An Award for Excellence

The online reputation management firm is an industry that has been growing over time as the growth in the internet has been exponentially growing due to the active presence of users and the necessity for many individuals to have an online presence with their job and for the purpose of communicating effectively. According to Online Reputation, the online reputation management industry has become a necessary investment over the past decades as more and more businesses and individuals rely on a good reputation for selling not only products and services, but also a quality business. Online reputation management firms are not only useful for maintaining a positive online presence, but are also useful for sharing up to date information with the consumers that are located all over the world. For an example of an online reputation management firm, one firm in particular has excelled over the past few years and has been considered to be one of the top management firms to seek out for excellent services.
This reputation management firm is a firm known as Status Labs that was founded by Darius Fisher as a firm that offers a second chance to individuals or to businesses that have received bad comments or bad reviews. As an elite member of the marketing industry, Darius Fisher has recently been awarded the Business Development Individual of the Year which is a prestigious award that is given to individuals that show excellence and innovative strategies that can be used within the marketing industry. This award is best recognized within public relations and is a testament to the quality services that are provided to each and every customer.

When looking in to Darius Fisher’s unique business, what sets this business the most apart from other online reputation management firms is how Darius Fisher leads the company. As the President and the co-founder of the business, Mr. Fisher leaves the responsibilities and innovation up to the employees who know exactly what they are doing. As a boss, Mr. Fisher does not want to limit their creative solutions and once the company to grow from the employees and Mr. Fisher working together.

Reach your financial potential with The Midas Legacy

Everyone is able to earn a paycheck to pay the bills, pay the mortgage, and so on. But what portion of that is going to your retirement? Most people vastly don’t put enough into retirement savings, and that is going to cause them problems when it comes to the day retirement age gets here.

Many people will not be able to retire when they want, and they should be able to. If you have dreams of an early retirement, you need to have a consultation with The Midas Legacy. They are the ones who will steer and guide you in the right direction so you can live well into your retirement with good health.

The Midas Legacy is the group that is able to offer certain clients capital to individuals who have the drive and potential to help those in real estate, finance, entrepreneurship, and natural health. If you have the potential and the drive to help others in these sectors, then The Midas Legacy wants to work with you.

When you consult with The Midas Legacy, you become a client who is eligible to receive a free gift. This free gift is in the form of a guide called The Midas Code. The Midas Code is a guide of tips and strategies to help you manage your wealth better.

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Midas Legacy – About Us

The huge team of experts at The Midas Code have decades of experience in various sectors of the business world. When you become a member, you will be then directed into business sectors with the guidance of the experts from The Midas Legacy on Their sole common goal is to ensure you reach your financial goals.

Experts include those in real estate, and trading, like Jim Samson. Jim brings almost two decades of real estate experience to The Midas Legacy and also is a best-selling renowned author. Others include Sean Bower, a renowned author in business who has written countless article for The Midas Legacy website on how to unlock inner secrets to financial management.

The Midas Legacy is a philanthropic group. They strive to give back to the community in Winter Garden, Florida, in which they are based. They continually give to worth organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project, and others such as the Florida Sheriff’s Association.

Your dream of retiring early can be attained with The Midas Legacy. They strive to help you reach your early retirement dreams.

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ClassDojo’s Bid to Re-invent Classrooms with Student Stories

In a bid to get parents more involved in their children’s learning, ClassDojo has launched ‘Student Stories’. The aim of Student Stories is to help children share whatever they learn in class with their parents. The program works by allowing children to add videos and images to their portfolios and share them with their parents. The images or videos can be of anything the child learns from class or anywhere else. All the kid needs to do is record it, upload it to their portfolio and share it with their parents.

Student Stories has been designed to be user-friendly to children and available to all. To access their portfolios, students need to neither recall any login credentials nor own their own devices. All they need to do is scan a QR code that is specific for the class and then add material they wish to share with their parents. A teacher then has to approve all stories students add to their portfolio. Student Stories allows comments and tags so parents can opt to let their thoughts known. The program also allows teacher to add material to individual student stories.

