George Soros’s Success With The Open Society Foundation

In the recent past, James O’Keefe made an effort to infiltrate one of the groups funded by George Soros. In an audio, James is heard saying that he is Victor Kesh. In addition, he leaves a message and tells an unidentified person that he has plans of infiltrating the group since he does not disconnect the line.

James is heard in a voicemail saying that Kesh is Hungarian-American, and he would like to join in the fight for European values. The voicemail was sent to Dana Geraghty. Kesh leaves his number but before hanging up, he asks that the line remain open. In the next 10 minutes, James elaborates about his plan concerning the group. According to Geraghty, James is heard talking about using Dana’s LinkedIn page to get to George Soros. In her analysis, Dana asserts that the people that James was talking to may not be accustomed to technological matters.

On assessing the voicemail, the president of the foundation, Chris Stone, ridiculed their efforts to swindle Geraghty. Stone added that these people would not match watergate burglars. He asserted that the scammers did not even know how to use internet browser or engage in undercover operations. In his concluding remarks, Stone contends that James and his team have dirty-trick operations against George Soros and the Open Society Foundation. Read more: BUSTED: Conservative prankster James O’Keefe exposes his own ‘sting’ on George Soros group

About George Soros and the Open Society Foundation

George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation. The society comprises a network of foundations and partners. It has active projects in over 100 countries. The objective of the Open Society is to enhance people’s rights, holding governments to account and ensuring that no individual has monopoly of the truth. These qualities make the Open Society stand out among other organizations engaged in private philanthropic efforts.

George Soros is credited with establishing an international system of transparency and accountability on extraction of natural resources. This is because of the secret payoffs that have been associated with political unrests and violence in different parts of the globe. Over the years, George has show support to different organizations such as the European Council of foreign relations, International Crisis Group and the institute for new economic thinking. George Soros contends that his financial success has elevated him to a position of independence. This way, he is able to make opinions on controversial matters without fear. This information was posited on the Open Society Foundation’s website as explained in the following link

Soros is also the founder of Soros Fund Management. He was born in 1930. Soros was able to flee from Hungary because the communists had dominated country. In England, Soros joined the London School of Economics before settling in the United States. George Soros was able to make a fortune through his investment fund. Soros is a renowned author with a dozen books written to his credit including of the Tragedy of the European Union, which was published in 2014. He has also written essays and articles on society, economics and politics.

A Small Variety Of Healthy Dog Foods By Beneful

The folks at Purina Store stand behind every bag and package of all varieties of dog food that they are working to produce. They are confident in the nutritional value of their dog food as well as exceptional flavor that dogs love. Beneful has a wide variety of different dog foods, here we will discuss some of the most popular ones to date.
Each variety of dog food has its own quality that makes it stand out. One of the most popular in the category for dry dog food is Beneful Originals. This dog food comes in a variety of meat flavors, including chicken, beef, pork and lamb. This dry dog food is usually the go to for healthy dogs.

Beneful Incredibites has a blend of different real meats and is relatable to a jerky meat for dogs, even better is most dogs love this food. This variety is packed with loads of protein for healthy growth as well as the necessary nutrients every dogs needs daily.

Beneful Chopped Blends is a wet dog food and is a mix of dry, wet and meaty. All minced together within the container is beef, carrots, rice and tomatoes. Many dogs with find this as a treat.

A style that is all the rage within Europe these days is Beneful Tuscan Medley. The Tuscan Style Medley comes in many different meat flavors, with added rice, carrots and even spinach. This wet dog food is a blend of continental flavors.

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and they are reliant on their owners to care for them. For most dogs, small and large, their hearts desire tasty food, and nothing will make them show their love more. Taking time and consideration to the food that is best for one’s dog should be at the top of the list for everyone who loves their dog like a member of the family. Follow Beneful:


Athleisure Apparel: Making A Statement

Athleisure is a growing trend that started in recent years? What is athleisure, you may ask? Well it’s simply athletic leisure wear, more commonly used for athletic wear on Youtube. But somehow in recent years, it’s become far more of a fashion statement. In a recent article, it focuses on the fact that this growing trend isn’t going anywhere, and will continue to grow more popular.

