The Changing Lip Balm Market

For almost a century, lip balms were stuck in an unchanging environment. The major makers of lip balm, Pfizer who made the Chapstick brand and Blistex, were not augmenting or innovating their products in any meaningful way. Customers were satisfied with their lip balms but viewed them in a purely utilitarian manner. They were not enthralled or excited about the lip balm that they were buying.

An article in Fast Company details how a new market entrant, EOS lip balm changed all that. EOS reinvisioned the lip balm market from the ground up by seeking to understand what modern customers wanted in a lip balm and how this differed from the products that were currently available in the market.

The founders of EOS who had considerable experience buying and marketing for major brands like Pepsi and Unilever started to explore the customers wishes. They were seeking higher quality ingredients over the unnatural petroleum jelly based lip balm used in the past and EOS introduced oils like she’s butter into their lip balms. While this higher quality ingredient cost more money, customers proved to be willing to pay up for a luxury ingredient when the final cost of the lip balm was only $3 an orb on Lucky Vitamin.

About the orb; well EOS lip balm found that women customers were tired of losing their lip balm in their hand bag and designed a unique orb that was still sanitary to apply but which provided a luscious application. Bright colors on the case made it easy to find even in a crowded hand bag while interesting flavors kept customers trying new options and flavors.

All of this led to a marked success for EOS which has become in just seven years a $250 million in revenue enterprise that is now starting to branch out into other personal health care products.

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GM Insurance Case Drags On For Bruce Levenson

Former Atlanta Hawks owner and member of the NBA Board of Governors Bruce Levenson has recently been forced to begin court proceedings on behalf of his former Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment consortium over an unpaid insurance claim. The success of the Hawks during Levenson’s ownership from 2004 to 2015 resulted in general manager Danny Ferry being rewarded with a six year $18 million contract signed in 2012; Ferry and the Hawks agreed to the mutual termination of the contract two days prior to the June 2015 sale of the Hawks by Levenson’s group.

Bruce Levenson is well known for the amazing rise of the Hawks franchise he took from last place in 2004 to the number one seed for the NBA playoffs in his final season of ownership; however, Levenson also worked hard to turn the Hawks into an important part of the charitable work completed by the NBA during his time in charge. Despite his career as the founder and head of United Communications Group the Maryland born business person found time to work with the Hoop Dreams and I Have A Dream charitable groups.

The founder of the GasBuddy app and TechTarget business has also played a key role in many causes relating to his Jewish faith, including his campaigning to fund the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. In a bid to bring peace to Israel and the Middle East Bruce Levenson joined with a number of prominent Jewish business people to call on Israel to work towards handing back land in a bid for future peace.

Despite details of the case brought by Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson’s lawyers remaining largely private, lawyers for the former Hawks ownership have revealed they believe they have shown claims have been made that are covered by the terms of the policy the owners held with AIG.




Dr. Avi Weisfogel Reports on Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common problem in America. Current, 90% of Americans have undiagnosed sleep apnea. The disorder remains undiagnosed until it becomes severe. Many who suffer from sleep apnea refuse to wear their CPAP mask or cannot get used to it.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a dentist from Old Bridge, New Jersey, and the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, is well experienced in sleep apnea and its treatment. Dr. Weisfogel’s profession is cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.


Dr. Weisfogel managed Old Bridge Dental Care for more than 15 years. He then explored the world of sleep and learned how dentists and physicians can work together to control sleep apnea.


Physicians and sleep specialists joined forces with dentists to come out with modern and beneficial treatments for sleep apnea. That includes alternatives to the CPAP mask. Patients will also be introduced to new and improved sleep labs and highly-trained sleep physicians.


With the integration of dentists and physicians in the sleep apnea treatment industry, people are bound to find effective treatments to this serious sleep disorder. These methods of treatment will be more comfortable than the traditional CPAP. Patients can sleep naturally without being hooked up to any device, and avoid waking up several times during the night.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel said that untreated sleep apnea causes disrupted sleep and daytime fatigue. It can also cause more serious medical disorders such as raised blood pressure and heart trouble. With the advancement of medical technology, people who suffer from sleep apnea can seek state-of-the-art treatment and not worry about the CPAP mask.