According to Stephanie Smith, a teacher, Student Stories will help students have a voice and own their learning. She also believes that the software will make many teachers dreams of having a student-centric classroom come true. Stephanie Smith was excited about the idea of Student Stories and she hopes it will initiate excellent discussions at home too.
Liam Don, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at ClassDojo, said that the idea of Student Stories came from the parents need to see even more of their children’s accomplishments and projects other than videos and photos on Class Story. Teachers also felt the need for students to have more ownership of their work.

ClassDojo is a communication platform that allows teachers to encourage students and allows parents to be in the loop about their children’s best moments. The mission of ClassDojo is to ground up change in classrooms by bringing students, parents and teachers together. Most of what ClassDojo comes up with is drawn from the comments and ideas put forward by teachers.

ClassDojo has made significant achievements since its inception. It now boasts of being used by 15 million students, being utilized in 2 out of 3 schools in the U.S. and with 8000 moments shared by teachers through it every minute. Investors who include Imagine K12 / Y, Signal Fire, Combinator, General Catalyst, GSV, SV Angel, SoftTech VC, Shasta Ventures and Reach Capital back ClassDojo.


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Airbnb and Wealth Solutions Can Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

For people who have heard of Airbnb, renting part of or renting their entire house appears to be a quick and easy way to make some extra money. It can even be seen as an easy way to help pay for the mortgage. But there can also be some problems too. While the track record of Airbnb has been good there are some things you may want to consider before jumping in with both feet. One obvious thing you need to check is your insurance coverage. Call your company up and tell them what you are planning to do and remember, you have two choices with Airbnb you can use them as a resource for a residence when you travel or you can register with them as a host. As a host, you are renting your home out to other travelers. If that is what you are planning on please check with your homeowner’s carrier and ask them what is and isn’t covered for issues that involve your property, your home and any people renting part of or all of your house. Also, it’s a good idea to check with Airbnb on their coverage, which they offer to people who are hosts.

After you have considered all the issues we highly recommend that you contact Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions Inc. in Austin, Texas. Richard is a qualified insurance professional in addition to being a registered investment adviser, asset protection specialist and a certified financial planner. Through companies like United Global Securities, Worldwide Ventures Gp LLC, Blair Insurance Group LLC, Crownbtidge Wealth LLC, and Wealth Solutions Inc. Richard has helped many people attain their investment goals. He has also been in business for over 22 years and has over 55 Million dollars in assets under management

Reaching your personal financial goals is always the key objective to any financial planning process. Before this can be done, however, a competent planner must do in-depth research to get a complete picture of your present financial state before he can create and present to you his recommendations for a professional investment portfolio. This is important because you need to understand not only where you are financially but what you need to happen financially to accurately project what your financial assets will look like in the future. This is what Richard Dwayne Blair and his recommendations and even Airbnb can do for you.

Mr. Blair’s complete commitment to finances and investment planning have continually compelled him to constantly educate himself and beware of the latest trends and techniques offered withing the financial industry. This interest is what drove him to enter the financial services business after graduating from college. It is also the reason why he created his company Wealth Solutions in 1994.

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The Wen by Chaz Challenge

Emily McClure has dealt with having thin hair and has tried various products in the past to add volume to her hair, but at the point of her experiment, she had never tried the famous Wen by Chaz conditioner. If you have not heard about Wen, it is perhaps the most famous conditioning product in terms of overall popularity, based on the fact that a ton of women have found great results from using the Amazon sold product daily. Emily decided that she would try the conditioner out herself, to truly tell if Wen by Chaz lived up to all of the hype, as originally posted by Bustle.

She set out to use the conditioner each and every day for a time period of a week and test the results for herself. The first thing she noticed about Wen was the fact that her hair felt much thicker when she was conditioning her hair, but that the most noticeable thing was the fact that none of her hair fell out in the shower. She stated that for the majority of the time she takes a shower, a decent amount of her hair comes out as a result of shampooing and conditioning her hair. Not only did her hair feel fuller in the shower, but she felt a lot of extra volume throughout the days she used the product and even got compliments from other people about the way her hair looked. One of the things that may have affected her results is the fact that she said her hair would look great and it would feel good if she had got up early and taken a shower, but that on days she got up late it did not go as well. Overall, she concluded that Wen by Chaz did live up to the hype and that she would continue to use it on special days when she wants more volume.

