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How You Can Use Online Reputation Management To Create A Positive Image

The smart businessman will not wait until a reputation crisis strikes before he sets out to build and repair his reputation on the web. There is a saying in online reputation management. The longer you wait in building up your online reputation and the longer you delay in responding to a crisis, then the longer and more expensive it will be to end up fixing it. So take a proactive approach to online reputation management and keep the following things in mind.

Don’t just think that online reputation management is just about ensuring you have a positive image. You can use both the positive and negative feedback you get from clients to optimize your business processes and practices. What we mean here is that you use customer input to improve your business products and services. The best way as suggests is to have a good reputation is to have satisfied clients who will leave positive reviews on their own accord. This goes without saying.

Today customers want a rapid response to their inquiries and problems. If you cannot address a customer’s need right away, then at least provide them with a confirmation or automated response of some sort that says their message will be responded to as soon as possible. Ignoring or not responding to customer complaints or issues is a recipe for potential online reputation disaster. If you have a social media presence, then you should find ways to respond through that channel. Remember customers do not like to be ignored by any company.

Good reputation management practices involve monitoring the web for reviews and content posted about yourself, your employees and your firm. If you know what is being posted about your company, then you can better address any issues or concerns. Look for content on review sites like Yelp or an industry specific one such as for hotels or restaurants if you are in those industries. Do a Google search on your brand and see what comes up. If you are not happy with the result then take action to change the results.

Search engine optimization is another key component to online reputation management. Any new content as well as existing content should be optimized to ensure it ranks high and is visible to people on the web. You can also use legal measures to take down false and slanderous content, but beware that this can sometimes be lengthy and costly.


Anthony Petrello: Powerful Executive and Devoted Father

Sometimes people make snap judgments about the character of CEOs. These business leaders are influential people who always get their way. The assumption is most of these upper-class elites don’t give two seconds of thought to ordinary working class folks. They don’t understand real life problems.

The wealthy are the ones who get everything handed to them without doing anything to earn it. CEO’s have the freedom to enjoy amazing carefree lives where nothing ever goes wrong or becomes painful.

Meet Anthony Petrello, regarded as one of the most powerful men in the oil industry. Petrello currently serves as CEO and President of Nabors Industries, a famous company that provides a wide variety of services to the oil and gas sector.

Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 as COO and in time became President, CEO, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and the Chairman of the Board. Anthony says his success as CEO and President of Nabors Industries was more luck than talent but people who know him best state he earned everything he has by working hard.

Sometimes even with luck and hard work on your side life will still throw you a curve. Meet Carena Petrello, the daughter of Anthony and Cindy Petrello. The baby girl was born early and weighed in at just over a pound. Doctors diagnosed her with periventricular leukomalacia, or PVL, a disease common among premature infants.

PVL occurs when blood and oxygen don’t flow correctly to the brain causing neurological problems. Carena developed cerebral palsy. It is easy for families to fall apart in these situations; however, the Petrello’s did what all committed, loving people do, they got busy helping their daughter.

These parents of a child facing a life of significant challenges went a step further. They began learning all they could about the diseases like cerebral palsy, and helped others by donating several million dollars to the neurological research center at Texas Children’s Hospital where CEO Anthony “Tony” Petrello also serves on the Board of Trustees and Advocates for people with neurological issues.



Davos REG hopes to wow its clients with its new mobile application

The real estate market in the country is set for a major improvement. This time, the Davos Real Estate Group (Davos REG) is the game changer. The firm’s clientele is set to benefit from Davos Cap Calculator, a mobile application that the executive team of the firm, led by CEO David Osio, recently presented.

Being one of the subsidiaries under Davos Financial Group, Davos REG has over the years strived to improve its services. Davos Financial Group is an international company, with huge influence in Venezuela and Latin America, which aims at generating and tailoring investment strategies to suit the needs of their clients. It heavily puts into consideration the regulations that are in place, and also combines premium products so as to execute its services.

Each subsidiary has an Executive Director, and Gerard Gonzalez is the ED for Davos REG. Him, together with a bunch of IT specialists, had been working on Davos Cap Calculator for 6 months prior to its release. With the mobile application, Gonzalez states that Davos REG hopes to help clients estimate how their assets are appreciating, putting into consideration the expenses associated.

With the mobile app, one would be able to easily identify properties, and generate reports while directly forwarding them to their agent representative at Davos through an interactive chat. Furthermore, the app lets one estimate the best rent price they could charge so as to hit the income they project. Another important feature is the Mortgage calculator, which will consider the bank’s projections, the rate of interest, and the funding period, to estimate the mortgage of the client.

As at now, the mobile app is only available for the android and iOS platforms, although Gonzalez mentions that they are looking forward to improving the app’s capability to handle other platforms. This is not the only development the company had been working on at the time the app was launched. Davos REG’s Executive Director explains that the company has also been looking to develop strategic partnerships with international firms that are in the same field as them. The main target then was Spain, as the company hoped to expand its borders.