The Future of Town Residential

Real estate is a tough business no matter where you live. This is especially true in New York City. New York City is one of the largest cities in the world and is home to over eight million people. With that many people living in one space, any real estate agent will have their work cut out for them trying to find the right property for their client.


When it comes to luxury real estate, one firm has been quickly making a name for themselves. Town Residential has only been in business for a few years, yet they are quickly expanding and adding qualified professionals to their agency. The founder and CEO, Andrew Heiberger, started his company with a vision of being on top.


A company that is expanding is a company that is succeeding. Town Residential is about to open up their 10th office. This office will be located in the meat-packing district in Manhattan. This location was chosen for the large amount of benefits that it will bring. The first benefit is the location itself. The West Village in Manhattan is a highly sought after location.


This office will be located in the center of many neighborhoods. Being centrally located will allow better access to the surrounding area and to all those that live there. Neighborhoods are where the clients are and now neither side will have to go far to get their needs met.


The office space itself will be located on the second floor. The new location will take up the entire floor, all 7100 sq. feet. Tow Residential has currently a signed a 15 year lease so they are in it for the long term. The space offers many details such as 16 foot ceilings and many meeting rooms for client interactions. There is also a roof top deck to add to the appeal.


A company that Town Residential works closely with is Thomas & Ingram. They are a brokerage firm and many deals have been closed between the two companies. Thomas & Ingram is also making a move to the meat-packing district. These two working so close together and now being located so close together will be a positive move for both companies.


Town Residential began with a vision to be the best and they are certainly making a statement. Their highly educated and well trained staff are able to meet all of their clients needs and find them the best properties. Their future looks bright and they will only continue to grow.



Stephen Left Legacy of Success and Giving

Stephen Murray, longtime CEO of CCMP capital, was a successful philanthropist and CEO. He wasn’t just the CEO of CCMP, he had been there since the beginning. The financial group was a group of people that left J.P. Morgan & Chase Co. The company on mostly focuses on buyouts and investments and are focused on growing equity. He led the firm until his resigned from it in February of 2015. He resigned due to health complications and died one month later.

CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is ranked as one of the top 20 private equity funds in the world. This is strong growth considering the fund has been in existence for just under 10 years. CCMP was originally a part of the bank JP Morgan & Chase until the partners spun out and created their own fund in order to quell any conflict of interest that the fund may have with clients of the bank.

CCMP has actually been around since the early 1980s. It originally called Chemical Venture Partners. It kept this name until it was acquired by Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996. After that, the fund’s name was changed to Chase Capital Partners. The period where it was owned by Chase was when the fund saw the most growth under Murray’s leadership.

The spin out of the fund was really started by Chase’s acquisition of Bank One. Bank One already had their own private equity investment division. It made this fund redundant on and created some conflict of interest so it the partners were forced to spin in out and have it go out on its own. Murray led the fund all through this period until his resignation last year.

Read more: CCMP Capital Advisors Gets Backing to Resume Investing From Fund


One top of being a great business leader, Murray is also very educated and well-known philanthropist. He received his undergrad degree from Boston College with a major in Economics. He the matriculated at Columbia where received his Master’s in Business Administration. Both of these were assets in his professional career.


His most prominent charity role was to serve as one of the chairmen on the council of the Make a Wish Foundation region of Metro New York City. He also served on the board of trustees of his alma mater, Boston College. He has helped raise money for various food banks and museums in New York City and Connecticut. Murray’s death was a huge loss to the New York City financial and philanthropic communities.

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Why Being Proactive Is Very Important To Online Reputation

The success of a business depends on reputation now more than ever. For one thing, people have more access to information about a company. This is not like back in earlier times when people relied mostly on ads, with a little bit of word of mouth. However, the most one would ever hear about a company is either when they were watching TV or reading a magazine. Either way, most of the time they hear about a company is in the form of advertising. Therefore, it was easy for a company to maintain a good reputation. Word of mouth only went so far. Therefore, the impact it had on the business was small.