In this article featured on Forbes, it most discusses the fact that athleisure apparel is so incredibly versatile. It’s not just for athletic activities. Dress it up or dress it down, mix it with casual wear, or wear it for comfort. You can wear it to so many different events because it’s become a lifestyle for lots of people. In 2014, records show that two billion dollars was spent by consumers on athleisure apparel and footwear. Only to grow by one percent in 2015, it was clear that the trend isn’t going anywhere. To read more from this article, visit:

You might have seen or heard of a trendy athleisure brand called Fabletics. Kate Hudson is their spokeswoman and co-creator and promotes the brand on many websites, advertisements and even commercials. The idea of Fabletics is to offer athleisure apparel in a variety of styles and patterns but at a reasonable price. Compared to that of their competitors like Nike and LuLuLemon, Fabletics offers so much more for so much less! You can subscribe to receive their athleisure clothing every month- they will deliver it right to your door! Fabletics also has great plans to open up many retail stores within the US so finding these great styles will be even easier.
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Fabletics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Don’t forget that all of the styles featured on Fabletics will not be available at your local stores- everything is made exclusively for their line. Each unique piece is creative, bold, figure flattering and reasonably priced. What’s not to love?! You must check out Fabletics, especially if you’re an athleisure addict!

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Opposition party moves to oust Maduro

While Venezuela struggles with its economic crisis brought on by crumbling oil prices, the political battle to oust president Nicolas Maduro continues. The opposition party was dealt a blow last week when the supreme court said it could not shorten his term in office by changing the length of his term, a Reuters story said.
This is the latest skirmish between the right wing opposition party and the socialist leader Maduro, who is a former assistant of Hugo Chavez, and the one chosen by Chavez to replace himself.

Maduro was elected to a six year term in 2013, and the constitution allows a recall vote at the half-way point of the term, which is 2016. The leader of the opposition party – who lost to Maduro in the general election – has said he wants the recall vote to happen this year.

If the vote happens this year, and if Maduro loses that vote, a new presidential election would be held almost immediately, which according to Norka Luque would benefit the opposition party. If the referendum is held in 2017, and if Maduro were ousted that way, the vice president would continue the term. That would leave the socialists in power and would defeat their purpose in getting rid of Maduro, the opposition leader said.

Norka also added that the opposition party must gather 4 million signatures to have a referendum. it has started the process but has faced problems getting government agencies responsible to cooperate.


Beneful’s Most Popular Products

There is no better way to keep your dog happy and healthy than with Beneful. Purina is the maker of Beneful dog products. The company values their focus on nutrition and studies that continue to support the evolution of their product. They also pride themselves on their focus on healthy and quality products that pet owners can count on.
Their most popular product among twitter users is their dry dog food Beneful Originals. It is filled with tender crunchy bites. It is also packed with antioxidants. Each product is formulated to meet the AAFCO dog food nutrient requirements. The beef-based dry dog food is packed with real beef, spinach for iron, carrots, and peas. Their selection also includes chicken which is packed with packed with tomatoes, carrots and avocados! Every bite is a delicious blend of the perfect balance of protein and vegetables that your dog needs.

Some dog owners and their pets prefer the texture and taste of wet dog food. products doesn’t fail to satisfy those needs. Their wet dog foods comes in Incredibits or Chopped Blends. The Incredibites have a mixture of beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. Their selection continues with chicken and salmon. The omegas from the salmon are great for your dogs joints. Their Chopped Blends come in mixtures of beef, carrots, peas and barley. The chicken is complimented by wild rice, carrots and peas. They also have a Turkey blend packed with sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach.

No meal is complete with out dessert or a snack. Their selection of snacks is innumerable. Your canine’s teeth health is equally as important as their physical health. The Beneful dental ridges help reduce plaque and tarter buildup. It also helps with strengthening bones and freshening your pooches breath with accents of parsley.

