting hair than a scissors. This is why razors have been the tool of choice for cutting the coarse hair of beards and legs. The fine edge of a razor allows it to cut hair in a more exact manner to keep the ends from splitting. This is extremely useful when cutting hair in different lengths to shape or add body to a style. Today’s professional hair stylists use innovative tools such as those from Donald Scott NYC, made with straight razors for precision cutting.


When it comes to using top of the line hair styling tools, the line from Donald Scott NYC includes several types of cutting tools made with straight razors. The carving comb wide version has a wide comb on one end and a double sided cutting tool on the other. This provides the stylist with better control when cutting hair that is thick or curly. The Donald Scott NYC chop stik pro is perfectly balanced so it can easily glide through hair to section it. This perfectly weighted tool is ideal for creating layered looks on dense hair.

Carving Comb from WPRNY on Vimeo.