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Why Tarrallucci e Vino is the Place for Your Next Private Event

Tarallucci e Vino is a great place in New York City to hold your next event. The handle all types of events including wedding receptions, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, and even corporate parties. They offer fabulous event locations with amazing Italian food, beautiful table settings, and breathtaking views of the city. They have two fabulous venue locations that you can choose from for your event. There is one in Cooper Hewitt and another one in Union Square.

The food at Tarallucci e Vino is absolutely mouthwatering. Their pasta is made fresh daily and so are there handmade pastries. They buy all of their produce locally at the Union Square Market and other local suppliers. Their catering menus at their Union Square location can accommodate breakfasts, brunches, lunches, and dinners. They can be done individual sit down, family style or as a buffet. They even offer a panini buffet which includes 2 different types of antipasti, a selection of paninis, and 3 different types of mini desserts.

There are also other great restaurants in New York City that have event venues. The Spotted Pig in the West Village hosts private events They offer delicious American fare and a fabulous brunch menu, as well. Fill out the contact form on their website for more information about having your next private event with them.

If you are looking for more elaborate or fancier location for your event, consider the Four Seasons Restaurant which is located in Mies van der Rohe’s Seagram Building in Midtown. There is a Japanese-style pool in the middle of the dining room. Their private rooms are perfect for graduation celebrations or engagement parties. They are a high-end venue, which makes them perfect for an upscale event. Check out their website for more information on booking your next event with them.


Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg wants passion from those he employs, pride from the product he makes confident that they could build a transformational business, Adam Goldberg and his partner Don Ressler, co-founders of JustFab have set out to reshape fashion ecommerce. Two guys launching a one of a kind fashion company by being able to develop industry leading brands, growing a business and spotting trends, means that both have developed a passion for fashion.

According to Adam Goldenberg, this year is goi to be a big one for the JustFab company. JustFab has been gaining more and more traction since it started in 2010. In addition to raising money ($55 million) in 2014, JustFab’s program has reached a worldwide audience, and is consistently spreading its offerings to include new launches in sportswear. How does Goldenberg credit his success? He says because of the business being primarily metrics driven, he has been able to learn the business quickly and adapt to the changing climate. By catching things that aren’t working right away, Adam Goldenberg says necessary fixes to their business can be made immediately. There is the belief that full transparency works well for their company, and the whole team can benefit strongly from sharing of actual numbers, whether good or bad.

So how have JustFab’s customers help grow the business? Well, according to Adam Goldenberg, customer feedback has played a major part of their success. From price gauging to comparison pricing on different items, customer feedback has given Goldenberg and his team a chance to understand better what customers are willing to pay for and what they are not.

For employees, Adam Goldenberg says he looks for passionate people who are passionate about what they do as well as having a passion for the JustFab brand.

Keeping JustFab relevant is another strong suit of Goldenberg’s. He says that some brands focus too much on time to sell their products as opposed to what they are actually selling. If customers don’t like the product says Goldenberg, then all the time put into having a great website, catchy commercials or social media advertisements could be wasted. He says the JustFab company is proud of their products and that is why members keep coming back for more.

Goldenberg became an entrepreneur at a very young age, starting with Gamer’s Alliance, a network of gaming sites. He started this business at age 15. Afterwards, Goldenberg worked as a COO at Intermix Media. He partnered with Ressler for Intelligent Beauty in 2006 before beginning JustFab in 2010. Source:


Helane Morrison’s Pursuit of Justice

Helane Morrison holds multiple positions at Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco. She is Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel for the company. Hall Capital, run totally by women, is a very successful investment company in California. Ms. Morrison joined the firm in 2007. She aims to restore our confidence in the financial markets through her work at Hall Capital.
Ms. Morrison graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism. Then she moved on to the University of California, at Berkley, School of Law, where she received her Juris Doctor Degree. After passing the bar, Helane Morrison held a couple of short term positions. One of those positions was as law clerk for the Hon. Richard Posen of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th District. While the other was for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. After that Ms. Morrison joined the private practice Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin. She was promoted to partner and specialized in defense of private security actions, matters dealing with the United States Securities and Exchange (SEC) and business litigations. She then spent several years working for the government at the SEC San Francisco office. Her jurisdiction, as head of enforcement at the SEC office, included Northern California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana, and part of Nevada.
Ms. Morrison found her calling doing battle against corruption. She has a passion for protecting people and businesses from fraudulent predators. She has invested herself in the pursuit of legal justice.