Every Beneful product is made with your dogs health in mind. Every bite is packed with the perfect ratios and proper nutrition. Each variation satisfies every preference pet owners and their pets have. No other brand focuses on evolving and perfecting the process like Beneful. Beneful is available on


Fabletics Announces New Swimwear Line

In a recent article for Elite Daily, Fabletics announced that its new swimwear line is set to launch on April 12. The new swimwear line features options in women’s sizes from XXS to XXL and caters to a variety of different body shapes. Along with a variety of shapes and sizes, the swimwear also features a range of different colors, fabrics, prints and patterns, which are sure to attract customers from all different style preferences. Kate Hudson, one of the co-founders of the brand, said that she is in love with the new swimwear designs because they are so cutting edge and versatile –

What makes the Fabletics swimwear collection stand out from others on the market is that they are made from top quality materials but are not priced at exorbitant prices. Hudson is a strong promoter of the Fabletics line and is excited to debut the new swimwear collection to Fabletics customers.

Thie Youtube channel suggests that Fabletics was founded in 2013 as an online fitness fashion retailer. Since then, it has become a leader in the fitness fashion industry and consistently receives rave reviews from customers. There are new outfits available each month, which are specifically catered to Fabletics’ VIP members’ style preferences.

Fabletics VIP members pay a low price of just $49.95 a month to receive specially curated, cutting edge workout outfits. Upon registering for Fabletics, women take a style quiz, which also includes their unique size and shape preferences for fitness fashion. For their very first purchase, new Fabletics VIP members can snag a complete outfit for only $25, which includes free shipping and hassle free returns and exchanges.

Fabletics allows its members to cancel their memberships at any time by calling the customer service phone line or apply credits from each monthly membership fee towards the next month’s purchase.

Fabletics customers love that there are new outfits available each month and that the designs and prints are always on point with current fitness fashion trends. In fact, Kate Hudson is often spotted wearing many of the Fabletics designs in her everyday life as well as in advertisements for the brand.


Andy Wirth’s Journey to Recovery after a Horrific Accident While Skydiving

The Squaw Valley area is one place that Andy Wirth knows quite well. He has had the best experiences. In October 2013, while on a jumping mission with his friends, the avid skydiver had a horrific accident. Andy recalls the weather conditions were not friendly on the fateful day. As a result, he had to land in a vineyard. While making the final maneuvers on, his arm was badly injured by a pole that was holding the vines.

Immediately, Andy Wirth on kcrw realized he was in a bad situation because his arm was bleeding excessively. His first step was to stay calm and control the shock. Andy Wirth had experienced trauma in his past life having been a back country ranger. It is at that point that a song by Pearl Jam “Just Breathe” came to him and he started singing it. Andy spent close to 15 minutes before he was found and rescued. He spent the next three months in the hospital.

After being discharged from the hospital, Andy had to endure a trying emotional and physical journey of regaining his fitness. The process of healing was slow making it hard for him to stay positive. However, subsequent events changed his mind. First, Andy met with a Navy Seal Team while on their winter mountain combat training. He made friendship with a number of the men. Second, Andy managed to convince Andrew Messick, IRONMAN CEO to bring Ironman 70.3 to Tahoe. Andy made a team to compete in the event. The team comprised one member of the Navy Seals and his friends. Andy regained much of his fitness while training for the event. This information was originally reported on Ironman.

Andy Wirth is a renowned figure in the hotel and mountain resort industry. He has been actively engaged in the sector for over 25 years. Presently, he is the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings that owns Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts located in Olympic Valley. Andy is a member of Tahoe Fund called Founders Circle on that supports community service and environmental groups including The Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation House.


Passed In Venezuela Defying President Maduro

The Amnesty bill was finally passed by Venezuela’s National Assembly on Tuesday after a heated debate. This law would free the opposition activists that were jailed by the government and would also work to drop all legal proceedings against various others.