About David Osio

Mr. David is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group. Under the group are a bunch of independent companies that all work towards a common goal. It is through each subsidiary that Osio has offered specialized services involving financial situations. The various companies have been divided into broad categories which include: Banking services, asset management, and corporate Planning.

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The Vintner’s Effect on the UK Wine Industry

For years, many countries have developed a wine-taking culture. Wines were and are still a great part of people’s celebratory festivals. Over the years, some people have developed business around the making, sale and distribution of wines across regions. Vintners can best be described as wine makers. They play a very important role in the UK wine industry. Vintners are responsible for ensuring good wine quality by assessing the maturity of grapes to determine the proper harvesting time. They also monitor the crushing and fermentation of the grape material. They then taste the wine and placing it in storage to enhance it and thereafter they manage its bottling to ensure that quality is maintained.

Buying wine from vintners is cheaper than buying from supermarkets. The vintners are very helpful especially when purchasing wine in large amounts. Most vintners have sale offers online and even in their market stores. One can choose to purchase online or go to their stores to make the orders. However, when one chooses to stick to a specific vintner, it is only wise that they obtain a membership card in order to obtain better deals.

For example The Vintner offers a membership club for its regular clients called the vault club. People only need to consult a sale person to get enrolled into the club. Thereafter, they have to create an account and make regular payments into it. The money collected is used to make wine purchases in the company. As a member, one enjoys better prices and a discount that other clients do not. Such membership is very ideal for people who buy wine from the same vintner regularly. Many of the vintners offer free delivery for purchases that exceed a certain amount.

The vintners also offer other customer services that are related to buying wine. For instance, The Vintner offers wine tasting for people looking to purchase the wines. In the case where one is hosting an event such as a wedding and they do not know exactly what to order, they assist them to decide. They also help to calculate the amount of wine needed depending on the number of guests and operate with the person’s budget to offer them the best wine package. The Vintners have helped the wine industry greatly. In UK, the wine industry is now bigger and with better quality while offering a bigger variety of wine than before. They focus on the quality of the wine they sell thus changing the operation methods of the old age merchants who only concentrated on quantity.

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The Success of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an individual who is known for his accomplishments as not only a father, a businessman, but also as a philanthropist who has spent much time and effort on helping others within the D.C. area who are less fortunate. Bruce Levenson has always believed that success is not only attributed to the amount of revenue that is generated, but is also attributed to what is done with the generated money. Bruce Levenson has always been a supporter of philanthropy and according to PR News, has inspired not only his employees, but also his family members to become more involved within the D.C. community. As an individual who came from a traditional Jewish family, Bruce Levenson has spent much time and effort within the Holocaust museum and has donated money in order to preserve the memories of those who have been lost. As an individual who grew up in a traditional family, Bruce Levenson has been able to mix together tradition with a little bit of modernization.

As a prominent businessman, Bruce Levenson is well respected in the business community. In recent news, Bruce Levenson has expressed concern against one insurance company in particular that is now being sued due to a breach in contract. Bruce Levenson has decided to sue this insurance company due to the fact that the crimes that have been committed have been in bad faith and that the insurance company should pay for the losses of the clients of the company. As the co-owner as well as the co-founder of a successful company known as the United Communications Group, Bruce Levenson believes in providing relevant information to individuals who would otherwise not have access to it. In a report by ESPN, this lawsuit will be pursued in order to inform clients of the insurance company of the dangers that are associated that will soon be resolved.

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The Success of Dick DeVos

One of the most influential families within the United States is the DeVos family, a family that is not only known for their many generous contributions to deserving organizations and foundations across the country, but also a family that has put a lot of time and effort in creating an education initiative to improve the system of education within the United States. The DeVos family is a rich and powerful family that gained their wealthy through hard work. The leader of the family is Richard DeVos, an individual who built the family company from the bottom up and an individual who still continues to be a part of the company even after six decades of hard work.


The company of the DeVos family is known as Amway Corporation, an international business that has a net worth of billions of dollars. Amway Corporation specifically specializes in the sales of household products to many countries outside of the United States. Though Richard DeVos has built and maintained the company, his son has continued to play a major role in growing the company for the future. this individual is Dick DeVos, a hard work man as well as an individual with a business savvy mind and a passion for economics.


Even as a young boy, Dick DeVos knew that he wanted to become a businessman and to follow in the footsteps of his father. Dick DeVos has always associated business with fond memories of growing up where he and his father would spend much time together in the office that was located in the basement of his family home. Dick DeVos even has fond memories of playing with his brother in the office as well as helping out where he could help out. Even before high school, Dick and his brother filed papers or ran errands for employees of the company.


While growing up, Dick DeVos grew an appreciation for business and decided to become a businessman even before high school. By his high school graduation, Dick DeVos was ready to join the business and was ready to help his family business grow in order to also grow the family legacy. In present day, the passion that Dick DeVos has for business has not gone away. With over four decades of business experience, Dick DeVos continues to be a part of the family company and even served as the CEO of the company for a while.