Bustle Blogger Tries WEN’s Unique Cleansing Conditioner To Boost Limp Locks

When it comes to our hair, we abuse it enough with dyeing, perming, straightening, blow-drying or flat-ironing, etc. Then we add a big lather shampoo and figure we’re on the right track for hair care, but actually, we are damaging our mane even further.
Chaz Dean is the well-respected west coast stylist who invented the WEN no-lather shampoo system. His amazing cleansing conditioners do not contain the nasty sulfates that create those damaging lathers. Instead, the WEN hair system is all about a natural formula that uses a number of botanicals to offer strength and shine back to hair. Best of all, the WEN system is ideal for every hair type known to woman and man. He sells his products on Guthy Renker.

Emily McClure, a beauty blogger for Bustle, was frustrated with her sad, frizzy fine hair, so she decided to give the sephora sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner variety of WEN Hair a whirl for seven days and see if magic could happen.

Emily has shoulder length hair but opted to use the bare minimum (10 pumps) for a woman with short hair. She felt that 16-24 pumps of product was “actual insanity.” That is a key rule she broke during her 7-day test, but she still found that washing with WEN every time, gave a tremendous boost to her limp locks. After she blow-dried and styled her mane, Emily looked beautiful, as her posted selfies clearly show.

Emily was pleased that her girlfriends noticed the high shine and softness her hair was radiating.

If Emily tried to avoid the daily morning WEN hair wash, then her hair fell flat and greasy and could not hold much of a style. She also admits she’s very busy and a bit lazy to stick to a hair care routine.

Emily concluded that WEN is amazing if you’re disciplined about your hair, and she isn’t disciplined enough.

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Handling Every Situation With Care Is What White Shark Media Does Best

Leading online marketing company, White Shark Media has the skills and knowledge necessary for managing things like AdWords for companies. The company has personally underwent many changes to reflect on customer feedback and create improvements. White Shark Media accepts and appreciates any and all feedback clients send in, regardless if the issue is positive or negative.

After one of White Shark Media’s early client’s expressed their difficulty in communication with proper channels at White shark, they acted upon this feedback and created direct extensions for each clients connection. Quality communication is a crucial part of any business, regardless of size, and White Shark has effectively ensured all customers can communicate with them easily.

All customers are free to ask for advice and review their progress whenever they like. White Shark also schedules online meetings and monthly status calls to ensure all clients are trying to actively participate and ask their questions.

White Shark Media as a whole is aware that feedback as well as complaints are what have majorly assisted in their growth as a company. Starting from the bottom, mistakes are common, these mistakes can be reviewed and corrected to improve on overall service. The standards of the majority are what is considered the most, because regardless of how smooth things go, complaints still come up. The majority of clients can appreciate and reflect positively about the way of business at White Shark Media as well as their new appreciation for AdWords.

The expert staff at White Shark Media have dealt extensively with clients and takes every customers through an entire process with the first contacted staff member to make things go quicker. The staff is dedicated to helping clients and understands their needs as well as their businesses.

Each individual client works with a professional that follows through with them the whole way to avoid any kind of confusion. Regardless of the client, White shark Media accepts new and recurring feedback or complains that help them create new strategies for improving on old systems.

Their have been many reviews suggesting White Shark Media should provide services for search engine optimization, or SEO, but the focus of the company is secure.Learn more: and

They are dedicated to supplying premium brand with the top strategies in marketing. As long as feedback and reviews come in about White Shark Media, they have promised to further develop their services to provide an optimal experience and improve future performance.