According to President Maduro who is all set to oppose this bill with the help of the republic’s Supreme Court, this bill is touted to benefit terrorists, murderers, and criminals.

Maduro has had a shaky reign in Venezuela after taking over from Hugo Chavez, the socialist President who died battling cancer in 2013. He was formerly a Luque family bus driver and was picked by the former President himself to carry on his legacy.

The socialist government of Venezuela was crippled with corruption and then later, when the world oil prices slumped, Venezuela’s sheer dependence was exposed. Recently, the oil prices rose by a whopping 6000% and the rising inflation also raised the prices for necessities like food and beverages, transport, and healthcare for citizens of Venezuela.

If the law does indeed get implemented, it is said to benefit at least 70 government adversaries and various other activists who were imprisoned 17 years ago during the socialist revolution that was launched by Hugo Chavez. Leopoldo Lopez is one of the people who would benefit from the bill – he is accused of spurring demonstrations that killed 40 people and was arrested in 2014.

Maduro critics say that various student protesters would be freed by the bill who were randomly charged and plotted against.




Why Will FreedomPop Be Able To Compete With Bigger Cell Phone Companies?

FreedomPop is going to help people make sure that they are getting the right kinds of help with their phones, and the company makes having a cell phone cheaper than it has been at any other time. FreedomPop had its CEO go on Mobile World Live to talk about their company, and the company position is one that says that people are going to be able to get a lot more help from the cell phones that they do not pay too much for. That makes everything a lot easier on everyone, and it makes it easier for people to make sure that they are going to be able to talk even if they are not inclined to spend too much money.

A lot of bigger companies are going to be in a situation where they think that they have to charge more money to keep going, but FreedomPop is a small company that is going to help people when they are in need of something that is going to help them talk without spending all that cash. There are even better reasons why this needs to be done, and it helps people who live in places where they cannot afford normal phones.

FreedomPop plans to have a lot of customers who are going to be paying into the company, and all these customers are going to raise the company’s profile to the point where it will have even more customers. They plan to see a customer base that keeps getting bigger, and that will bring in more cash for the company in the coming years. People who are trying to make the most out of what they have are going to have a much easier time with a cheaper phone, and they will find out that they can talk to anyone around the world. This is the best way to serve as many people as possible, and it is going to make it easy for people to get the results that they want bu making sure that they are talking on phones that are either cheap or free.

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US Money Reserve; Not so lucky penny

I’ve always been told that every penny counts – now according to Philip Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve president, that may not hold true. Production costs are almost double the worth of the small copper coin and the U.S. Mint loses millions of dollars by keeping it in circulation.
In an interview with CNBC Squawk Box, Diehl affirms that no one uses the penny anymore and eliminating the coin would save $105 million dollars annually. The mint is only responsible for pressing the imprint and supplying to the Federal Reserve. All other processes in coin making are outsourced. In support of the continued coin process are privately owned zinc production companies. With up to 8 billion pennies produced every year, one would assume the companies supplying the blank discs depend heavily on the U.S. Mint for their revenue. Quick research will inform you that coin production is an almost insignificant percentage of their business.

The make up of the coin is almost 98% zinc with a copper plating. Coin make-ups have varied over the years to ensure that the coin was profitable or as close as could be. “The penny is beyond hope”. There is no solution to satisfy the masses who would like to keep the penny versus those who would rather the federal government save the cash. carried out an experiment carried out in New York showed that when a stray penny falls on the ground, hardly anyone would stop to pick it up. In a national poll, 2% of Americans admitted to throwing pennies in the garbage. Their usefulness exists only in wishing wells or scratch cards.

The argument that phasing out the penny would distort prices or even press inflation is rejected by Diehl. Only 25% of transactions today are processed using cash, the other with electronic means; credit cards, PayPal, NFC systems, and others. If businesses are presented with the option to round prices, Diehl assumes that prices would go down rather than up due to competitive pressure. Financially speaking, the penny doesn’t make cents.