The internet has changed that. Now, people have access to all kinds of information about any given business in any given industry. Also, the type of information that has been sent out is variable in ways that surpasses what is available on TV and newspapers. To take it further, anyone can release information on any topic. Therefore, business owners have to be careful. Otherwise, they will get a bad search result on their business which will cause people to run away from them. This is why they have to take the time to manage their own reputation.

One site that is good at burying bad search results is Bury Bad Articles. This site has the skills that is necessary to effectively bury bad news. They use SEO which is a very important aspect of online reputation management. When people look online and see only good news about the company, they will be more willing to do business with the company. Any bad search results will send the customer running. This is why it is important for businesses to manage their reputation. People are more concerned with how businesses treat others.

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How EOS Lip Balm Outdid Chapstick

For many, many years, buying lip balm was as simple a task as scouring aisles of your local drug store or supermarket for a tube of Chapstick. Over the years, the ingredients of the product evolved to include what was known as “active ingredients.” There were also a variety of flavors that came after the original, such as mint or cherry.

However, seven years ago, that all changed with the release of a new lip balm called EOS, which began appearing at all sorts of stores. First, you would see them at Walgreens, followed by Walmart and Target, and beauty editors and celebrities alike absolutely loved them.

Evolution of Smooth, the company behind the EOS lip balm products, is now mentioned all over beauty magazines. There is an interesting story as to its business strategy. EOS’ founders revealed how they created a $250 million company that is now making the second best-selling lip balm in the United States only after Burt’s Bees and far outselling Chapstick and Blistex, which have been around a much longer time.

According to Kline Research, EOS is singlehandedly responsible for the huge boon in the oral care category of products. Amazingly, it sells more than one million products per week, with sales for the future appearing even better as the global lip care market is believed to increase to $2 billion by 2020. In addition, more and more people are opting for products that are natural and organic, a category into which EOS lip balm products fit.

Sanjiv Mehra, cofounder and managing partner of EOS, explained that as a small startup, the focus was on making products and getting them out to market, and stressed the importance of consumers to know about the business and its values.

Previously, Mehra worked for consumer packaged goods companies. He teamed up with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky to discern how they could make a dent in the beauty industry. Although Dubitsky left prior to the company’s launch, the result was lip balm, which tends to be seen as unisex. However, over time and after some research, the team discovered that women were the ones who mostly relied on the product as part of their beauty routine.

Teller revealed that they decided to rethink lip balm and hired a clay artist to come up with a variety of shapes for the product. The goal was to offer a different perspective on the product but not turn it into a fad.

One of the ways in which EOS accomplished its goal was in offering a variety of flavors in its lip balm. In fact, the product was designed to appeal to all five senses, from feeling good in the hand, smelling and tasting nice, having bright, pleasant colors and even the case making a pleasant clicking sound when closing it. EOS’ lip balms were priced at $3 on Lucky Vitamin, enabling it to effectively compete with those already on the market.

As a whole, the company sought to create an emotional connection between the user and the product. One of the brilliant marketing moves it made was the use of the tagline, “The lip balm that makes you smile.”

Another aspect that makes EOS so successful is that it was marketed toward millennials, women between the ages of 25 and 35. Its commercials showed women who used EOS were stylish and smart, and it certainly appealed to that demographic. For more info, visit the company’s Linked in page.



AHBE Sues Insurance Company over Breach of Contract

AHBE filed a lawsuit against a New Hampshire Insurance Firm believed to be AIG over Ferry settlement. Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment owned by Bruce Levenson is the former ownership group of the Hawks NBA franchise.
On September 13, AHBE filed the lawsuit against the insurance company at the Superior Court in Fulton County. AHBE claims the insurance contract covered losses related to employment practices such as wrongful termination and workplace torts among others. The court documents reveal that AHBE notified AIG on 2 April 2015 that claims had been asserted by Ferry.

AHBE and Ferry reached a buyout agreement on 22 June 2015 ending the six-year relationship worth $18 million. According to Forbes, this undisclosed buyout led to the approval of the sale to the current owner of the Hawks Ressler two days later. A spokesperson of the current Hawk’s ownership went on record to distance themselves from the ongoing court cases claiming the disagreeing parties have no affiliation with the Atlanta Hawks.

The lawsuit filed by AHBE states that AIG failed to acknowledge that a claim was made by AHBE while also failing to recognize that the policy had been triggered. The lawsuit further said that AIG refused to defend the claims or accept coverage during discussions between the former Hawk’s group and Ferry’s counsel; a breach of the insurance policy for failure to cover the losses in the settlement.

About Bruce

Mr. Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is a former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, a professional basketball franchise where he also served as the governor on the NBA board of governors.

Mr. Levenson is a co-founder of United Communications Group, which is an information company that deals with many industries including data, energy, mortgage banking, etc. He is also a founding board member for TechTarget, an IT media company.



InnovaCare Health – Committed To Redefining Healthcare Management

The introduction of Medical Advantage Plans in the US healthcare system has changed the face of the industry substantially. Insurance companies that have approval from Medicare offer these plans on Medicare pays these companies a fixed amount every month to provide services on their behalf. Clients then pay an extra monthly fee on top to sign up for the Medical Advantage plan.

These programs offer more services to customers, including dental, optical and wellness packages. Another great advantage of taking up such a plan is the yearly out-of-poet limit. Once you exhaust your limit (which you have paid for through your monthly premiums), you will still be able to receive standard Medicare services at no extra cost.

InnovaCare Health, under the able leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto, MBA, (the Chief Operating Officer) and Penelope Kokkinides, (the Chief Administrative Officer), has made significant strides in the provision of managed healthcare. The two leaders, Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides as well as the team works under them have several years of experience in this industry and understand how Medicare works. They have therefore been able to take advantage of the gaps in the system to come up with a product that is customer friendly. InnovaCare Health realizes that the interests of the client come first and strive to make sure that healthcare provision is manageable and affordable.

The challenge within the healthcare system in any country is that of coming up with a system that works for everybody. InnovaCare Health has taken this challenge a notch higher by providing quality healthcare through models that are sustainable over the long run, affordable and compatible with modern technologies. As a result, they have become one of the leading providers of Medical Advantage Plans and Physician Practice Services. Any patient who signs up with them has the assurance that they will receive quality service and excellent customer care.

The mission of InnovaCare Health is to “redefine healthcare management to meet the challenges of today’s healthcare environment”. The leadership of this company as well as their staff has given themselves the target of providing quality and innovative care to patients all across North America. InnovaCare Health would be the best choice for anyone who is looking for a friendly partner in his or her healthcare journey.

It does not matter how big or small your family is, how old you are or what your healthcare needs might be; InnovaCare Health is the best partner for you. Sign up with them today and let them take care of you.


Healthy Lips Are An Integral Feature Of Beauty

What aspects of beauty to poets opine over endlessly in classic literature? Is it the wrist? How about the lower neck? Probably neither of those receive the rapturous praise that comes to areas of the face like the eyes or the lips. There’s something especially about the lips which can be both sensuous and coy, sexy and innocent. Women have sought to emphasize this attractive aspect of their body for millennia. There have been many different ways that lips are painted such that their sensuality increases. But some of those ways aren’t always the most healthy. As an example, modern cosmetics are guilty of using parabens and petrolatum. These chemicals are known to be harmful to humans even in small doses. Yet cut-rate cosmetics agencies still use them. It’s very ironic, too; there are a ubiquity of natural, organic methods that help make lips beautiful, but are healthy.
EOS is the initialization of Evolution of Smooth (, a cosmetics agency who specializes in organic lip balm solutions. EOS uses natural ingredients that are known to be healthy to your lips. The three primary compounds used in their lip balms are Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. These are combined with other proprietary compounds to give you the most beautiful, natural lips. EOS products are commonly found on local Walmart stores.

EOS lip balm features three primary lines of product. There’s the Visibly Soft lip balm which gives lips a kissable, comforting appearance, Shimmer Smooth, which makes them appear slightly moist though their smoothness is retained, and Active Protection, which has been formulated to keep even the driest lips sensuous and smooth in the roughest climates. Check out your nearest Walmart to see the availability of these products.

Keeping your lips beautiful is an active task. Left to themselves, they’ll likely develop organic compounds of the non-sensual variety which you have to wipe away from the corners of your mouth every now and again. Instead, have healthy lips; with EOS. Follow EOS on twitter to get updates.